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Your Choice: Living Alive or Living Dead

Pauline Laumans • Boek • paperback

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    Daily unconscious issues you no longer give thought to, have often an interfering influence. You believe they are good, while you no longer realize how damaging or influencing they are. Pauline lifts the masks of keeping up appearances and reveals interfering subjects. It enables you to recognize them and make choices that are right for you.

    Endorsements: Steve Rother, Hermann Lammert and a wish from Paul van Vliet

    This book is about

    The book offers the possibility to recognize masks and faces that obstruct living alive or give a setback. This book allows you to choose. Many issues are known, but men does not act on it! This book gives insight and enhances the ability to overcome fear. Thus it allows you to continue in this life ánd future lives. You then continue on the evolutionary path called Life.

    What makes this book unique?

    It is the first book that gives comprehensive overview of all kinds of interfering daily issues. Issues that obstruct or interfere Life as we tend to by contaminating identifications to poison ourselves, to degenerate ourselves as human species or to allow other entities to occupy our body. Our vitality is decreasing, mental and physical illnesses increases. It makes it difficult to adapt or survive as a human species to changing circumstances. Circumstances we only see as the damage has occurred already for many years.
    After reading the book, you can make more informed choices. The quality of life and happiness increases. You can now choose to step out of vicious circles. You stop with “garbage in, garbage out” .


    "You have a lot of modality, a lot of energy work that you have that will be teaching. Your books will open a lot of doors".
    Steve Rother (founder Lightworker / Beacons of Light in the U.S.A. and established author).

    "Thanks for your remarkable and recognizable life story about how a human becomes a deep and real living human. You are a very wise and mature lady. That is nice for those persons that you encounter".
    Teacher Hermann Lammert (Psycho-social education Nijmegen NL).

    and a wish

    "Good luck with your particular work"
    Paul van Vliet (Unicef Embassador)
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    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 175mm x 245mm
    Aantal pagina's : 234
    Uitgeverij : Niet bekend
    ISBN : 9789081623315
    Datum publicatie : 09-2011
  • Inhoudsopgave
    1. The here and now
         The picture book
    2. Awareness on your Path
         The path of life
         Conscious awareness
    3. Balancing the Energy
         What means the word Energy?
         The School of Balance on Earth
         The Birthrights of Us Children
         Unaware / Impassive / Insensitive
         Slightly Aware / Passive / Slightly Sensitive 
         Aware / Active /Really Sensitive
    4. Kind of Obstructions on our Path
         The Denial of Our Inner Child
         Obstruction by Emotions
         Obstruction by Fortification of Trembling 
         Obstruction by Insufficient Incarnation
         Obstruction by Energy
         Obstruction by Social Influence
         Obstruction by Entities
         Obstruction by Care-Takers 
         Birthright to Heal Yourself
    5. Choices to Make
    Food and Beverage
         Functional Food and Beverages
         Pitfalls we believe in
         The food and beverage industry 
         The Influence of Healthy or Unhealthy Substances
         Food Digestion
         The Learning Process
         Energetic Value of Food
         The Process and Purpose of Dying
         Obstructions when Dying
         Pain Management
         Terminal Care
         The Role of Medics
         The Role of Others in the Process
         Organ Donation
         Motivations for Donor ship
         Brain dead or death 
         Interferences due to Transplantation
         Genetic Modification
         Tissue Culture
         Surviving or Extending
         What is Cloning? 
         Targets of Cloning Techniques
         Cloning Technique
         Mother Nature and Cloning
         Experiments with Human Embryos
         Natural Medicines
         Processed Natural Medicines
         Artificial Medicines
         Aware Obstruction
         Unaware Obstruction
         The Right Professional for your Conscious Level
         Sources of Thoughts
         Kind of Radiation
         Radiation and Nature
         Different Types of Radioactivity
         The Impact on the Environment 
         Balancing Radiation
    Impact of the Society
         The Cyclical Circle
         A Deceptive Mask
         Haughtiness of Men
         Human Dignity 
         Sense of Superiority
         The Impact of Suppression and Abuse
         The Super Ego and Egocentric behavior
         Balanced Society
         Results of balancing the identifications:
    6. A Spiritual Vision
         Out of Balance
         Regaining Balance
         Daily Life
         Energetic Flow or Stress
    7. Ethical Issues
         What do Ethics mean?
         Ethical Roadmap
    8. The Process of Illness and Death
         The sense and nonsense about illness
         Definitions of Illness 
         Several Opinions
         The Dying Process
    9. Issues on Life and Death
         Different Perspectives on Death
         Non Living
    10. Laws of Nature
         Laws of Nature
         Conscious Choices
    Who Is Pauline Laumans?

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When you have insufficient force, not only does society walk over you, but you are also wiped out, energetically. For example, you notice this with victims of incest or rape. Another person has forced himself on to them, not only forcing his energies on them but wiping out their energy as well. Afterwards when these victims do not regain control, they remain vulnerable and remain the victim. Thus, others continue their actions that have impact on the flow of energy. That is why you feel dirty or cold as these parts are occupied by other entities.
It even might result in a multiple personality disorder. A more visible example is the Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) in which a person hardly occupies the body and alter egos, take over. Another example is the Bipolar Dis-order, in which at one moment a person feels victimized, depressed due to past issues and suddenly has sufficient energy to carry the whole world when he comes to the present. Their energy is clearly imbalanced.

You may ask, “What enables energies to take over?” This phenomenon is encouraged by using drugs, consuming too much coffee, black tea, or alcohol, and even strug-gling with an addiction to sugar. Through these sub-stances, you have less ownership of your body. The longer you use them and the more you are addicted to them, the more your soul and body are unlinked. You are no longer the person you think you are. The energy of others is unobstructed. Your energy is obstructed and you start acting conform the energy of other entities. Actions you might regret later when you remember them.
Sometimes you are still polluted with energy of your past lives. As you develop yourself, layer-by-layer, you discover some old energy that makes you forceless. When you discover this energy, you need to look at the reflection. Next, pull out this energy with all its roots (see exercises in my book “Freedom in Relationships”)

Impact of the Society

What is the impact of society on our existence? What suppressing forces use society? What interest groups have influence? Do you have to put on a mask to become accepted by society? What are the pitfalls of society? What is the impact of society to your path of life? What is the result of repeated behavior?

The Cyclical Circle

Society has repeatedly denied many aspects of it and has continued for centuries that specific way. They have not wanted to learn from their past, their mistakes or from history. Their impossibility or even refusal to forgive mistakes and their impossibility to embrace and love other persons caused this. Love is not present where man and woman are still suffering from contaminated identifications. Social control and social acceptance have a huge impact on us. Those who dare to think or act in a different way than the group become suppressed, bawled out or jeered. The Super Ego of those who suffer from contaminated identifications leaves no room for those who develop their individual Self as Holy Books claims is needed. Only some individuals break through these barriers of the Super Ego.

Some of the most cherished social institutions are rooted in aggression and domination. Legal and constitutional systems are often the succeeding transformation of a deep-rooted urge for revenge. This urge for revenge is kept behind a mask and between acceptable borders. Preservation of order is hardly any more than brutal force from a government, resulting in more laws and more constrictions of personal freedom and personal choices. Society is brainwashed slowly, indoctrinated, blindfolded and deafened, and simply follows the institution behind the masquerade.

Society applauds vociferously when some persons develop or discover (scientific) things that offer more control over life or nature. Scientific used to be an experiment that offered new insights and offered an ordered totality of complete knowledge of a subject. Such a person was hungry for the unknown, discovered the unknown and made it public. It can be an ordinary person in the street who has such a high level of knowledge. At present, there is hardly any real science left.

For centuries, scientific institutes forced students to think and investigate in a specific way. They excluded other ways of thinking and knowing and did not even investigate them. You may then question if this is scientific! Only after many years or centuries when a genius has forced a breakthrough, they may accept it. Some well-known geniuses of the past were Galileo and Einstein. Normally, everyone who deviates from society with his or her orthodoxy is stigmatized by scientists as a fool, a charlatan or hallucinant, or is made ridiculous and society does not even investigate their experiments or insights. Only when most professors in the academic world agree, they accept it after many decades or centuries.

Do they fear the fact that a normal average person is able to perform scientific research? Is it out of fear that they have trouble discovering something yet unknown? Do scientists fear they lack some knowledge or do they fear their hierarchical position? Is it because of their haughtiness that they do not open up to discover the unknown, but just neglect it? Not opening up to discover the truth is happening too often.

You can hardly call present science real science anymore. Humans predict how to investigate and to what the results must be. They prescribe that persons who have been studying at a university or are lecturing at a university are the only persons worthy to experiment. They think other people do not have enough intellect to perform a truth-based investigation.

Many fields of study have nothing to do with the meaning of science anymore. They just investigate to a desired and already known answer. Industry or government often sponsors their investigations. They investigate according to specific rules, leaving no other path open. They limit meaningful thoughts coming out of serendipity. Science is not open to any other ways of insights. What has happened that science hardly is executed nowadays? Have fear and the influence of money brought present science to something of undignified investigation? Why is science not open or hardly open to investigations of the real, unknown world?
History teaches us that by being open, following not the paved path but rather walking the unconventional paths through life, helps to discover the unknown and execute real science. Many persons who have followed such paths are not called scientific by present society. However, if the group of followers is large enough and the idea is becoming custom, scientists start to investigate it eventually. Then they claim to have discovered it and get the credit.

Most present scientists think in a one or two dimensional-thinking pattern and from that limited pattern determine what is good for others. They are not allowed to think out of the box. The government, trade, industries and the financial economic rules of this society suppress these scientists because they want to have major influence on how their money is spent. Even the pressure of their own scientific groups, their own egocentrism and their longing for power, esteem and money make them prisoners of their own attitude. The government or industries because of economic benefits or because of war or the defense systems pay them.
Many schools, universities and research centers are sponsored by well-known global enterprises. The effect is often a one-dimensional outcome, because of the dollar signs ($$$) in their eyes or because of their egocentrism. They calculate how much they win by trampling down others. They calculate how to influence and infiltrate companies in order to have their say or their kind of persons as employees.

Only seldom is there a common, altruistic, interest for all on earth. Seldom are they modest. Even when it is of benefit to the world, they execute their calculated beha-vior because of their egocentrism, their regards or their profits in the short or long term.

Most real wise men get no credit at all for their vision or work.

In the past, we had geniuses who had an intuitive ap-proach. Intuition means a direct understanding of the truth, also called higher inner knowledge or communicating with essence. Because it was intuitive in nature, it was a clear vision about the existence of all. They constructed things or made things happen we now cannot even copy nowadays. They knew things we are re-discovering again. In past times, it was common to sense energy and work with energy fields. Nowadays, we, once more, have a hard time discovering and working with energy or energy fields. We now have to give in to instruments invented “scientifically” that only partially explain or show that which is revealed when reading energy, when reading “What Is”.

It results in the fact that most scientists take part in (sometimes undesired or unconscious) destructive processes with respect to the ecosystem of earth and its inhabitants.
In the medical world, it means that what can be accom-plished has to be accomplished without regards to individual wants or needs. Ethical rules are overstretched to allow new methods without regarding the impact to men and the world. They just follow through on the short term. Let the patient live for a couple of days or years longer, whatever the circumstances for such a patient. Fear of death is the reason that the patient allows it. Many patients no longer can make a free and objective choice. They are forced to follow the directions of the insurance company or the doctor. The egocentrism of the doctor is the reason he proceeds. In reality, both fear the meaning of real life.

We consume more than we produce. We take but do not give. We demand a lot of nature, but what do we give in return? There is no more balance between taking and giving. Resources on earth become or even are exhausted. We do not consider the outcome, as we demand superfluous means today. It is a repetition of the story of the Bible. It is also mentioned in the well-known story of “The Tragedy of the Commons”. This story is about the first men who had an equal share in land and cattle. They were living peacefully together with enough abundance for each. Then, one of them thought, “What if I have two sheep instead of one? I can have more than my neighbor”. Therefore, he had two sheep, as he wanted to be mightier than his neighbor was. It resulted in others who wanted to have more than abundance as well. Therefore, jealousy, suppression, abuse and mastery over others developed due to egocentrism. That they set about in the wrong way by this behavior impresses only a few.

Many persons like to be led by fear, shame, suppression or power. For many persons it seems easier to be depen-dent, a victim or a manipulated person, as then they get attention and others pity them. Then they do not have to think or act themselves. They refuse an active role in their own life. It seems easier for them to shift off the responsibility to another person.

Most of us have not yet learned to be held responsible for our actions. Instead, we blame others or circumstances. We think that by not developing our faculties, remaining silent, and not take action when life demands action is an easier way to survive these rough periods. In fact, it is a fatalistic pattern, as we do not openly face what is in front of us. Not willing to face what is in front results in more obstruction on the path of life. Previous obstructions are not solved and thus obstructions cumulate.

A Deceptive Mask

Because of social acceptance, the culture in the West is increasingly based on material wellness. Humans are seeing blind. They are led by the largest and most uttered words and expressions, without valuing their own knowledge and opinions. Many have lost the ability to sense if something is right or not. As a chicken without a head, they walk uniformly behind today’s demagogues (dictators in disguise) or the most catching person. Has the mass hypnosis of Hitler continued almost everywhere and in all levels?
These persons soon cling to whatever they notice most. The suppressing force understands perfectly how to make use of it. They influence the macho figures in society and soon others follow. Soon, a massive crowd is using their ideas or products. Where has the critical and independent thinking of the individual gone?
Possibly, even you behave as a herd animal and just fol-low Mister X or Miss Y. Even you and I easily fall for the ideas and judgment of the group. The impact of the power of a group is enormous. Only some individuals dare to show another side to these suppressions.

While showing another side or another possibility you raise your head above the crowd. The reaction of the group is to cut your head off and disregard you. It is the ancient story of “Killing the Messenger”. The group is not even able to hear your side of the story, your perspective. They conceived the opinion “If you are not with me, you are my enemy”. As you are the enemy of “the group,” you get only limited time to speak or no time at all. They wipe you under the carpet and ignore you. “The group” wants every other acting person to behave as they do, as that is the only perspective they understand mentally. “The group” is not open to see other perspectives, other sides of the truth and thus they suppress all others.

“The group” or the society teaches you to put on a mask if you want to survive. The mask is one of being loved and feeling cherished, instead of loving yourself and life. The mask is one of self-pity or showing fake love to others, instead of learning to love yourself first before you truly can start loving others.
The mask can be one of being popular, having success or being a celebrity. Real success, however, is realizing yourself and being linked with your conscious and the universal consciousness. Real success is focused on yourself and society from the perspective of inner truth, instead of narcistic behavior.

The mask of obtaining wisdom gives you the power to control and influence others. Appearances are deceptive, as they appear to be self-sacrificing or they self-justify their acts. They cannot show their inner Self that has ob-tained wisdom by facing all perspectives of life and have internalized those insights, thus mastering the issues of life. Those who have become less by letting go of all the false ideas and impressions of others have learned to face reality of life. They no longer need to put a mask on or have a hidden agenda. Their wisdom and knowledge is beyond every psychological model. They can no longer be placed in a pigeonhole.

When you look into history, you notice that it is a repeat-ing story. Have we then not learned anything from histo-ry? Have we not learned that by means of social control we suppress and enslave? Have we not learned from his-tory that we become the victims of the persons in (auto-cracy) command?

Haughtiness of Men

Society today has given autocrats the air that only they know the values and norms. They do so, as they believe in their egocentric thinking process. Their Super Ego’s condemn every other way of thinking. They do so without having knowledge of the meaning or impact of other ways of life or other life forms. To change another person is a form of annihilation of others. To change another person purposely is as bad as Genocide. We condemn Genocide, but we still do not condemn annihilation of our own uniqueness.
To force others to change into your opinion of how they should think and act, arise from the fact that you still cannot accept yourself and your learning process in life. Thus, you cannot accept that others are individuals themselves and have their own learning path in life and their own way of expressing themselves in life.
It seems that haughtiness makes them act this way. Haughtiness makes us act as if we alone are God.