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  • Cover Complete PCT Applicant's Guide
    Complete PCT Applicant's Guide
  • Cover Indexed EPO Guidelines
    Indexed EPO Guidelines

PCT Refs (2 of 2) for EQE 2019 - Part 2 Annexes

(31 Oct 2018)

Pete Pollard • Boek • paperback

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    ** Note (17/01/19): the thin 50g paper is available for new orders

    This book is divided in 2 parts - each must each be added to your basket separately.
    Part I - References 21cm x 14.5cm x 1.5cm 290g
    Part II - Annexes 21cm x 14.5cm x 2cm 455g

    Every year, WIPO produces a printable version of the complete Applicants Guide, including all annexes, specifically for the Pre- and Main Exams. The current version can be found here. But it is 1980 pages and much of it will never be required at the exam.

    I have produced this abbreviated & improved version to lighten the load and to save a few trees.Using Regulations, past papers and comments from Examination Committees, I have limited it to adequately cover what you may need. In addition, I have added many useful overviews from the WIPO & EPO websites which can speed up answering questions during the exam.

    Most of the contents are sourced from WIPO/EPO websites and Official Journal, and no copyright is claimed for these parts.
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    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 145mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 550
    Uitgeverij : Fireball Patents
    ISBN : Niet bekend
    Datum publicatie : 10-2018
  • Inhoudsopgave
    Part II: Annexes
    1. PCT states covered fully in Part II
    with: Overview of competent ISA’s for all RO’s
    15 most used RO’s in 2017 & 15 most used DO/EO’s in 2016 (WIPO statistics)
    all EPC contracting states, extension & validation states (in force)
    all ISA’s, SISA’s, IPEA’s, all Intergovernmental Organizations, all regional treaties
    2. PCT states NOT COVERED in Part II
    Note that Part I contains general info about all PCT states, and Part I-20 contains an
    overview of national entry deadlines (30, 31 or 32 m) for all states
    3. ANNEX B: Information on selected States and Organizations
    with: EP: General information on EPO
    Agreement EPO-WIPO (1/4/18) – OJ 2017, A115 amended
    IB: General information on IB
    JP: General information on JP
    US: General information on US
    4. ANNEX C: Selected RO’s
    with: EP: EPO as RO
    IB: IB as RO
    Direct filing at IB as RO
    JP: JP as RO
    US: US as RO
    5. ANNEX D: All ISA’s
    with: EP: EPO as ISA
    JP: JP as ISA
    US: US as ISA
    6. ANNEX SISA: All SISA’s (NOTE: From 1 Jul 17, 22m to request search)
    with: EP: EPO as SISA
    EPO acting as SISA – OJ 2010, 316
    7. ANNEX E: All IPEA’s
    with: EP: EPO as IPEA
    EPO policy for issuing 2nd WO as IPEA - OJ 2011, 532
    JP: JP as IPEA
    US: US as IPEA
    8. Summaries of national entry requirements for SELECTED DO/EO’s
    with: CN: Summary
    EP: Summary
    JP: Summary
    KR: Summary
    US: Summary
    9. Complete National Chapters for IP5 (amended by Pete Pollard)
    9.1 CN (no forms, no fees)
    9.2 EP (all forms and fees)
    with: EP: EPO fees relevant for national (regional) entry
    EP: Form 1200: Entry into EP regional phase
    EP: Notes on Form 1200
    9.3 JP (no forms, no fees)
    9.4 KR (no forms, no fees)
    9.5 US (no forms, no fees)
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€ 25,00

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Changes compared to last year:

- Different front covers, and divided into two books instead of three
- AG-IP & AG-NP are included next to each other in same part (Part I)
- Added Detailed Table of Contents for AG-IP and AG-NP with page numbers and overview of major amendments
- Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Pilots section covers all states
- EPO Fees for International Applications moved from National Chapter to Part I
- EPC states moved from National Chapter to Part I
- PCT-Direct (both PCT general notes and EPO specific instructions) added to Part I
- New WIPO-EPO agreement – OJ 2017, A115 included
- Swaziland(SZ) is now called Eswatini (SZ)
- From 1 Apr 2018, BE no longer operates as RO (except for security applications)
- Tunesia (1 Dec 2017) & Cambodia (1 Mar 2018) = EPC validation states, so covered in full ×