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  • Cover Dierbare herinneringen
    Dierbare herinneringen (boek)


marcellus • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    Five questions to fifty New Yorkers in the presence of a camera.
    Dutch photographer marcellus collected the answers on the streets of NY by not only
    asking but also portraying these people. As stranger to stranger he tried to show in a
    couple of minutes, what their lives are about.
    Confronted by four themes important in life - the title of this book -, these people were
    asked their personal perception and description of it and how that reflected them in
    having a happy life.

    ‘Tell me and show me who you are by describing just four words, part of every human
    being's life.
    Don’t think, this action is not for the brain.
    Don’t hesitate, you already know your answer.
    Don’t be scared, every answer is a good one.’

    Get inspired by their open hearts to open yours.
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    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 145mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 115
    Uitgeverij : Catching Lights
    ISBN : 9789082667806
    Datum publicatie : 02-2017
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€ 19,95

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One of the main questions in life is 'Who am I?' The answer to that question is one I would like to know. For me in life there are two certainties i.e. that we live and we will die, and two absolute truths i.e. love and beauty. The way we think about that determines the way we live and how we create happiness in our life.

This time fifty New Yorkers were portrayed. In the area of downtown and midtown Manhattan, Central park and the feel good atmosphere of Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, I just asked the people on the streets if they wanted to join this project:
What is your personal definition of life, death, love and beauty?
Before the camera they finished the sentence 'What makes me most happy is ...' and after their answer their photo was taken.
It was amazing how enthusiastic most of them reacted and more, how quickly they could give deep and serious answers to these personal questions.

Now tell me, who are you?
Connect with their souls by looking into their eyes and 'feel' their answers to create your own answer. ×