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Managing Mindsets

Mijnd Huijser • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    Cultural diversity enriches the business world as well as society. Yet, the cultural advantage does not always arise spontaneously. Twelve real-life cases show the bumpy road to better understanding culture’s ways.
    The cases are presented by ten cross-cultural experts, whose daily work amounts to managing mindsets.
    The authors, Mijnd Huijser and Danaë Huijser, analyse each case, using the highly practical Model of Freedom to interpret cultural behaviour.
    Professionals in the international arena, who are involved in change processes, personal growth, conflict resolution, recruitment, social integration or mergers and acquisitions, will benefit from the practitioners’ perspectives in this book.

    Mijnd Huijser is a cross-cultural professional and author of the bestselling book The Cultural Advantage. He holds an academic degree in Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology. His daughter Danaë Huijser is a cross-cultural consultant, trainer and coach. She holds academic degrees in Organisational Psychology and International Business.
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 150mm x 230mm
    Aantal pagina's : 124
    Uitgeverij : Ayn Press
    ISBN : 9789085706823
    Datum publicatie : 09-2013
  • Inhoudsopgave
    1 Models: We talk models, we mean practice
    Part I Cross-cultural coaching
    2 Time: Moving business from Salzburg to St. Petersburg
    3 Appearances: Scandinavian shockwave in Singapore
    4 Responsibility: A Tanzanian stands the touch with the Dutch
    Part II Mergers and acquisitions
    5 Matching: Check and mate in a French-British merger
    6 Benchmarking: If it works at home, it’ll work anywhere
    7 Trust: A German-Japanese joint venture hits the wall
    Part III Organisational changes
    8 Stability: Danish corporate values put to the test in India
    9 Communication: A strategic change that came at a high cost
    10 Innovation: Reconciling professional cultures in project teams
    Part IV Social integration
    11 Ethics: Pioneering international recruitment in Finland
    12 Inclusion: Spanish public services attune to newcomers
    13 Motivation: Dutch sports coaches team up with immigrants
    14 Freedom
    Annex I: Explanation of the Model of Freedom
    Annex II: Culture Assessments Toolkit
    Annex III: Overview of contributors
    Annex IV: The Model of Freedom Association
  • Reviews (8,8 uit 4 reviews)
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    Remy Mols
    This book combines practicality with easy understanding. It incites readers to self-reflection and open-mindedness.

    Geplaatst door
    Waardeert het boek met een 8 uit 10

    Dr. Günther Böllert
    Managing Mindsets is a must for all managers in a multinational environment. The business cases are an eye-opener, and help to align management to different cultural, organisational, merger or post-merger situations.

    Geplaatst door
    Waardeert het boek met een 9 uit 10

    Dr. Jehad Al-Omari
    I am entirely cured from my disillusionment with the state of cross-cultural training. This book presses the right button on many issues from which classic cross-cultural theory shies away. Practitioners will feel at ease with its pragmatic approach.

    Geplaatst door
    Waardeert het boek met een 10 uit 10

    Strategy: Process, Content, Context
    The real-life examples get the reader thinking about how diverse international business cultures can be and what to do about it. But most of all, they get readers thinking about their own mindset – their own assumptions, biases and preconceptions. Engaging, inspiring and surprising. Enjoy! Dr. Ron Meyer, Professor of Corporate Strategy, TiasNimbas Business School, Tilburg, the Netherlands, co-author of

    Geplaatst door
    Waardeert het boek met een 8 uit 10

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An Austrian top manager (chapter two) is about to be transferred to St. Petersburg to lead a new subsidiary of his company. Knowing that his leadership style might deviate strongly from what the Russians are likely to prefer, he wants to be ‘culturally prepared’. The coaching process exposes his biggest challenge ahead: keeping patience.
A Scandinavian manager (chapter three) is about to lose his job in Singapore, where he is leading the IT department of the Asian division. His performance is highly criticised, both in the Scandinavian and Asian offices. It appears that his Asian colleagues have a hard time recognising any authority in this very ‘Nordic’ manager with his laid-back presiding style and his informal communication.
A young and ambitious Tanzanian woman (chapter four) feels stuck in her position of financial specialist in a Dutch construction company. She ‘burns the midnight oil’ to keep the understaffed department running, but this goes unnoticed by her boss and she is scorned by her colleagues. Jointly, coach and client disentangle where cultural aspects are at play and where personality comes in. ×