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Karmic Reflections: Talking with Men and Nature

Pauline Laumans en John van Trijp • Boek • paperback

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    No more secrets or hidden truths as the Essence tells her own story. It is apart from the traditional and yet so simple in approach. These stories may act as a stimulant to learn to balance one’s life. The conclusions after every story may act as a guide in daily life.

    Endorsements: Dick Bruna, Yvonne Kroonenberg, Martin Gaus, Steve Rother and Dr. Caron Goode

    This book is about

    The strong connection we have while walking in nature. This connection links us with animals, trees, plants, insects and not to forget with men. They show us and reflect to us whatever we need in order to continue. These encounters are our Karmic Reflections. Some of these karmic reflections have been mentioned in this book as we like to share them with you the reader. The reader who seeks answers to life questions.

    What makes this book unique?

    It is about the Essence of nature that is able to teach and explain us whatever we need to know. That is why we communicate with this energy, ask questions and listen to the answers. We experience the world with our eyes as part of our environment. It is our truth and it may be complemented with the environment and truth from the energy world.
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    Formaat : 175mm x 245mm
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    ISBN : 9789081623346
    Datum publicatie : 09-2011
  • Inhoudsopgave

    Table of Contents

    Wet Soils
    The Influence of Energy in the Soil
    Heaven or Hell on Earth
    Contact with Earth
    Vitality of the Trees in the Forest
    Plants in and Around the House
    Bears in the Bear Wood of the Zoo
    Rabbits in the Edge of the Forest
    Riding on Horseback
    Golden Humans
    How a Soul is Encapsulated and Captured Alive
    Being in a Body Neither Dead nor Living
    Anatomical Laboratory and Museum
    The Woman in Coma
    Being in a Body and Reincarnating 100%
    Becoming a Human and a Man
    The Anguish of the Undesired Child
    The Splicing
    Reality versus Fairy Tales 
         What is grounding?
         What is reality?
         Fairy Tales
    Increasing Love
         False Love
         Ancient Stories about Love 
         Living in the Here and Now
         Increasing love
    Humanity Towards the Year 2012 and beyond

    Who is Pauline Laumans?
    Who is John van Trijp?

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Being in a Body Neither Dead nor Living

This story is about living dead while living over and over in many vicious circles.

It sounds strange to some, but there are more than enough people on earth in a body that are neither living nor dead. They have imprisoned themselves by giving up their own room in the many lives they had. See also the story “Being in a body and reincarnating 100%”.

Many of them have been through centuries or eons, sup-pressed by others. They have the feeling that they are crushed by the power of the group and community. In all these lives they have lived in a state of powerlessness and placed themselves even in much more isolation by decreasing their Self.

Deep inside they feel hurt. They have a lot of aggression as they sense the way to live a life has been forced upon them. They have not succeeded in past lives to become aware of the injustice that occurred in that lifetime and now it happens again. It makes them feel hurt without being consciously aware of why it happens. As they can-not understand it, they become aggressive.

They also have an unfulfilled longing to belong somewhere and feel accepted. Now they are tolerated, as it is convenient for the people around them that someone succumbs to their demands. They continue to obey to the demands of others, instead of becoming aware of the pain deep inside and ask themselves what they themselves want to do. These people are imprisoned in their system and made their Essence so compact that it is shrinking. They feed on themselves and destroy themselves. The life streams vanish and they parch until eventually nothing remains.

Why does it happen? They refuse to look at themselves deep inside and stand before themselves, their values.

Before it comes this far they have been in a situation where they are swung back and forth between negative and positive feelings and thoughts of what to do in order to get rid of these not wanted feelings. For instance, when paying attention once more to their feelings, they become aware of these feeling and long for another feeling instead. This is new and unknown and feels unsafe. The result is that they stick to well known old experiences and practices. They stick to the negative sensations, as this makes them feel safe. Sometimes they sense that the opposite or new behavior is needed or better. However, they dare not to experience and to encounter those new behaviors. Only when they are forced by a near death experience, they make a choice and may learn from it. For instance, when you have to choose between driving straight through a red traffic light and cause a major car accident, or steer to the shoulder of the road instead, you need to make a choice between these two experiences. It is a choice you have not made before in this life.

Sometimes physical experiences force someone to be-come conscious. When you have a deadly disease like cancer, it makes you realize that you cannot continue to keep on living the way you did. You realize you should alter your way of living.

Unfortunately, most people are still led by their past life experiences and are afraid to take their life in their own hands. They live in such a superficial way, they are not even aware of their past life experiences. As they also have no sight on their future they cannot live in the here and now.

They have always met so much reprisal by trying to go their own way through life, that they are unconsciously afraid of changing their attitude towards life. See also the story “Being in a body and reincarnating 100%”. They do react to these old experiences, not aware of their fear. The experience is deeply hidden in the lower or primitive consciousness. The experience is hardly accessible as they have repeatedly learned not to feel, know, think or sense. They only learned that one is appreciated when obeying to the groupthink. A false Essence, a Super Ego with many contaminated identifications, is what remains. The real Essence is hardly accessible anymore.

Those people have become wolves in sheep’s cloths as they are continuously prepared to assist others. However, they help others downwards in return without knowing it. They are the marionettes of the people in command. The group accepts them when they act accordingly. This behavior makes them subsequently submissive to the community. They adjust completely to the group, the community or their boss. Hence, denying their existence and their Essence. They no longer have their own voice or face. They parrot the mightiest people they know and even imitate their behavior. They become imitations of “Ken” and “Barbie”. Ken and Barbie are the dolls shaped and honed to a universal degree of physical perfection of the sixties and seventies. These dolls are like an image and do not represent reality neither do the images of the people we talk about have. It is not real but just a bleak image of consensus.

They may have become ideal employees at work, as they work steadily and do not complain. They just say “yes” when they are appealed to, as they have no more self-respect left.

They rather squeal on someone to become the boss’s favorite. They may even be workaholics. They work hard until exhaustion makes them ill. They neglect and ignore every emotional, physical, mental or spiritual signal. They sell their last bit of humanity just to become accepted.

They say that no one is helping them with their inner process, but in fact they deny all help offered. Receiving help means looking in the mirror and that is not what they want. They hide behind their mask of friendliness and become well-behaving, well-mannered people in daily life. They show extreme accepted behavior and either act friendly or emotionless. It seems wonderful, but inside they are stirred by anger, suffer from pain and are frustrated. They are not real. These wolves try with this “exemplary behavior” to have friendships and networks or to conquer the territory of their enemies. They are obsessed by their concerns about money. Money gives them a positive status in life to compensate for the lack of inner force. It shows, as there is no genuineness or spontaneity in them.

They dare not match their inner personality with their outer performance.

Several inner worries are at stake to keep all the balls in the air. They have to keep up appearances, as they have a host of admirers around them or people that they con-tact. When they become exposed they fall deep and hard. The desire to belong somewhere, keeps them in this position. The energy of the surrounding people keeps them going and confirms their position. They cannot stand on their own feet and they just depend on others. With what they believe is their real Essence, they do not succeed as they act from their outer layers which contains influences of many other people. They are in this hierarchical position only thanks to the people that surround them.

They continuously show their boss or company how im-portant they are. If they are a parent, they seek to be indispensable. They demand the role of most important spindle in the lives of their children.

You can recognize those people as they avoid honest and painful confrontations. They often succeed in society because they have maneuvered themselves in a hierarchical position or a powerful position towards their children and their environment. They can make you or break you. They rather choose to break you instead of showing their real faces.

They pretend not to be afraid of life or death. In reality, they are frightened of both. Living means to continually dare to step in a new situation and dare to step into higher energy connections in order to grow and mature. This happens only by inner force and not by power or hierarchy. If a human really dares to live, he is not afraid of death, as he knows he dies each day. You know that living and dying are two sides of the same and if both are in balance, you can be a living alive human.

Knowing the unconscious and conscious side, you become in the state of “To Be”. When you know the past and the future, you balance in the now. Like the day and night together form a day or like a coin that has a tail side and a head side.

With this behavior they hold out false hopes for the una-ware people they meet, as they show a behavior that seems desirable but where neither life nor death exists. They make it impossible for lots of people to see reality. See also the story “Being in a body and reincarnating 100%”.

The people around them that see through their masks, even their own children, are suppressed, disregarded, humiliated, ridiculed or no longer acknowledged. They do everything they can, just to take care not to unmasked.

That is why they cannot fulfill themselves and reach real affection and love. They cannot build up a life on a sense of reality and positive own experiences in order to develop their personality. When they suddenly show part of their real Essence for the first time, they are rejected. Thus they are afraid to show it. It is difficult, but when they continue showing their real Essence they experience, after a while, that they become accepted based on this inner Essence.

Through individual development you reach your inner sun, your inner force. It is the force that comes from wisdom gained through many lifetimes. It is not about power, as power is an outer force belonging to suppressing others. Eventually one reaches completely the Self and then “are”, you exist. This process makes you leave the vicious circle and your real destiny becomes revealed. On your way to your Self, your inner compass becomes brighter, you feel the balance in your experiences and you find inner peace within. You become one with yourself.

“You Are!” You are open to further experiences. Let it happen, become “Meta consciously”. You are now a happy human with an attraction to higher energy links of life. These are connections of a higher vibration frequency and higher light intensity.

The question is: “Which way do you choose?” You may choose a life full of fear and avoidance. You keep up ap-pearances by the force of willpower. As a result, suppressing at the expense of others, you become smaller and more compact and eventually shrink. You need eons of time and many lives to try to start up an inner awareness. On the other hand you can become conscious aware and confront yourself with who you are and become a more open, honest and real living human that lives from inner force. See also the story “Being in a body and reincarnating 100%”.

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We are grateful for the insight so many entities have given us to write this article for the reader who wishes to understand these vicious circles.

Anatomical Laboratory and Museum

This story is about a long lasting (un)voluntary imprison-ment. It is about the impossibility of complete reincarna-tion and incarnation.

Due to a medical study, John and Pauline were able to go on an excursion to the anatomical laboratory of one of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Here we got an exposé in the dissecting and autopsy room, furthermore we could spend some time in the museum.

It felt as a unique chance to visit this part of the university and to experience the energy over there. Normally, it is closed to outsiders and non-students of this faculty.

That Saturday the lectures given by that lector were very humorous. Afterwards, we were taken to the dissecting room, where parts of human bodies were on a dissecting table under green operation sheets. At certain other tables more body parts lied under green operation sheets. We all became respectfully silent.

All body parts were prepared. They did not look very hu-manlike anymore as the color was dark brown. Skin and tissues looked like leather. The fibers were easy to see. The total impression gave us the association of a human body that returns to dust, like a tree, which has been lying for a long time in the forest where you see the same colors and fibers.

We were allowed to use handkerchiefs and could choose to observe from a certain distance, from the gallery or from nearby. In the meantime, the lector spoke.

In the end, the curiosity won and everyone gathered closely to see the fibers, the organs, the bones and every other body part that was identifiable. With caution, we could even touch the body parts if we liked.

Then the lecture was at an end. Now we could visit for one hour the museum of that faculty, where both human parts as well as animal parts were prepared or were in spirits (aqua fortis) to serve as study material for stu-dents. We asked ourselves the question: “What made this day so attractive to us? Was it the unique opportunity to enter this section of the faculty? Was it the lecture of this special lecturer? Was it out of curiosity? What has been the center of attraction to us?”

As we do so often, we started to read the energy there and had a dialogue with the organic parts and the build-ing. We hoped for an answer to our question: “What has been the center of attraction for us this day?” Meanwhile, the group was astonished to see such a wide range of body parts in the museum. This made it easy for us to go our own way through the museum and communicate with the present energy.

This is what the organic parts told us.

They were the reason for our attraction to this day and may be the deepest source of instruction in our life.

One exposure of a body or body parts after another, called for our attention.

There were people who had died through an accident. Now their body parts lye there after autopsy. Others were there because they could not afford a funeral and had put their body at the disposal of science and were present here in little parts. Some even had chosen to be here consciously as they were eager to be an object for medical science. Other reasons were: To be at last of use to other people, to be an interesting study object for others or that finally his genital organs could be seen without taboo. To be seen by others with interest and not to be declared superfluous by the people who had surrounded him in life. They all had their own specific meaning to be there.

Next, they told us what they experienced while being there.

Some parts like to leave, as the soul of the body cannot entirely pass over and go to a next life, as there are still remains of the corpse left in the museum or university.

Others felt sad as to why they had put their corpse at the disposal of science. They felt they were dealt with disrespectfully and no longer were seen as a human. Most people look with horror to their body parts, or there is laughter about their genital organs in spirits (aqua fortis). Inconsiderate cutting in body parts that once belonged to a human being, but the body is not recognized and treated with caution or respect anymore. These body parts realize that they made the wrong choice. A choice made on false presumptions and misinterpreted understandings of what could occur to them and how meaningful they are there.

Others felt like prisoners of their body, because they re-main there for centuries and are unable to get out. They are unable to choose to return to dust again, which is necessary to start a new complete lifecycle. The lifecycle of those who have parts of themselves in other lifetimes is an incomplete incarnation. This means that other entities fill up the empty places.
This is one of the many reasons for a personality disorder or another psychiatric disorder or physical shortage.

All of them regret the fact of being present there. They all are longing to get out of there, imprisoned as they are with their energy in their body parts. They want to be given back to earth and enabled to return to dust again. They want to be able in an afterlife to meet a complete incarnation.

Each of them had learned the lesson of imprisonment in the body, in the vicious circle of imprisonment in a body part, which results in an incomplete ascension at the other side.

The employees in the lab do not understand what happens with these body parts. They are unaware of the energy that remains in these body parts.

It still takes many lives for them to experience this as such.

The souls in the body parts hope that someday someone takes them out of this imprisonment and return them to earth. They hope that when it is time for the great clean-sing on earth that earth dismantles these places by force of nature to let them return to dust again.

They are consciously aware that they have chosen a long imprisonment and a lesson in life obstruction. Unconsciously aware as they were when they made the choice, they realize the truth now.

Now that they are consciously aware of the worth of reality, it still is a long way before they ever are set free from this situation. It takes a long time before they can make the next step in the many more steps in the many lives ahead, until they have learned all lessons and continue on higher energy levels.

Untold regret and sadness remains in their body parts. It is a long way ahead and a long time until they are set free from this situation and are able to return to dust and reincarnate and take their next step.

They hope that the employees who deal with their body parts and corpses listen to the energy of the body parts.

They hope that many people become consciously aware of what these parts are living through at present and what they have learned. They hope they are dealt with care and respect and after a short while returned to earth. Then their energy can merge with their other energy in order to proceed.

We thank them for their lessons, which turn out to be the most important lessons in our lives up till now. Inspired with awe, we thank them that they have offered themselves into this difficult lesson and that we can learn from it, so that we might make different choices.