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If I could do Magic...

Gert Kramer • Boek • paperback

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    Foreword by Gert-Jan Kramer

    It's a strange realization to have a son who suddenly starts to write books regarding very different type of subjects than anything he worked on in the past.

    Within 6 months he wrote three books about civilizations, contacts of cultures, science, numbers and figures. I find that especially the figures in this book are used and interconnected in a very extraordinary way.

    It requires a lot to understand a book like this entirely; as well as its two predecessors, something I didn’t quite manage to do yet but it is not necessary to understand everything.


    I hope this book will get all the attention it deserves and that it will encourage the writer to continue his exploration, wherever it will take him.

    Good luck.

    Your father

    Doorn, April 2011


    Foreword by Frans van der Reep

    The Genesis of this foreword is a small miracle and is a ‘foreshadowing’ of the direction in which Creation is moving. That Genesis shows us what this book is all about.

    A few months ago I received a very thick book in the mail titled "Paradise on Earth - Could it Be?" from an author named Gert Kramer, who I did not know at that time. Gert Kramer had found me through a variety of contacts and had the courage to move from an initial thought to actually doing something about this thought. He decided to send me this precious book as surely someone ‘needs to polish in order to shine’.

    And now the same Gert Kramer has asked me to write a foreword for his new book “If I could do Magic...”.

    After some initial hesitation I consented. The hesitation was mainly based on the fact that many of the subjects in this book are beyond my comprehension. On the other hand I feel very clearly that the author, as Thomas of Aquino said, ‘saw something’.

    Gert has made an effort to make the essence of Numeric, Pythagoric Mathematics and the fundamentals of the Hermeneutical Principles including the insight on ‘Creation’ as based on these Principles available to us in the Western World at this moment in time. With this, much like Peter Kingsley does with archaeology; he puts us back on the trail of our Shamanic cultural roots from the Ancient World. He connects the rationality of the Western World with the forgotten creative numerical structures around the number ‘9’ which show us an internal logic of great beauty.

    Gert shares with us a variety of interesting observations with us which can be made visible by using the viewpoint of Numeric Mathematics. I see that as a real merit. Naturally the next step is to form a theory but that’s certainly something we can look forward to in the future.

    To me this is a book of great inner beauty, courage, challenging and in fact unfinished. Challenging because for a moment you have to forget about your own rational education. You constantly want to ‘compete’ with the author. But if you do so, you short change him because then you are no longer open to what he has to say. In that sense, reading this book for many of us will be like a kind of meditation: so postpone your judgement.


    From what I consider to be a completely different World, Gert Kramer reveals clear, creative algorithms and shows connections of which I was not conscious of before. Through this he heals the creation within my Consciousness: where I thought that there was multiplicity there seems to be Oneness, where I thought there was coincidence and fragmentation, there appears to be a bright Intention operating and a clear number based supporting structure.

    I invite you to see Gert Kramer as the Dutch Douglas Hofstadter, best known for the book Gödel, Escher, Bach. He has made the effort to take us mere mortals to a higher level of regularities as well. I believe that is Gert’s intention. And that is also the enchanting thing about it. He enchants and reveals the magic to us that takes place all around us every day. He puts glasses on us that bring us back in the state of the astonished child who is open to see and be taught truly new things. He appeals to the soft nostalgia of the Origin, your Origin. Whether you like that feeling or not is obviously your choice.

    This book will, as it did for me half a year ago, initiate you as reader in the Numeric Mathematics and the beauty of numbers. I invite you to join this adventure.

    Frans van der Reep

    Rotterdam, April 2011

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    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 145mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 220
    Uitgeverij : Niet bekend
    ISBN : 9789081571609
    Datum publicatie : 09-2011
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    Introduction                                                                                   The Universal Hermetic Principles                                             Religion = Science, Science = Religion                                      Numbers, the Key to All Creation                                               Rhythm in Numbers                                                                      The Nine Pointed Star ergo Fruit of Life                                   Rhythm, shapes and the function of the 9                                The Rhythm in the Wheel of Life; the Ennead                         The Wheel of Life and the Angel Wings                                   God’s Love                                                                                      Rhythm to the Power and Glory                                                 The Nineveh Constant and the 100 Years of Brahma             Divine 9 Music                                                                               Who is sitting on the Central Throne?                                       The 81 Unique Universal Growth Series                                   Divine 999: 27 types of movement in the Wheel of Life       On Earth as it is in Heaven                                                          

    From Separation to Connectedness

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This book is devoted

To the Harmonic

Symphony of Life

In which We All

Man and Woman

Large and Small

Rich and Poor

Young and Old

Play our Tune

And are Heard

Even in the moments when We

Are Unconscious of Being

For All is One

And the One is in All