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Find your way

practical handbook by an experience expert

Diana Divera • Boek • paperback

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    Since publishing my three children's books and one book for adults about my Trisomy X syndrome, I am now even more of an Experience Expert, which has led me to create this English book, 'Find your way' and I know that a lot of my readers have been patiently waiting for this to be published.

    It is dedicated to all of you out there who are interested in finding out how to deal with the symptoms of being oversensitive to a lot of things. I hope you will all 'find your way' by holding on to the strength that is kept in optimism, a positive way of thinking, perseverance, spirituality and/or humour, like I did and still do.

    “Diana has done it again! Her latest book is packed full of tips and advice, told in her unique way. It’s honest, open, funny and moving. It will help not only girls with Trisomy X but also anyone who is highly sensitive or anyone who just needs a bit of a confidence boost.”
    Traysi Smith, English translator.

  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 145mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 134
    Uitgeverij : Diana Divera
    ISBN : 9789082087666
    Datum publicatie : 11-2016
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    Chapter 1
    Don’t change; always be yourself
    Keep on believing in yourself
    Dare to trust your own intuition
    Accept who you are with your own personal qualities
    Hold on to your inner strength

    Chapter 2
    Find the right support
    Follow therapy and courses
    Always keep on learning and developing yourself

    Chapter 3
    (Only) carry positive things around with you
    Hold on to the fine moments
    Experience what it is like to be in a natural environment and/or with animals
    Only hang out with the people who accept you 100%

    Chapter 4
    Be creative
    Find a nice hobby so you won't think about your worries too much
    Find a way to build up a large vocabulary
    Find a way to train your personal memory

    Chapter 5
    Start your day well by doing exercises
    Do exercises to strengthen your muscles
    Create the right position for your feet and legs
    Find the right balance between being busy and relaxing

    Chapter 6
    Search for the right work environment
    Find a nice (job-)coach
    Be proud of yourself and show your pride in your résumé
    Keep on remembering the nice conversations and the places where you liked working

    Chapter 7
    Eat healthily
    Find a nice dentist and dental hygienist
    Dress yourself comfortably
    Use (products from) nature

    Chapter 8
    Practice protecting and defending yourself
    Visualize yourself as a strong person
    Surround yourself with colours, scents and objects that you like
    Don’t be angry but dance, laugh and sing

    Chapter 9
    Mourning and loss
    Keep on remembering the fine moments
    Find space for your grief
    Learn how to process
    Find a place you like to be
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€ 19,00

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"It will always be one of my difficulties in life, I think. In any case, I was continually learning how to keep my head above water all the time until I was 40 years old. After my 40th birthday I was diagnosed as having Trisomy-X syndrome, which fully explained a lot of my struggles.

Please also make a list of all the things you like to do, even if it seems like there are too many things to mention. Just take a look at your calendar: how much time do you think you will need to be able to do something?

There will be some things that will have to wait. You can choose just the one you like the most.

Before you start the activity, please be certain you know how you want it to work out. What is your purpose? Why would you like to do this? How much time do you really think you need to do this properly?

-Sometimes the other person was very right after all; about the risk of exhaustion. Maybe this activity wasn't suitable for me, for whatever reason. Fortunately, we can always choose some other activity from our personal list!

Please do not feel uncomfortable about it; this is your personal list, these are your wishes and above all, these are your limits. You will learn how to deal with it. Just knowing that you are truly finding your way will give you strength. You will learn more and more about yourself.

-A thing that often bothers me, is that I find it difficult to focus on my own feelings and thoughts, to not get influenced by my environment and to hold on to my own intuition. Sometimes there just isn't enough space to listen well - some people talk so loudly and behave in a very dominant way that makes it hard for me to find the time that I need to get my own thoughts and feelings in order before I respond.

I just want to think things over: 'What was it that I wanted and what had I made up my mind to do?'

The word 'wanting' often came up in my life, time and time again, especially after I’d started to live my own life better. 'What is it that I really want to do?' I often asked myself. Although many people had tried to teach me to ask myself that personal question, it had never got through to me before. I had to find out for myself.

To hold on to your own thoughts and feelings in the middle of a crowded shopping mall or in the middle of a group is difficult - I know all about it. But it really does bring a whole lot of power with it when you do succeed." ×