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Dystopian Novel - American/English

Mopolis • Boek • paperback

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    What if the division that arose in the world about the Chirusa virus escalated?
    What if there were countries that thought they could benefit from destabilizing other countries? If they created chaos on purpose but underestimated the outcome?

    What if there was a Third war, what would the world be like, and how would the people who survived it cope? Without any form of Government, useful energy resources and transportation.

    A story about people. People with trauma because of their military past, and their recovery. But also a story about love. Alex already learned how to fight, and is looking for a future in Canada where she wants to forget everything. Only to find a man who knows that she can’t keep running away from it.

    She meets people with an idealogy to build a new society, created by communities.
    Even when they encounter challenges that have caused the same problems in history before and combat is not completely avoidable.

    Stories develop while reading, and end with what is left out at the beginning.

    About the writer:

    Mopolis is the pseudonym of a Dutch writer who is concerned with what is happening in the world. Stories about people are of great value to reach other people. Therefore it is important to write a common story with common sense.
    Mopolis applies life experience and humanity to display a timeline with a different outcome, where the consequences could be the results of how we live today.


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  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 148mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 430
    Uitgeverij : Mopolis
    ISBN : 9789464437089
    Datum publicatie : 10-2022
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€ 23,95

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