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Zem, or the Skill to Catch a Killer

Joop Wassenaar • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    The Ulvila Killing, on the first of December 2006 in a suburb of the Finnish town of Pori, is the most famous 'cold case' in the country's history of crime.

    In 'Zem, or the Skill to Catch a Killer', this bizar event is seen from a new perspective: as being part of the political developments of those days.

    The title refers to an episode of Twin Peaks, with Zen turning into Zem and the scenery from the American Far West to a remote corner of Northern Europe. But the people in this book are subject to the same Lynchian sense of awe and threat...
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 155mm x 220mm
    Aantal pagina's : 117
    Uitgeverij : To&From;
    ISBN : 9789527342107
    Datum publicatie : 09-2020
  • Inhoudsopgave
    Contents 05

    Prelude: Lozinvarae 07

    Part One: Undercover 09

    1 – 'Today, We're Going to Focus on the J's' 11
    2 – The Soundmaking Shoe Seller 13
    3 – Let's Hop into Anton Café 15
    4 – What's in a Name 17
    5 – First Meeting 19
    6 – Raise Your Eyebrows Twice 21
    7 – The German Connection 23
    8 – Joining the Firm 25
    9 – A Day at Pori Jazz 27

    Part Two: JJ and his Gang 31

    10 –Harri (Before He Became Dirty) 33
    11 –A Mouthfull of Taste 35
    12– A Nice Stroll in the Woods 37
    13– The War on Drugs 39
    14 –Student Lauri Hits the Road 41
    15 –Silently Marching for Fame 43
    16 –Bob the Builder 45
    17 –Mister Nice Guy 49
    18 –A Coup d'Etat 51

    Part Three: JJ and AA 55

    19 –Climbing the Olympus 57
    20 –Ulvila, December 1st 2006 59
    21 –Why a Setup 61
    22 –JJ and AA, in Daily Portions 63
    23 –A Very Bad Trip 65

    Part Four: Common Sense 67

    24 –Common Sense 69
    25 –Hoop and Unna Hollander 71
    26 –Minna Cunt! Minna Cunt! 73
    27–We All Live in a Workers’ Paradise 75
    28–Ol’ Vee 77
    29–Black Butterflies 79
    30–A Finn Will Always Win 81

    Part Five: The Skill to Catch a Killer 85

    31–The Skill to Catch a Killer 87
    32–Light and Truth 89
    33– A Knock-Out in the Very First Round 93
    34– Hoop in Days of Desperation 97
    35– ’A Pretty Threatening Column’ 99
    36– Psycho Killer 101

    Part Six: Do You Have a Reum 103

    37– But the Best Thing of All is the Sound 105
    38– Götterdämmerung 107
    39– Water! Water! 109
    40– Do You Have a Reum 111
    41– The Terrorist´s Phone Number 113
    42– Ending Up with Neil Hardwick 115

    Acknowledgements, notes and links 117
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€ 16,95

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The Twin Peaks in my story is called Pori. It is a harbour town at the southwestern coast of Finland, with about a hundred thousand inhabitants.

Pori suffers from the same fate as the other Finnish towns: in a country so scarcely populated, the phenomenon 'town' is unknown. Finns are a bunch of only five million, sharing an area half the size of France. And they are eager to avoid each other. In a place such as Pori this means that people go to work there, but tend to live in its suburbs or in the countryside around it. The medieval town centre has been wasted by building straight roads for all this traffic. It also means that after six o'clock in the evening the area is empty, except for the tattood and bald youngsters who joyride old American vehicles around the market square.

Let us hop into Anton Café, on the west side of this market square. ×