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Apokatastasis (English)

lost world

Arjan Smit • ebook • pdf

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    Almost 13,000 years ago the earth was struck by a sudden, worldwide catastrophe. Giant mammals like the mammoth became extinct. Civilizations vanished, leaving only a few traces. The map of the world changed considerably. After a final convulsion the ice age definitely came to a close.

    The author presents a new and startling theory about the events that likely happened in those days, using elements of geology, archaeology, palaeontology, astronomy and mythology, which assent to his theory. These indications show that the earth’s crust shifted as a whole over a large distance within a very short time. The finds provide us with a delicate surprise that had not been detected before.

    Especially in our time of great changes, this book should be read. What is the connection to the Maya, who let their Long Count Calendar end at December 21st, 2012? To what were they referring?

    See also my website http://english.boek-apokatastasis.nl

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    Datum publicatie : 01-2013
  • Inhoudsopgave

    Preface  5
    Scheme of the book  10
      1.Uniformitarianism and catastrophism   11
      2.Mammoths and other extinct animals  17
      3.Radiocarbon dating method and calibration  39
      4.Ice ages   48
      5.Till and sediments   51
      6.The date of the disaster   64
      7.Cycles   73
      8.End of last ice age and the idea of earth crust displacement    95
      9.Introduction to the search for clues   103
    10.Myths   106
    11.Effects on the tectonic plates  118
    12.Earth's magnetic field   141
    13.Loess   143
    14.The Carolina Bays   146
    15.The cause of the Younger Dryas  152
    16.The Gulf Stream   154
    17.Deserts  157
    18.Prehistoric star maps   160
    19.The World Tree   167
    20.Deluge myths   177
    21.The falling sky   183
    22.Remnants of ancient civilizations   192
    23.Orientations   237
    24.The Great Pyramid of Giza   245
    25.The Zodiacs of Dendera    251
    26.The cause of the catastrophe   262
    27.Theory of Paul LaViolette on the cause of the catastrophe   267
    28.The gravity wave   305
          Apokatastasis   318
    Appendix 1: The Uru   322
    Appendix 2: Coordinates of ancient places   326
    Notes and acknowledgements   328
    Bibliography    368
    Dictionary   373
    Index    377

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€ 8,99

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pages 232-234:
In the Hitat of Ahmed Al-Makrizi, already mentioned before, a series of Arabian traditions are gathered that tell about the construction of the great pyramids of Giza. A king at the time before the flood, Saurid, had a dream about the end of the world due to the earth turning over and a flood destroying everything. He decided to build two pyramids in which all scientific knowledge had to be stored.250

According to another Hitat story, written by Abu Zaid Al-Balhi, once there had been an inscription on the now removed outer wall of the Great Pyramid, explaining: These both pyramids were built when the Falling Vulture was in the sign of Cancer.251 The name Falling Vulture (Latin: vultur cadens) is used to indicate the constellation of Lyra,252 but Lyra cannot be intended here, as the constellations of Lyra and Cancer can never coincide. However, Vulture may also refer to the sun, which, generally speaking, moves forward along the zodiac. Then the Falling Vulture probably is the sun that moves backward along the ecliptic, so the vernal point may be intended, as it indeed moves backward along the zodiac. In that case, this strange denomination would mean that the pyramids were built at a date in the Age of Cancer, so between 8810 BC and 6650 BC – but this is after the worldwide catastrophe.

In the Hitat we also find a contribution by another Arabic writer, Qadi Abu Abdallah Muhammad Salama al-Qudai. He writes about a papyrus scroll that had been discovered in the monastery of Abu Hirmis. It contains a very old prediction of a great flood, which will occur at the exact moment that the Heart of the Lion arrives at the first minute of the head of Cancer. The meaning of Heart of the Lion is unclear. It cannot be Regulus.253 Although this star is called Heart of the Lion, it is always part of Leo. However, it is possible that (again) the vernal point is meant, at the moment it moves from Leo to Cancer and arrives in the head of Cancer, which is looking at Leo. At that exact time the sun and the moon are in the first minute of the head of Aries (who looks into the direction of Pisces), Saturn at 1°28’ in Aries, Jupiter at 29°28’ in Pisces, Mars at 29°3’ in Pisces, Venus at more than 28° in Pisces and Mercury at more than 27° in Pisces. So the sun, the moon and the five planets are positioned within 4° of each other, a unique conjunction! A yet unclear Al-Gauzahar is standing in Libra.254

Jawzahr is the Islamic dragon, which is held responsible for the solar and lunar eclipses. It is either called ra’s al-gauzahar (the head of the dragon) or danab al-gauzahar (the tail of the dragon).

In the Bundahish we find a mention of Gokihar,255 also called Gurgkihar 256 or Gurzihar.257 This is translated by wolf-progeny,258 the Great one of the middle of the sky,259 or special disturber of the moon.260 In chapter XXVIII of the Bundahish the head and tail of Gokihar are mentioned. So it is very probable that the same celestial phenomenon is indicated here.

Solar and lunar eclipses can only occur when the moon and the lunar node are coinciding. The angle between the ecliptic plane and the orbital plane of the moon around the earth is 5°9’. The lunar nodes are the two opposite intersections of the lunar orbit and the ecliptic. These intersections are not always found at the same places, as they are moving backward along the ecliptic. The period of a full cycle of the lunar nodes lasts about 18.6 years. Then the lunar nodes are positioned in the same constellations of the zodiac again.

In ancient texts the lunar node, at which the moon crosses the ecliptic while moving to the northern hemisphere, is called the head of the dragon (Latin: Caput Draconis, Greek: anabibazon, of ἀναβιβάζειν= to raise, Sanskrit: Rahu = the chopped off head of an asura, the god of the ascending node). The other lunar node, at which the moon crosses the ecliptic while moving to the southern hemisphere, is then called the tail of the dragon (Latin: Cauda Draconis, Greek: katabibazon, of καταβιβάζειν= to set, Sanskrit: Ketu = the chopped off body of an asura, the god of the descending node.261,262) In the Vedic astrology both Rahu and Ketu are considered invisible planets that sometimes move in front of the moon and the sun while temporarily covering them. They belong to the navagrahas, the nine planets. We already know Rahu as the god of Wednesday evening in Myanmar.

When the moon coincides with a lunar node and it is on a straight line with the earth and the sun, we have a lunar eclipse. According to Nordic mythology it looks like the wolf Hati, chasing the moon for ages, is finally able to grab him. But when the sun, the moon and a lunar node coincide, we have a solar eclipse. The Nordic myths tell that the other wolf, Sköll, devours the sun.

The meanings of Gokihar become clear now. Moreover, it is very probable that not only Gokihar 263 but also gauzahar refers to the lunar nodes.

The program Stellarium 0.10.5 gives a convincing date to the horoscope of Al-Qudai: -8783-02- -10, that is around November 12th 8,783 BC. At that date there is a special conjunction of sun, moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury in Pisces, whereas the first four are positioned almost at the border of Aries. The celestial bodies are positioned in the same sequence as described by Al-Qudai! Moreover, the program shows that the moon crossed the ecliptic at -8783- -4- -3 (around May 16th 8,783 BC) in Libra at the previous lunar node, on its way to the southern hemisphere. So al-gauzahar indeed was the lunar node. Actually it was danab al-gauzahar, the descending node. The information on the vernal point is also correct. At that time the vernal point is half a degree away from Regulus in Leo.

It is quite obvious that Al-Qudai cannot have made up this position of sun, moon and planets. The chance that a certain made up position at a certain point of time thousands of years in the past, really occurred at that time, is about 0.0000000008 %. So somebody in ancient times took the trouble to observe the positions of sun, moon and planets (which was hardly possible as the sun was thwarting observation) or deduce them, record them and pass them on. In one way or another, this information had been preserved for more than ten thousand years. Apparently prehistoric man was not that primitive as we usually presume!

By the way, the story does not mention whether a great flood actually occurred at the indicated date.

page 317:
At this moment we may be able to lift a corner of the veal around the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge, of which the oldest known parts date from around 8,000 BC.

During more than 4,400 years, there has been one moment every day on which one could observe the Milky Way lying along the horizon (provided that one was willing to accept a minor deviation of something between 0°and 2°6’). When the Milky Way is seen like this at night, it really would have been a sacred moment. Next to this, on two days in a year this special moment occurred at sunrise or sunset, when the sun was standing exactly on the Galactic equator, so the sun joined the full Milky Way in this special picture. Perhaps this was the original ceremonial purpose of Stonehenge, which lies at 51°10’44” N?


If one was willing to accept a deviation of not more than 1°, Stonehenge fulfilled its purpose perfectly between 6,270BC and 5,500BC and also between 3,380BC and 2,620BC. If the acceptable margin was 2°, Stonehenge was suitable between 6,500BC and 4,700BC as well as between 4,100BC and 2,300BC. A slightly larger error rate of 2°6’ allowed Stonehenge to satisfy between 6,680BC and 2,220BC.

Shortly after this youngest date the decay of Stonehenge began. Was this because the sanctuary lost its original purpose?

If we let the picture of the sun within the full Milky Way converge with one of the solstice points, then there are only two moments left in the complete precession period. These moments could have been observed excellently from Stonehenge, as it was orientated towards both the summer solstice point and the winter solstice point … if only the precession of the equinoxes would have cooperated …

page 318-321
For many months the priest prepared himself for the divine moment that is about to come. Now he is completely cleansed and is ready to canalize the energies that might soon be released. This is necessary, as the energies, sent by the Divine Creator Ptah, are not always benevolent and creative, but sometimes terrible and devastating. After learning the hard way, the per-aha, the Sons of the Ancients, took the past ten thousands of years to acquire the knowledge how to change the released chaotic energies into regular and creative forms, so that the world would not be touched by destructive forces. For this reason the per-ahawere chosen. These king-priests were truly the sons of the Creator. They were born as kings, when Ra stood in the constellation of Leo.34 In a divine way they had been begot by Ra and Ptah together, when Ra stood in the constellation of the Creator nine months before.

The priests have taken their positions at the sacred places that were carefully selected between the 25th and the 30th latitude. Our priest is on top of the Great Pyramid where he stands before a small cubical altar that is positioned at the eastern side, where the sun is going to rise soon. The secret passage to the inside of the pyramid is open. There the junior priests are waiting with their attributes, ready to support the minister with his rituals.

It is night, the sun is still below the horizon. The silence is deep. The priest looks around. Hapy (Apis, the constellation of Taurus) in the west is slowly nearing the horizon. Hapy is also the God of the Nile, the Milky Way, which is monitored closely right now. The part of the Milky Way that the priest watches now, looks like a giant horseshoe, resting crooked in the sky, with its ends standing on the horizon in the north-east and in the south-east, but it looks like the two ends increase in length and near each other, so that the horseshoe is going to transform into a circle.

It is about half past six in the morning and there is still a small part of this circle missing. The missing part will rise in the east during the next hour, while the opposite part of the circle will slowly descend to the westerly horizon. Then the magic circle will be completed. Hapy will lie perfectly along the horizon. For the first time in nearly 26,000 years a human being is granted to behold Hapy-of-the-south and Hapy-of-the-north together during the solstice, with the Supreme Mason joint with Kheperi-Re in the centre. It looks like the world has disappeared, leaving only the primeval ocean, separated from heaven by the misty Milky Way. And in there the first land, symbolized by the Great Pyramid, is upheaved from the primeval ocean again. The creation of the first world, Zep Tepi, is experienced again.

The priest is nervous. He belongs to the chosen ones who will perform the rituals. Of course they prepared these carefully, but nobody is sure whether everything will work out well, as during the preparations there was no interaction with the creating forces that may be either beneficial or fateful. The priest may only hope that he will be attuned well to these forces. Confidence is important, so he understands. Just do what seems to be right at the critical moment. For he has acquired the knowledge, and also the intuition.

The last time this magic ritual was performed, was nearly 13,000 years ago. Then it ended in tears. The people had strayed off the right path and forgot the Creator. The anger of Ptah could not be tamed, whatever the priests tried. Perhaps it occurred because it was hard to determine the exact moment of the catastrophe, the moment that Hapy lied along the horizon, for it was at the end of the afternoon. Or perhaps it occurred because the collective of initiates had been diminished, so that the powers of the joint rituals were too weak to divert the energies of the creator and to shield the earth. To the priests’ abhorrence the Age of Pisces ended with a giant disaster. The earth turned upside down. Entire continents vanished. Almost all people succumbed. Many animal species, mainly the very large ones, became extinct.

Fortunately there were several priest-scientists among the few survivors, so that a part of the ancient science could be preserved.

The remaining people managed to recover within small communities.

In the beginning of the new era all available time had to be used to fulfil all basic needs.

After months of twilight, to their big surprise the people saw the sun rising in the east. Soon the new constitution of the years and the seasons became clear to the priests.

The second surprise was the sun, which at the beginning of spring rose in Leo instead of the expected Aquarius. The priests realised that Ptah granted mankind a second chance. Again man was given the earth to take care of it, again kingship descended on earth, but man was not allowed to forget the Creator again.

So that was the big question. Did man succeed this time?

Everything went fine until humanity entered the critical Age of Pisces once again. This age had a promising start. A charismatic man taught everybody that it was important to take care of each other. It was the start of a new religion, supported by entire nations. Their gathering places were filled with a very forceful collective energy.

However, at the end of the Age of Pisces this religion became a caricature of what really was meant, like the last time. Many people, including those who were holding the material power in the world, forgot the Creator and his creation. They only worshipped luxury and power. They did not care how to get it. They fully repudiated all responsibility for nature and fellow men, even for the people that were dependent upon them. Cooperation, consideration and compassion did not exist for them anymore. They were of the opinion that everybody had to bear his own responsibilities. They did not listen to the objections of their concerned fellow citizens.

They entirely forgot the guardianship of the earth. They chose to loot our beautiful earth and turn it into a huge dustbin. They contemned people they called primitive, like the wise Indians from America or the equally wise Aborigines from Australia, people who live in harmony with nature and do not use more from it than they really need.

‘Après nous le déluge’ (after us, the deluge), these rulers seemed to think. They just might be proven right.

Poor blinded fools. O Ptah, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

The Creator still sent some clear warnings that surely no sensible person might misinterpret.

On September 15th 1978, there was an underground nuclear test in the southern part of Siberia. The very next day, an earthquake in the Iranian city Tabas took 25,000 lives.35

On May 11th and May 13th 1998, India conducted five nuclear tests in Pokhran. Neighbouring country Pakistan did not want to be second after India and answered with six nuclear tests, conducted in the Chagai Hills on May 28th and May 30th.  At the very same day May 30th 1998 there was a giant earthquake in Afghanistan that took the lives of at least 4,000 people.36Anyone ready to listen, understood that messing about with the earth could have enormous consequences.

In 2010, an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico suffered an explosion, causing one billion litres of oil to leak into the ocean. Various involved companies, eager for profit, appeared to have cut back the costs of safety and quality, causing the disaster to occur. The consequences were disastrous. Instead of cleaning the mess rightaway, they poured out some carcinogenic toxin into the ocean to dilute the oil so that nobody could see it any more. The parties involved dragged each other before the courts to lay the blame elsewhere. Wherever possible they tried to conceal their own failures. There was hardly any cooperation to limit the damage.

In Japan nuclear power plants had been built on fault lines. In 2011, after an immense earthquake and a tsunami, some of these power plants were out of control. People were told that everything was going to be okay easily, but again and again it became clear that the problems were far more severe than deluded. Some action was taken, but months afterwards it became clear that it could take some 50 to 100 years before the consequences of the disaster could be fully under control.

The priest shivers. The canalization of the energies must succeed. A new catastrophe as in the times of Aha-Men-Ptah, even a smaller one, probably would mean the end of liveability on earth. Oil platforms, nuclear power plants, transports of toxins, stores of toxins, they will all be destroyed. Harmful substances will freely flow into nature. People who survive the catastrophe, will not have the knowledge, tools or opportunity to clear up this pollution. So their chances of surviving will be almost none.

That could mean the end of the age of man. Perhaps, if the earth is lucky, it is the onset of a new era, where another species, for instance the insects, will feel comfortable. Or perhaps the earth is going to be a fully dead planet, like Venus or Mars.

Selket (Scorpio) rises in the east. Now Hapy lies around the entire horizon like a serpent eating his own tail, like an early morning mist. The priest raises his sceptre to welcome the Architect of the Universe. “Honour to you, O Ptah …” The first beams of the rising sun emit a faint light at the eastern horizon.

After the ceremony it was awfully silent. For several minutes. The priest and his assistants did not dare to move. Even the birds omitted to greet the break of day.

And thus spake Ptah: “