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The String Quartet

Jos Langens • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    Have you ever thought about how you as a human being are part of a species that makes the fate of all other living things entirely subservient to its own needs and uses its fellow inhabitants purely to meet those needs?

    What would happen if that were to change? What would happen if people chose to exchange that which makes them human for something else? That’s what seems to be happening in “The String Quartet”.

    A string of seemingly inexplicable events gradually reveals how our anthropocentric way of life is about to be fundamentally and irrevocably changed. Classical string quartet music plays a central role in these events. How do these situations arise, and what is the driving force behind the sometimes irrational choices people make – or seem to make – of their own free will?

    The events described in The String Quartet and the resulting choices people make invite you as a reader to reflect on your own situation and how you lead your life. What choices have you made, and what choices will you make in the future?

    And how sure are you that those choices are yours?
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 125mm x 200mm
    Aantal pagina's : 284
    Uitgeverij : Jos Langens
    ISBN : 9789464431773
    Datum publicatie : 12-2020
  • Inhoudsopgave
    Part I 6
    Prologue 7
    1. The gas station 9
    2. First encounters 19
    3. The upset 50
    4. The retreat 54
    5. The reunion 60
    6. Saturday morning 66
    7. At the inn 68
    8. The surprise 79
    9. Another surprise 84
    10. Spa weekend 90
    11. Taking the offensive 94
    12. Surrender 106
    Part II 114
    13. The encounter 115
    14. Relocation 155
    15. Interlude 1 160
    16. Interlude 2 161
    17. The castle concert 162
    18. Kurhaus concert 178
    19. Fame and shame 189
    20. The concert (english church) 191
    21. Celebration (?) 210
    Part III 218
    22. Amersfoort zoo 219
    23. The meeting 222
    24. Buster 239
    25. The new world 257
    26. All’s well that ends well 276
    Epilogue 280
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€ 19,67

niet beschikbaar

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Alexander Glazunov - Elegy for String Quartet, opus 105 (1928)

He tried to open his eyes. They felt sticky. He tried to pull them
up with his eyebrows. Did he have them open and was it pitch black, or
did he still have them closed because his eyelids were stuck together?
He tried looking left and right and rolling his eyes, but all he could see
was black. At least, assuming his eyes were open. He listened carefully.
Complete silence. He couldn’t hear a thing. Maybe there was something
wrong with his ears. Maybe he was completely deaf! He suddenly felt
overcome by an intense fear. Am I still alive? Am I dead? The thought
flashed through his mind. Wait, can I move? If I can move, then I’m
probably still alive, he thought. He carefully tried to move his fingers... ×