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Touky and Musmuss

Dennis van Middendorp • ebook • pdf

  • Samenvatting
    Touky, a beatiful colored Toucan, and Musmuss, a smart and cool mouse, become friends.
    They go swimming near a waterfall, where they discover a treasure map outside a cave.
    The friends start a quest, to find the solution to open the cave.
    At their quest they meet much animals which join them.
    Together they have funny, crazy and happy moments and make a lot of new friends.
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : PDF
    Auteur : Dennis van Middendorp
    Bestandstype : PDF
    Distributievorm : Ebook (digitaal)
    Aantal pagina's : Afhankelijk van e-reader
    Beveiliging : Geen   Informatie 
    Uitgeverij : Dekaboys
    ISBN : Geen
    Datum publicatie : 02-2018
  • Inhoudsopgave

    Chapter 1. The introduction
    Chapter 2. First trip
    Chapter 3. The first letter
    Chapter 4. Mister Sniff
    Chapter.5. Hare
    Chapter.6. Visiting Flippy
    Chapter 7. The Tube
    Chapter 8. The golden carpet
    Chapter 9. The crazy gnome
    Chapter 10. Hedgehog in trouble
    Chapter 11. The magic basket
    Chapter 12. All animals help
    Chapter 13. The big party
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€ 4,95

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When looking around their eyes spot something at the waterfall. Something is blinking behind the waterfall, that’s weird.

“Let’s look”, they say at the same time. Quickly they get up and swim towards the waterfall. But how do they get behind the waterfall?? It takes some time to swim through the falling water, but they make it. They’re behind the waterfall!

But that’s strange. There’s a stair in the rocks but no room for flying, they must climb.

"Let’s try Touky, we can do it!”, Musmuss motivates his friend. Carefully the friends climb up the stairs, but it isn’t easy. They reach a big door, made of wood, a picture of a golden carpet is painted at the door. Beneath the carpet is a panel, covering some letters which are carved into the wood. Also, there’s put in a big diamond, a beautiful shiny stone. “What would be behind the door and what does this all mean?”, Touky asks. “I don’t know”, Musmuss answers and looks around. Then he suddenly spots a small pot at a corner. He picks up the pot and curiously removes the cover.... It’s a little dusty inside the pot but at the bottom they spot a paper roll. What would that be? Carefully Musmuss unrolls the paper. When all open, they see stripes, arrows and dots at what looks like a map. “It’s a treasure map!”, Touky shouts. “that will be fun, we are going on a quest and find the treasure Musmuss!”

Which adventures the treasure map will bring then? ×