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Turn More Prospects into Clients

73 salesdoctor advices to increase your conversion rate

salesdoctor uk/us • ebook • epub

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    It was at the early age of fifteen that I started my then part-time career as speaker, salesman and entertainer at van Linschoten’s Bakery in the De Hoogstraat in Rotterdam. At the time I had no idea that from then on the sales profession would mark my life. Now, forty years later I share my experience and knowledge with tens of thousands of people around the world. All in the hope of them learning from me and of them further developing the sales profession. Not all this knowledge is my own. Training and instruction by teachers, experts in their field and scientists have helped me become who I am and know what I know. In those forty years I educated and improved myself at well-established, renowned institutes and many lesser-known, yet equally fine organisations.

    What I am about to share with you is original and authentic. For what I give is the sum of all my learning and forty years of sales experience. This knowledge has led to daily sales(t)wits on Twitter and among other things this ebook. With the intention to inspire people and to point them in the right direction. Many of my own pitfalls are discussed there so you don’t make the same mistakes. My advice isn’t merely theoretical, but proven in real life and ready to apply. Anyone who has ever learned from or worked in the sales profession will surely recognize the advice given.

    The 73 sales(t)wits in this ebook are about the conversion of prospects into clients. Each one with an explanation or example. The ebook does not claim to be complete, but I am certain that if you put my tips to use, you will turn more prospects into clients.  

    Do not hesitate to debate with me or to send me additional remarks. Just email me at salesdoctor I also am still young enough to learn. Actually I learn from other people’s remarks every day. 

    I wish you much pleasure in reading this ebook and lots of success afterwards in converting old and new prospects into new clients!


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    Index Preface. Approaching prospects is harder than you think. Make an efficient job of it. You need to grasp this. What you need to know before you start talking. Now you’re talking. Dos and don’ts in conversation. Dealing with interaction. This is your prospect’s angle. Conversation is only the beginning. Sometimes it’s the small things that work in your favour. No doesn’t necessarily mean no. Things aren’t always as they seem. Last but not least.

    Or would you rather go to the index according to the MCM P CMC diagram?

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Approaching prospects is harder than you may think.

So you’ve made a list of prospects and have just decided to approach them? Obviously you decide to pick up the phone and start phoning. If you’re lucky, you’ll speak to someone and if you’re very lucky that someone is also the person you’re looking for. If this person has enough time, you may even be allowed to ask a question! Subsequently, the answer to your question whether the prospect wants to discuss your offer will be: “No thank you, we’re really not interested...”

Depressing, for of course you know better. Otherwise this organisation wouldn’t be on your list of prospects. Don’t wonder what’s the matter, but consider this…

(08) When a prospect says he’s not interested, that’s most probably due to the fact you weren’t able to interest him! ⇐

Every prospect, however grumpy, is interested in matters that will benefit him or his business in the field of cost reduction or turnover growth. To attract his attention, you’ll have to show him that further contact with you will benefit him. Also, the more precise you can be, the more precise his interest will be! So it’s preferable to say: “Mr. Johnson, I guarantee you that after my visit you will know how to spend 1000 Euros less on office accessories and furthermore how you will achieve a time reduction for your secretaries of at least 2 hours a week per secretary.” Instead of: “Mr. Johnson our online supply system will save you lots of money and time.” That’s because... 

(09) Only when you offer something extra will a prospect be interested in you. What you actually deliver is less important. ⇐

Promising or guaranteeing something is one thing, but you won’t be going anywhere if it appears your prospect doesn’t believe you after your visit. Worse than that, don’t count on going back to this prospect for the time being! So, you’ll have to prove to your prospects that you are very knowledgeable. Not just of your own products, but also of your prospects’ products and their lines of business. Only then will you be able to serve prospects as a true advisor and convince them you’re right. Besides that, you won’t be viewed as an advisor when you have the word consultant on your business card, but when you provide valid reasons that help your prospect along...

(30) Consultative selling is what you’re into when prospects have even more valid purchase motives after a conversation. ⇐ • I found this video on YouTube in which Keith Rosen really hits the nail on the head.       How to capture a prospect's proposal ×