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Earthling Lancar Ida-Bagus

The Gurubesar of the Vishnuh-Society. The journey

Attie Dotinga • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    This book tells the journey of the young priest of the Vishnuh-Society. How he came to the Netherlands to peacefully rescue the name Pencak-Silat from the hands of those who so openly misused it.
    The journey was hard and tough because others preferred to see him return home unresolved.
    This book tells only part of all his hardships, as well as his victory to do what he came for.
    A special man this Gurubesar. Even if you don't know anything about this Society, you certainly cannot deny it.
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 148mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 73
    Uitgeverij : Falinn
    ISBN : 9789464066340
    Datum publicatie : 02-2021
  • Inhoudsopgave
    p. 7 Lontar quote of the Vishnuh-Society.

    p.10 The beginning of the journey.

    p.15 Ida Bagus- Dynasty.

    p.17 The European teacher.

    p.18 Pencak-Silat.

    p.19 The attack on the Pencak-Silat.

    p.23 To the distant, cold land overseas.

    p.25 The help that did not help.

    p.30 An attack in The Hague.

    p.42 Harassment.

    p.50 Consequences of intimidation.

    p.52 Never be a victim.

    p.61 The Great Wizard.

    p.68 Together.

    p.70 The afterword of the Gurubesar of the Vishnuh-Society
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€ 19,95

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In 1969 a Dutchman was admitted to the Vishnuh-Society with unanimous votes.
This was Mr. Gerrit M. van Praag (Neerlandicus), who, at the request of the Vishnuh-Society, would teach Roberto the Dutch language, European history, and social sciences.
Roberto was only eleven years old at the time.
They called this man "Gerard van The Hague". That was because The Hague was his hometown and he always told a lot of stories about it. Hence its nickname.
Gerard van Den Haag was respected as one of them.
He gave up his former way of life for a hermit life in the Vishnuh-Society.
From this reverend teacher, Roberto also learned more than enough about the overseas, about the distant Netherlands and others.
He still thought that he would never be confronted with this, but that it was good to learn a lot about the Netherlands.

One day, Mr. M.G. of Prague talked with the Vishnuh supporters about the possibility of capturing the Pusakas (heirlooms) of the Vishnuh-Society in Europe.
This is to keep the transition to the outside world under control, with the greatest aim of protecting it.
The society wanted to demonstrate their right to exist in the world. This had to be done very safely and very gradually. ×