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Alien Terra

What aliens do not want you to know

George Philip Birney • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    This is amongst the hardest sci-fi you can get, because it is real, even surreal. This book is the story after my first UFO sighting in France. It all started with the subject of Blue Water Craft, initiated by an Op from the ultra secret Ad Vitam Aeternam faction. Now exposing the Aliens secret bases, as well as many other top secret hidden facts, such as about the manipulation of mankind as we know it today. Ever heard of the Septagon, the hidden government? Even some alien Genesis stories are included, such as the creation of mankind and the universe. Nothing is as it seems, and nothing seems as it is.
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    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 127mm x 203mm
    Aantal pagina's : 337
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    ISBN : 9789463453844
    Datum publicatie : 06-2018
  • Inhoudsopgave
    The book of Terran Zero.
    The book of Alien One
    The book of Alien Two.
    The book of Alien Three.
    The book of Alien Four.
    The book of Alien Five.
    The book of Alien Six.
    The book of Alien Seven.
    The book of Alien Eight.
    The book of Alien Nine.
    The book of Alien Ten.
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€ 17,50

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Here is a list of the names of places around the world. At these places there are mainly Alien IAC Bases under control by the Old Gen Force. First of all, on planet Terra, summarized the region of the Americas:

Abisko Park - Acklins - Ambler - Allott - Antigua - Antofagasta - Apeleg - Apisolaya - Arecibo - Atotonilco - Avalos - Baja California - Ballangen - Barbuda - Barbuda North West - Bermuda Barbuda - Big Timber - Bismark - Black Rock - Cafayate - Casas Grandas - Catamarca - Cerro De Punta - Cerro Mesa - Cerro Torre - Charcos De La Risa - Cherokees - Chiquihuitlan - Chubut - Churubusco - Coacuilco - Coalcoman - Collerina - Colville - Cordillera - Cordoba - Corvocado - Cowles - Cruz Del Eje - Cumberland - Davenport Hills - Delaware - Eagle Lake - Eleuthera - Elkhorn - El Salto - El Troncon - Egvekinot - Espinazo - Evarts Harlan - Filomena Mata - Flagstaff - Fond Du Lac - Fort Collins - Ford Wayne - Gallinas - Garden City - Gore Range - Grants - Greencastle - Hualfin - Irapuato - Jacksonville - Jalpan - Jokulsaarglijufur - Kap Farvel - Khatanga - Kola - Kvilskjokk - La Union - Lake Michigan - Lanin - La Rioja - Lake Mackay Reserve - Livingston - Loncopue - Logan City - Long Lake - Loxicha - Lowell Observatory - Maipo Volcano - Maravatio Ocampa - Matamoros - Mendoza - Metztitlan - Monterrey - Mount Everett - Mount Greenough - Murra Murra - Napoleon - Neuquen - New London - New York State - Norbottens Laen - North Platte - Novaya Zemlya - Ojo Del Carrizo - Paguate - Palatka - Palo Blanco - Penjamo - Piedra Del Aguila - Piseco - Pozos - Progreso - Queretaro - Real De Catorce - Richardson Mountains - Ringgold - Rio Mayo - Rondane - Ross Lake - Ruby Mountains - Salta - San Bernardo - San Cristobal - Seneca - Sierra Famatina - Sierra Madre Del Sur - Sierra Punilla - Somerset Island - Sosneado - Sumidero - Tajique - Tejupilco - Tequisistlan - Terre Haute - The Dalles - Tlahuitoltepec - Tlapa Comonfort - Tortolas - Troms - Turtle Lake - Uruguay - Utsjoki - Wapello - Zitlaltepec

This list is not complete and some items may be a bit outdated as some Base may have been transferred, however, does mention nearly all of the Alien IAC Bases in that region. In this category, the individual listings that I will show you later on may change over time, such as for the number of occupants, their functions, etc.

Planet Terra is created as a fake world. You are made to believe that your technology can help you escape from planet Terra. Well, not so. All alleged “close range” photos from the Moon, Mars, rings of Saturn, all planets, etc etc are FAKE. The HST photos are FAKE, because the HST has never been in space. Just in a swimming-pool. The Mercury, Apollo, Soyuz, ISS etc etc not any different. All FAKE. And alien UFO YouTube gurus use those images for their video shows. Those “professors” are FAKE. Pathetic! ×