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Indexed WIPO-PCT Applicant Guides (Jul 23) - Portable

Portable Edition (English)

Pete Pollard • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    This book is suitable as a desktop reference for everyday use by attorneys & administrators. However, always double check the status with latest WIPO resources and national patent offices before relying on the information presented.

    These references are very useful during EQE (European Qualifying Exam) preparation. AG-IP and AG-NP are useful during the Exam to answer questions – however, answers should be supported with citations of PCT Articles, PCT Rules and EPO-PCT Guidelines (REE Rule 22). These Guides will be in force on 31 Oct 2023, so they will be the official ones for EQE 2024.

    ** New: There were very few legal changes in 2023, so many references from 2022 are still valid. A color overview of the PCT procedure is provided on the cover with AG references. RO GL and ISPE GL are no longer included. The format of this book is now A4 to minimise pages. Useful overviews from the wipo.int website are now included as Misc. WIPO-PCT Info.

    It does not include PCT Articles and Rules, or any EPO Guidelines.

    This Portable Edition uses thinner paper to reduce the thickness and weight. Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm x 17mm - 484 pages - 820g. Note that printing on this thin paper can sometimes result in minor print quality issues.
    There is also a Study Edition with thicker paper to make it more suitable for intensive tabbing, annotating and highlighting. Printing on this thicker paper also provides a more consistent print quality.
    For more details, including example pages, see: fireballpatents.com/study-materials

    Many applicants and administrators rely on the "Introduction" parts of the WIPO "Applicant's Guide" to answer day-to-day questions. But there is also a middle level reference, providing details about how Authorities handle common situations and how they communicate with applicants. Useful overviews from the WIPO website are also included.

    This book contains:
    ● Introduction to International Phase (AG-IP or PCT AG I) - 9 Feb 23
    Requirements and actions before the International Authorities from the applicant’s point of view
    ● Administrative Instructions (AI) - 1 Jul 22
    Referenced in PCT Rules, detailing how Authorities should apply the Rules
    ● Overview of Applicant & Office Forms - 15 Aug 23
    Annex F (Electronic Filing / Processing Standard) and the contents of the Forms are not included
    ● Introduction to National Phase (AG-NP or PCT AG N) - 9 Feb 23
    Requirements and actions before the DO / EO's from the applicant’s point of view
    ● Misc. WIPO-PCT Info - 15 Aug 23
    ● PCT Fees - 1 Aug 23

    The standard contents lists have been replaced by our "Detailed Table of Contents", with abbreviated titles, page numbers and indications of sections with a major change in the last 3 years. This provides a convenient overview, and helps to find information quickly.

    There is also a lower level of WIPO refs providing much more detail about how International
    Authorities operate and how they handle less-common situations. This book does NOT contain these refs, but they can be downloaded from www.wipo.int/pct/en/texts/gdlines.html:
    ● RO Guidelines (RO GL or GL/RO)
    Recommended actions & steps to be followed by RO’s. The information is mainly procedural.
    ● ISA/IPEA Guidelines (ISPE GL or GL/ISPE)
    Recommended actions & steps to be followed by ISA’s & IPEA’s. Substantive subjects such unity of invention and patentability are explained, with useful examples.
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 210mm x 297mm
    Aantal pagina's : 484
    Uitgeverij : Fireball Patents
    ISBN : Niet bekend
    Datum publicatie : 08-2023
  • Inhoudsopgave
    1) Indexed WIPO-PCT AG Intern. Phase (AG-IP)
    • Detailed Table of Contents
    • Introduction to Intern. Phase
    • Keyword Index
    • Citation Index (Articles, Rules, AI Sections)

    2) Indexed WIPO-PCT Administrative Instructions (AI)
    • Detailed Table of Contents
    • Administrative Instructions
    • Annex A: Forms (Overviews) (RO, RO-IB, ISA, SISA, IB, IPEA)
    ** The forms are NOT INCLUDED. See: www.wipo.int/pct/en/forms
    • Annex A: Request Form, Notes to Request Form, Sample
    • Annex A: Demand Form, Notes to Demand Form, Sample
    • Annex B: Unity of Invention
    • Annex C: Presentation of Sequence Listings in IA's
    • Annex D: Published Front Page Info To Be Included in Gazette - R.86.1(i)
    • Annex E: Info To Be Published in Gazette - R.86.1(v)
    • Annex F: Standard for Electronic Filing & Processing of IAs (Overview)
    ** Overview only. The full Annex is here: www.wipo.int/pct/en/texts/index.html
    • Annex G: Notification of Receipt and Transfer of Fees

    3) Indexed WIPO-PCT National Phase (AG-NP)
    • Detailed Table of Contents
    • Introduction to National Phase
    • Citation Index (Articles, Rules, AI Sections)

    4) Misc. PCT Info from www.wipo.int/pct/en/
    • Detailed Table of Contents

    4a) General PCT Info
    • PCT has 157 Contracting States (with dates of entry into force)
    • States bound by Paris Convention but not PCT
    • States party to PCT, Paris Convention, Members of WTO
    • Types of Protection Available via PCT
    • States for which a Regional Patent can be obtained
    • Overview of PCT Applicant's Guide annexes
    • PCT reservations and incompatibilities
    • PCT-Patent Prosecution Highway Program (PCT-PPH and Global PPH)
    • WIPO DAS: Participating Offices (for exchanging priority docs)
    • Restoration of Priority by RO’s and DO/EO’s

    4b) Info on International Phase
    • PCT applications and national security
    • Unavailability of Electronic Means of Communication at Offices
    • Offices which have waived Power of Attorney requirements
    • Direct filing with IB as RO (RO-IB)
    • Contingency Upload Service FAQs (replaces FAX)
    • Contingency Upload Service (portal)
    • FAQ: Implementation of WIPO ST.26 (for sequence listings)
    • Fees and Payments – PCT System
    • PCT Fee Tables
    • Applicability of 90% Reduction in Certain PCT Fees (Filing & IB Handling Fee)
    • 75% reduction of PCT fees due to EPO (Search & Examination Fees)
    • Third-Party Observations FAQ’s (after International Publication)
    • Guidance on filing amendments under A.19 and A.34
    • States which have requested IB under R.94.1(c) to furnish IPER

    4c) Info on National Phase
    • Time Limits for Entering National/Regional Phase (under Ch. I and II)
    • FAQs: R.49.6 Reinstatement after Failure to Perform the Acts of A.22
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