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A day in the life of Klaas Ruiter, husband, father and accountant

Jan Wietsma • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    Jan Wietsma’s Klaas Ruiter saga is a glimpse into the future. Things could be thisway in four years’ time. The core of what Jan describes is already partly visible. Jan’s merit is that he extrapolates from the developments he’s already seen into the not so distant future in a playful, accessible way. Let’s see how it all turns out. The use of technology is progressing ever further. Our communication has become more and more digitally based. It doesn’t make a difference if you send someone a Whatsapp, a text or whether you chat via Apple’s Facetime function. In 2017, administrative work will have definitively evaporated; it’s now already fully underway.
    Behavior and attitude play a major role in the control of accountants, but also in the match the accountant must make with his SME clients. There is pressure on prices. This can mean one of two things: the accountant used simply to earn too much, or the market has the accountant “in the squeezes”; in any case, there is no shortage of accountants. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Jan sketches a day that could easily depict the reality of 2017. Some offices are already closer to this reality than others. In my opinion, the saga is more than just entertainment. It points to a way that’s partially digital, partially customer-oriented and partially about the knowledge and skills an office should always have and about the personal qualities an accountant should possess.
    Frans Heitling
    Editor in Chief Accountancynieuws
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 145mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 58
    Uitgeverij : Coolfacts B.V.
    ISBN : Niet bekend
    Datum publicatie : 05-2014
  • Inhoudsopgave
    1 Klaas Ruiter .
    2 Crisis in Accountancy
    3 Software Faster than the Professional
    4 The Conference Call
    5 A Quick Chat with Colleagues
    6 What Does MKB Entrepreneur Isabella Dome Think of Klaas Ruiter?
    7 SME Entrepreneur Isabella Dome and Klaas Ruiter Share the Same
    8 Round Table Discussion
    9 AuditExpertiseCentrum
    10 The Accountant Unveiled
    11 Wout Muis, Banker
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€ 19,95

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After eating, Klaas takes a nap on the couch. Afterwards, he plays
squash with a friend. “You gonna hang around for a bit?” “Can’t, I’ve
got a Skype session at 21.30; we’ll grab a drink next time”.
Just after 21.30 the account manager signs into Skype.
“Happy New Year!”
“You too, what can I help you with?”
“It’s about Jansen Transport, we received a signal they’ve got a cash
flow problem. Do you know what is going on?”
Klaas opens his client app and sees that Jansen Transport is
categorized under the red bar graph.
“I can also see their cash flow problem here. I just spoke with Jansen
this week. What strikes me as odd is that he’s particularly behind with
“Maybe it’s because of the holidays?”
“I’ll discuss it with him.”
“Alright, but it shouldn’t take too long otherwise he won’t be able to
take advantage of the favorable interest rate conditions.”
“I understand. How can I help you?”
“Could you provide a statement about the figures as of October 30 in
which you’ve established that the debtor and creditor status is
displayed correctly?”
“I’ll see what I can do for you.”
“When do you need an answer?”
“The beginning of next week is fine.”
“Alright, have a nice night.”
“Same to you.” ×