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EPO as a PCT Authority (31 Oct 2021) - Portable

Portable Edition (English)

Pete Pollard & Ignacio Lobato • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    This book provides implementation details for PCT filing (RO), search (ISA, SISA), and examination (IPEA) before the EPO. It also covers PCT-Direct, Supplementary PCT Search, regional entry into the European phase (DO/EO), and formalities after entry.

    It is useful for daily practice by those dealing with the EPO, and includes references
    considered essential for exam candidates.

    This Portable Edition uses thinner paper to reduce the thickness and weight. Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm x 17mm - 514 pages - 750g
    There is also a Study Edition with thicker paper to make it more suitable for intensive tabbing, annotating and highlighting.
    For more details, including example pages, see: fireballpatents.com/study-materials

    It includes:
    • Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) and Validation procedures
    • OJEPO Decisions, Fees & Fee Reductions relevant for PCT
    • PCT Annexes and Agreements: RO, ISA, SISA, IPEA, DO/EO
    • Request & Demand Forms, and Examples of EPO-PCT communications
    • Euro-PCT Guide (EPG) – 1 Jan 2021
    • EPO-PCT Guidelines (GL/PCT-EPO) – 1 Mar 2021
    • EPO-EPC Guidelines – PCT part only (GL/EPO Ch. E-IX) – 1 Mar 2021

    Our Indexed versions of Guidelines improves on the official versions by:
    - grouping the index entries at the front and abbreviating entries to allow quick scanning
    - using page numbers to speed up getting to the correct page
    - indicating sections with significant changes in the last 3 years
    - including the complete official sources, and retaining the original paragraph structure
    - modifying the contents to fully use the page size, giving better overviews of paragraphs

    EQE 2022 Candidates:
    • This version (31 Oct 2021) is the official version for EQE 2022.
    • For exam questions, EPG helps with the general parts and many details
    • Answers at the EQE based on Guidelines should be supported by EPC/PCT Articles, Rules, GL/EPO, or GL/PCT-EPO Guidelines citations - IPREE R.22

    New in this version:
    • a larger A4 page size to give a larger overview in the Guidelines
    • extended details on Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)
    • translation details added to the EPC state overview
    • details on validation added, including procedural flowcharts
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 210mm x 297mm
    Aantal pagina's : 514
    Uitgeverij : Fireball Patents
    ISBN : Niet bekend
    Datum publicatie : 10-2021
  • Inhoudsopgave
    01. Overview EPC States: Contracting, Validation, Extension (& translation data)
    02. Overview of OJEPO notices
    ----- Notices relevant for International Applications
    ----- Notices relevant for Extension / Validation States
    ----- Example: Validation of EP patents in Moldova (MD) - OJ 2016, A67 (with flowcharts)
    03. Guidance for fee payment (valid on 31 Oct 2021) - OJ 2020, A33
    ----- Notices relevant for PCT fees
    ----- EPO Fees for International Applications (31 Oct 2021)
    04. Fee Reductions
    ----- 90% reduction for filing fees (WIPO), and States that qualify for 90%
    ----- 75% reduction for PCT search/examination fees at EPO - OJ 2020, A91
    05. General info on EP as PCT Authority (ANNEX B)
    ----- ISA / IPEA agreement between EPO and WIPO
    06. EPO PPH programmes based on PCT & national work products (opinions)
    ----- Overview, participating offices, OJEPO notices
    ----- Procedure outline and FAQ's
    ----- Example: PPH IP5 program with flowcharts - OJ 2019, A106
    ----- EPO PPH REQUEST form 1009 & Notes
    07. Info on EP as RO (ANNEX C)
    ----- Processing of PCT Direct letter by EPO - OJ 2017, A21
    08. PCT REQUEST – Filing form RO/101
    ----- Notes to PCT REQUEST form
    ----- Fee Calculation Sheet & Notes
    09. Info on EP as ISA (ANNEX D)
    10. EP as SISA (ANNEX SISA)
    ----- EPO acting as SISA - OJ 2010, 316 (updated)
    11. SIS REQUEST – Supplementary search request form IB/375
    ----- Notes to SIS REQUEST form
    ----- Fee Calculation Sheet & Notes
    12. Info on EP as IPEA (ANNEX E)
    ----- EPO policy for issuing 2nd WO as IPEA - OJ 2011, 532 (updated)
    13. DEMAND – Examination request form IPEA/401 (Chapter II)
    ----- Notes to DEMAND form
    ----- Fee Calculation Sheet & Notes
    14. Invitation to Enter European Entry – EPO communication 1201 (at 28m.)
    15. Noting of Loss of Rights – EPO communication 1205 (at 32m.)
    16. Info on EP as DO/EO (EP NATIONAL CHAPTER)
    ----- Summary of Regional (National) Entry Requirements
    ----- Procedure in Regional (National) Phase
    ----- Fees relevant for Regional (National) Entry
    ----- European Entry – Entry request form 1200
    ----- Fee Calculation Sheet & Notes
    ----- Notes to European Entry form
    ----- Designation of Inventor & Notes – Declaration form 1002
    ----- Authorisations & Notes – Power of Attorney forms 1003 (specific) & 1004 (general)
    17. Invitation to Amend & Comment – EPO communications 1226AA, BB, CC
    18. Euro-PCT Guide (EPG: filing, search, examination, entry for applicants)
    ----- Detailed Table of Contents
    ----- A. Terms and abbreviations
    ----- B. International and European phases of a PCT application
    ----- C. Timeline for international applications
    ----- 1. General Overview
    ----- 2. EPO as a PCT RO
    ----- 3. EPO as an ISA and a SISA
    ----- 4. EPO as an IPEA - PCT Chapter II
    ----- 5. Euro-PCT procedure before EPO as DO (Chapter I) or EO (Chapter II)
    ----- ANNEX I. Criteria chosen by EPO as ISA/IPEA on specific points in ISPE Guidelines
    19. EPO-PCT Guidelines (GL/PCT-EPO: filing, search, examination for IP professionals)
    ----- Detailed Table of Contents
    ----- General Part
    ----- Part A. Formalities Examination
    ----- Part B. Search
    ----- Part C. Procedural Aspects in Chapter II
    ----- Part D. BLANK – no opposition, limitation or revocation under PCT
    ----- Part E. General Procedural Matters
    ----- Part F. The International Application (formal requirements, unity, sufficiency, clarity, priority)
    ----- Part G. Substantive Requirements (excluded subject matter, novelty, inventive step)
    ----- Part H. Amendments and Corrections
    ----- List of sections amended in the 2019 revision
    ----- Alphabetical Keyword Index
    20. EPO-EPC Guidelines - PCT part only. (GL/EPO Ch. E-IX: European entry)
    ----- Detailed Table of Contents
    ----- General Procedural Matters - Applications under PCT
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