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  • Cover Indexed EPO Guidelines (1 Nov 2019)
    Indexed EPO Guidelines (1 Nov 2019) (boek)
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    EPO as PCT Authority (1 Nov 2019) (boek)

Indexed EPO Guidelines (1 Nov 2018)


Pete Pollard • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    Note: This version is no longer legally in force. It was valid from 1 Nov 2018 to 31 Oct 2019. See below for EQE study notes.
    Newer versions are available in English or German.

    The EPO no longer makes the Guidelines available on paper. So you have to print out the 960 pages, and put it into a binder.
    On paper, the Guidelines have never been easy to use. This version improves by:
    o providing a single Detailed Table of Contents at the front (instead of per part), so you can quickly scan for the paragraph you want
    o using page numbers in the Detailed Table of Contents, so you can get to pages quicker
    o indicating, in the Detailed Table of Contents, the sections with a major amendment in the last 3 years
    o including the official Computer-Implemented Inventions (CII) Index, the official Alphabetical Keyword Index and the official List of Sections Amended. These do not have the page number indicated.

    Also, legal citations & references to other sections are underlined, making them easier to spot when scanning through pages. It is printed on A5 paper which is a convenient format to use as a desktop reference, to take to oral proceedings, or to take to the EQE.

    It is printed on thin 50g paper. Dimensions are: 145mm x 210mm x 28mm - 920 pages - 730g

    EQE 2020 Candidates:
    • This version (1 Nov 2018) is the official version for EQE 2020 (in force on 31 Oct 2019)

    EQE 2021 Candidates:
    • The Examination Board has announced that this version (1 Nov 18) will also be officially accepted for the Main Exam due to the cancellation of EQE 2020.

    Our recommendations:
    - don't use this version. Practicing attorneys should use the most up-to-date materials possible, so either the 1 Nov 19 version (this book) or the 1 Nov 20 version (if it becomes available)
    - for Pre-Exam 2021 candidates, use the 1 Nov 20 version (if available) as it will also be valid for Main Exam 2022 - so no need to transfer tabs & notes. Note that the EPO has announced that the next update will enter into force on 1 Mar 2021, so it is unclear whether the 1 Nov 2020 version will be made available. In that case, the very latest version valid for EQE 2021 will be the 1 Nov 2019 version.
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 145mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 919
    Uitgeverij : Fireball Patents
    ISBN : Niet bekend
    Datum publicatie : 11-2018
  • Inhoudsopgave
    EPO-EPC Guidelines for Patent Examination – 1 Nov 2018

    - Detailed Contents with section numbers, page numbers and overview of sections changed in last 3 years

    - Guidelines for Examination
    -- General Part
    -- Part A - Formalities
    -- Part B - Search
    -- Part C - Examination
    -- Part D - Opposition & Limitation
    -- Part E - General
    -- Part F - The Application
    -- Part G - Patentability
    -- Part H - Amendments

    - Computer-Implemented Inventions (CII) Index
    - Alphabetical Keyword Index
    - List of Sections Amended in this version
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€ 39,00

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Detailed Contents:

Major changes
2016 2017 2018 p.
A-II Filing of applns & examination on filing 51
1 Where & how applns may be filed 51
# 1.1 Filing of applns by delivery by hand or by postal services 51
# 1.2 Filing of applns by fax 51
# 1.3 Filing of applns by electronic communication 52
# 1.4 Filing of applns by other means 52

C-III 1st stage of examination 297
# 4.1.2 Positive statements 307
4.2 Invitation to file comments & amendments 307
# 5 Summons to oral proceedings as 1st action in examination 307
# 6 Requesting information on prior art (not confined to priority)308 164

F-V Unity 635
# 1 Introduction 635
# 2 Requirement of unity of invention 635

CII Index:
G-II, 3.6 Programs for computers (updated in GL 2018)
– G-II, 3.6.1 Examples of further technical effects (introduced in GL 2018)
– G-II, 3.6.2 Information modelling, activity of programming and programming languages
(introduced in GL 2018)
– G-II, 3.6.3 Data retrieval, formats and structures (introduced in GL 2018)

Alphabetical Keyword Index:
Art. 83 vs. Art. 123(2) F-III, 2
Art. 84 H-IV, 4.4.1
Claims (Art. 84 and formal requirements) F-IV
Artificial intelligence and machine learning G-II, 3.3.1
Ascertaining the existence of a fallback position B-III, 3.2.5 ×