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Conscious Interconnection Volume 1

see to your balance; body and mind basics for healthy living and working

Mariëlle de Natris • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    ’Conscious Interconnection Volume 1: See to your balance’ is about checking and taking care of your basics and BodyMind balance while living, working and evolving.

    Learn more about burn-out prevention, response-ability versus reactivity, observing your own behaviour for priceless lifestyle insights and recognising growth stifling self-protection modes. It is all about you and the work context you live and want to thrive in.

    Volume 1 is a valuable source of information as well as a workbook. Its worksheets and check-lists are included in the free e-book pdf download available at www.consciousinterconnection.nl

    The Conscious Interconnection series as a whole unpacks the author’s unique CConnect-method© and explores important issues like:
    • sustaining a healthy base
    • enjoying a clear mind
    • gaining insights into self-protection and self-sabotage
    • growing to reach your fullest potential
    • respecting your personal passion and vocation
    • co-working from a shared purpose
    • participating in joint endeavours from your full presence
    • combining meaning and value with socially impactful productivity, planetary harmlessness and prosperous peace
    • growing into a sense of awareness of the Oneness that interconnects us all

    Integral Theory is introduced as an interconnecting structure throughout the ‘Conscious Interconnection’ book series of 4. The author’s books, blogs, coaching and Masterclass sessions together create a holistic base for living, working and growing in a healthy dynamic balance.
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    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 145mm x 210mm
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    Uitgeverij : the9th-direction
    ISBN : 9789082429701
    Datum publicatie : 10-2015
  • Inhoudsopgave

    Part 1. Basics of Balance

    Chapter 1. Why your Balance is vital:
    On Vitality, Happiness and Burn-out Prevention
    Chapter 2. Why taking Personal Responsibility for your Balance is essential:
    On self-Management, self-Empowerment and Freedom
    Chapter 3. Why Consciously Choosing your Workplace is important
    On Values, Vibes and Revenues

    Part 2. Body Basics

    Chapter 4. Healthy Habits:
    On Balanced Choice and Balanced Change
    Chapter 5. Healthy Food choices: 3 Dos
    Unhealthy Food choices: 3 Don'ts
    Chapter 6. Healthy Motion choices: 3 Dos
    Unhealthy Motion choices: 3 Don’ts

    Part 3. Mind Basics

    Chapter 7. Food for Healthy Thought Habits
    On Appearances, Interpretations and Beliefs.
    Chapter 8. Emotions running Wild
    On Fight, Flee and Freeze survival modes
    Chapter 9. Stress Management
    On the process of: See, Know, Align, Apply

    Part 4. So now what?

    Chapter 10. How can I tell whether I’m Balanced or not?
    Let answering these 5 Clarifying Questions help you
    Chapter 11. A Personal Touch
    On Body Sensitivity, Adult Growth and Flow
    Chapter 12. Essentials and Evaluation
    Check your Body & Mind balancing Dos & Don’ts

    Part 5. A sneak preview of Beyond the Basics

    Chapter 13. Pleasure, Passion, Potential and its daily saboteurs (Volume 2)
    How to turn apparent Body & Mind survival mode obstacles into Profit
    Chapter 14. Throwing Process, Participation and Purpose into the Balance (Volume 3)
    Food for the Heart & Soul
    Chapter 15. Including Productivity, Peace and Planet (Volume 4)
    Food for the Spirit of Prosperous Interconnection

    About the author

    Appendices connecting the 4 Prosperous Interconnection volumes through:
    1. Getting to Know the 4 Integral Quadrants
    2. 24 Basic Fears of Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit
    3. Interconnecting the 12 P’s and the Basic Fears

    Sources of inspiration: overview Literature and websites
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    Ready for the next volumes
    Feedback on Volume 1. Firstly, I was very surprised how much in your book is related to looking after the body and making good choices in this respect. I did not expect this, given your background and I do appreciate how important this is of course. “it’s the body that pulls the plug as far as life is concerned” is a great line and very true. “the way you perceive things colours your whole life” This area of the book is very close to my heart and I am sure that you will go more deeply into these areas in the further volumes. This for me is critical for people to develop and understand themselves and further exploration will yield great results in terms of making better life choices for the body. Coming to the clarifying 5 questions, I don’t see many people who can answer yes to these questions! The majority of people I meet in business and sport struggle to say yes to and of the questions. This is a sad endictment of our society and my experience as a coach so far, has shown me that most people don’t even aim for yes in these areas. Most are more concerned with the end goals of more money, etc. Purpose and participation is another concept that is very close to my heart. I am working with groups currently and the energy that is created has been incredible. The mutual intention for greater presence and connectedness has yielded so much and this is what I really am fascinated by these days. I would love to develop this further and again look forward to further investigation in your writing. I loved your book and am left with a feeling of wanting more. The body information that you speak about is basic for me and at the same time, I see how valuable and useful as an initial stepping stone for business people. I am now ready for you to develop your themes and take me as a reader further into the transformational work beyond the body. I hope this makes sense and I am sure the book will impact a lot of people in a positive way. With Love Danny.

    Geplaatst door uit United Kingdom
    Waardeert het boek met een 8 uit 10

    Hartelijk dank
    Dag Mariëlle, Hierbij wil ik je nogmaals danken voor je boek. Het is een heel mooie holistische aanpak van de gezonde mens door heling. Ik heb het met veel interesse gelezen. Heel veel dank ervoor en hartelijke groeten, Paul de Blot SJ

    Geplaatst door uit Breukelen
    Waardeert het boek met een 8 uit 10

    Ik heb het boek als zeer leerzaam ervaren. Naast dat het inzichtelijk maakt waar je blokkades liggen, maken de opdrachten dat je er ook mee aan de slag kunt gaan. Het blijft dus niet alleen bij ‘denken’, maar resulteert ook in ‘doen’ en daar ligt voor mij de grote meerwaarde!

    Geplaatst door uit Maarsenbroek , leeftijd 30-39
    Waardeert het boek met een 8 uit 10

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After a career of working as a psychologist connecting through direct, face to face dialogue with my clients, I now face the challenge of connecting with you through the written word.
Without the luxury of your direct feedback I hope to get my message across as an invitation to learn. I aim to offer gradually more expansive and inclusive information so you can learn at your own pace.
Learning, I have always loved it. I always and still have a drive to ‘go beyond’. This attitude has presented me with a lot of knowledge throughout my personal and professional endeavours. And I think, a lot of applicable wisdom too.
This ‘ongoing learning attitude’ has also offered me lots of reasons to consider stopping with this endlessly ongoing ‘going beyond’. I have been confronted by many emotions, feelings, thoughts and health issues that have made losing momentum and ‘staying put’ for a while seem very attractive. So when I finally took my long longed for sabbatical I only found myself in an even bigger whirlpool of inspiration and added eagerness to go out into the world and go beyond the familiarity of my psychological practice room.
I tried to stay put, believe me. But I could not get away with it, even being my own ‘boss’ in my own practice and also during my sabbatical, I continued to have the drive to include more and more into my life. I guess I am endowed with a very strong enthusiasm and drive to make things ‘work out for the best’ for myself and for others too.
I love making things work as transparently and fluidly as possible. I love being practical in mutual inspiration, creating the best unity possible while interconnecting the presented diversity of life.
I would love to take you on a guided tour of possibilities and obstacles. So you can assemble your own cocktail of choices necessary for living in a healthy, happy, meaningful and fulfilled way as far as you possibly can.

Reaching out
I am reaching out to myself to evolve from a mainly psychological approach to include my interests and experience in spirituality, health, learning, thriving, and making a meaningful impact on the world together. I am convinced the best way to do so is by reaching out to you in your role as a participant in the workforce.
I am reaching out to you as a whole, unique being, wanting to live happily and to thrive together with your loved ones.
I am reaching out to you to participate in the process of making this world a better place for all to prosper.
I am reaching out to you in your capacity of being a group member, an unmissable part of an organisational whole: if you don't thrive the organisation will lose and you will lose too. When you and your organisation join forces the effect can be huge. It will at the very least, be bigger than anything you could achieve on our own

Every change begins with one person, you.
Every change brings further development and inclusiveness.
You can take a break or stop your evolvement and involvement whenever you want.
But why stop too soon? I invite you to read on and align and apply this small book to your personal situation and purpose. I hope it gives you a taste for more.

Mariëlle de Natris, April 2015 ×