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The Best Of Sittard

A Journey Through The Lens

Libor Bednarik • Boek • hardback

  • Samenvatting
    Have You Seen These Images Of Sittard?

    "Discover The Hidden Treasure Of The Most Beautiful Places In Sittard Uncovered In This Fascinating Book...

    Dear friend,

    Are you interested to see stunning images of Sittard? If so, you may be interested in my new book I have just published.

    The book is filled with beautiful images from places on Kollenberg, including the famous Sint Rosa Chapel that will easily take your breath away.

    Then... there are sunset and sunrise images of the secret gardens and historical sights that look gorgeous in the golden light... (carefully picked by hundreds of fans following my photography project.)

    On the page 27-28 is a panorama photo from Kollenberg with a gravel road stretching far into the distance. The Sun is shining through the branches of the trees. The clouds are forming into a "V"shape. You can tell that the photo was taken in January. There is a thin layer of snow covering the fields. I can clearly remember the sound of the frozen ground when I walked back home. I like that photo so much that I couldn't help it to put it on both pages.

    But this of course isn't the only photo I think will blow you away... If you go to the page 30, you'll find another amazing photo I took in Autumn. It is a shot from under the tree. I looked up and immediately saw something I've never seen before.

    There were branches spreading to different directions, wild and beautiful. Leaves partly golden but mostly red, shining in the golden sunlight. It was a stunning moment I managed to capture in a single photo.

    This morning I said to myself, it is a pity that you can't smell the air or feel the energy from the tree just by looking at the photo... but now... I'm thinking it's probably better, otherwise you'll be glued to this image all day long, ignoring all the others in the book.

    There is a quote from John Donne I'm really fascinated about, which goes like this...

    "No spring not summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face."

    I can't agree more... and that's why most of the images in this book were taken when the nature gave it's best.


    I wish I could give you this book for free and talk with you about these magical moments around the table, but that's not realistic. Instead, I've got a better idea.

    I want you to purchase this one-of-a-kind book and see how well you can connect with these images. Perhaps they'll help you unleash wonderful memories from the time when you grew up in Sittard, or bring you memories from significant days like your birthday, your engagement party, your marriage, or when you bought a new house, or brought new life into the world, or just experienced a random sunny day... or the less significant days like when you got totally drunk and slept on the bench near by a place I photographed...

    Whatever it is, I want you to have this book because I believe it will remind you how beautiful Sittard really is, no matter if you live in Sittard or anywhere else in the world.

    I think you'll be proud to show this book to your friends too, especially to your closest friends but also to those who come visit you once in awhile.

    Perhaps they will love this book same as you do...

    Who knows...


    All the best,

    Libor Bednarik
    The Czech photographer currently living in Sittard, Netherlands
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    Datum publicatie : 11-2017
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