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My extra X

about my life with a chromosome disorder

Diana Divera • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    A chromosome test revealed that the author has an extra X chromosome. This is known as the Trisomy X syndrome. She now finally understands why she has always reacted so emotionally to things, the underlying cause of her poor self-image and so much more... So she has written her life story.

    'My Extra X' describes the constant perseverance and optimism as well as the strength that the author is able to obtain from humour, spirituality and being open to positive changes.

    'My Extra X' is the English translation of the 5th edition of her Dutch book, with a few extra items that relate to the things that have happened since publishing that 5th edition.

    Through her personal story, she hopes to reach many people who will recognise themselves in her story and – eventually – can learn from what she has to say. She hopes they will also begin to tell their own story and to share all their experiences about this relatively unknown syndrome.

    “This book will be a great help for anyone who needs a little help in life because of low self-esteem, a problem with allergies, who is very sensitive, who has problems sticking up for themselves or who finds it difficult to express themselves and their feelings. It will show you how to cope with your feelings and give you strength to get the most out of life.” (Review: Traysi Smith, translator).
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 145mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 144
    Uitgeverij : Diana Divera
    ISBN : 9789082087673
    Datum publicatie : 02-2015
  • Inhoudsopgave

    Finally – an explanation

    The family I grew up with

    More than 34 jobs

    Unrequited desire to have children

    Hanging on to my own strength

    My biggest hobby

    The power of music

    The power of spirituality

    The power of humour

    The power of perseverance

    The power of optimism

    My own list of symptoms
    (in alphabetical order)

    Bad at keeping up during sport

    Caring nature

    Dental problems

    Difficulties with dominant types

    Difficulties with expressing feelings

    Difficulties with making a summary

    Difficulties with putting things
    in perspective

    Easily tired

    Emotional vulnerability

    Impaired motor skills

    Lack of focus /
    Panic attacks

    Lower back pain /
    Tendency towards Scoliosis

    Lower muscle tension

    Menstruation problems

    Needing confirmation

    Neutral facial expression /
    Protruding jaw line

    Poor self-image

    Prone to allergies

    Prone to anaemia

    Psychosomatic complaints /
    Tendency to hyperventilate

    Sensitive to stress

    Sensory sensitivities

    Taller than average

    Uncomfortable in a group situation

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€ 19,00

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'Do I look all right? Will I annoy people through my behaviour? Do people still like me as much? And so on.

A lot of people who I am close to, who clearly want the best for me, often tell me that I needn't worry about these things. I'm fine just the way I am. And my behaviour is also fine - OK, I do come with an instructions leaflet, but who doesn't? My loved ones say those things to me and I should just accept it as the truth, I'm told.

I believe it for a few days; sometimes it only lasts for a few hours. It can even last a whole week. But then I take a torn for the worse again and I'm usually totally unaware of it. Otherwise I would just put myself back in the right direction again!

I’ve achieved so much in my life and dared to do things all on my own. In 2001, during an Assertiveness Training Course I was asked if I would write down all the positive things in my life. I have kept the folder with all of this in it and whenever I look at it, it is all still so true. I think it's beautiful!

Writing my poems, buying my apartment where I have lived for almost six years, taking five sailing trips all on my own, you name it. They were all big challenges and I have taken them on. I've always liked a bit of adventure!

I tend to suffer from having a poor self-image, for example, when someone is watching me as I’m doing something. I noticed this most when I was working as a Home Help in people’s homes. When washing the windows outside, it is quite normal that every now and then, people would watch what I was doing. I used to get really nervous when this happened, though less so with some clients than with others. I was worried that they ‘may be able to see what I might be doing wrong.’ And yet I knew full well that I was often complimented for my great work!

My perfectionism helped me in this, but at other times it could be a hindrance. Even with my Home Help work, when someone told me that something I had done was fine, I still had to finish it off to meet my own standard. Some people felt that I took far too long doing a certain task whilst others appreciated the fact that I finished things off properly, concentrating on the smallest of detail.' ×