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National Law & Validation (31 Oct 2020)

31 Oct 2020

Pete Pollard • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    ** This is status 31/10/20, which is the official version for EQE 2021.
    Exceptionally, due to the cancellation of EQE2020, the earlier version with obsolete legal texts valid on 31 Oct 19, may also be used to support answers for the Main Exam EQE 2021.

    Size: 506 pages - 160x230mm - 20mm thick (500g)
    This year, a larger font has been used for readabiliy, which has increased the length by about 30%..

    More details can be found here, including sample pages: fireballpatents.com/study-materials

    The EPO no longer provides a paper version of their National Law tables, preferring to keep
    their website up-to-date.
    For daily practice, some practitioners may prefer a paper version for the overview –
    however, details should always be checked on the EPO website or with the national office.
    For the EQE exam, it is essential to have details from the tables. For example, Di questions
    are regularly directed to translation requirements after grant and annuities.

    This version is based on the latest information from the EPO website. Tables I and VIII are
    less relevant, so they have been left out. An index and page numbers have been added, as
    well as validation information published in the OJEPO for Moldova, Morocco, Cambodia,
    Tunisia & Georgia.

    The EPC Contracting States, Extensions States and Validation States are covered. An overview and quick-reference is also provided showing their dates of accession to Paris Convention, EPC, PCT, the PCT national entry time limits, whether PCT national routes are closed and whether validation is automatic after grant.

    This book is based on the html pages and not on the official table pdf's. This improves
    readability when it is reduced to approx. A5 size. The order of the States in each table is determined by the html generator on the EPO website.

    New this year:
    • Georgia (GE) – validation agreement not yet in force, draft agreement included
    • Since 01/01/20, direct PCT filing in San Marino (SM) not allowed – EPO must be used
    • Since 01/01/20, direct PCT entry in San Marino (SM) not allowed – only via EP entry
    • Direct PCT entry in Italy (IT) allowed within 30m for PCT applns filed ≥ 01/07/20
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 160mm x 230mm
    Aantal pagina's : 506
    Uitgeverij : Fireball Patents
    ISBN : Niet bekend
    Datum publicatie : 10-2020
  • Inhoudsopgave
    Overview EPC STATES: Contracting, Validation, Extension
    A. Introduction
    B. Abbreviations

    I. National legal bases (omitted – less relevant, irrelevant for EQE)

    II. Filing of European Applications – Art. 75(1)(b) & (2)
    whether EP applns may be filed at national offices, and national security filings

    III.A - Rights Conferred by a European Application – Art. 93 & Art. 67
    whether provisional protection available, translation and/or communication requirements

    III.B - Translations for Obtaining Provisional Protection - Art. 67(3)
    language of translation required, fees, correction of translation

    IV. Translation Requirements after Grant - Art. 65 & London Agreement
    following grant, or amendment in opposition or limitation

    V. Authentic Text of a European Application or Patent - Art. 70
    whether translation or language of proceedings is authentic text
    whether good faith provisions apply after correction of translation

    VI.A - Payment of Patent Renewal Fees (Annuities) – Art. 141
    amounts and due dates for payment at national offices
    additional (grace) period, sanctions, possibility to apply for restitutio

    VI.B - Payment of Renewal Fees after Successful Petition for Review – Art. 112a(5)
    national provisions and requirements to be observed at national offices

    VII. Conversion into National Applications of European Applications or Patents
    possible for some refused / deemed withdrawn EP applns or revoked patents
    whether national security requires first filing at national offices

    VIII. Payment of National Fees (omitted – less relevant, irrelevant for EQE)

    IX. Registering a Transfer or Right (licence etc.) in National Registers
    whether transfer after grant by EPO – R.85 & R.22 - is recognized, national regulations

    X. Miscellaneous
    national law rules for Double Patenting (EP & national applns) – Art. 139(3)
    extent of National Territories in which EP patents have effect – Art. 168(1)

    XI. OJ 2016, A67 – Validating EP Patents in Moldova (MD) – ≥ 1 Nov 15
    • Agreement
    • Flowcharts – Euro-direct & Euro-PCT
    XII. OJ 2016, A5 – Validating EP Patents in Morocco (MA) - ≥ 1 Mar 15
    • Agreement
    • Flowcharts – Euro-direct & Euro-PCT
    XIII. OJ 2018, A16 – Validating EP Patents in Cambodia (KH) – ≥ 1 Mar 18
    XIV. OJ 2017, A85 – Validating EP Patents in Tunisia (TN) – ≥ 1 Dec 17
    XV. OJ 20yy, ??? – Validating EP Patents in Georgia (GE) – not yet in force
    • Draft Agreement CA/23/19
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More details can be found here, including sample pages: fireballpatents.com/study-materials ×