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Instruction For Participation In Virtual Reality Earth

Marc Sijm • Boek • paperback

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    Marc Sijm was born and raised in a region of the Netherlands recognized for its no-nonsense down-to-earth attitude. After high school, he was educated in structural engineering and later employed in computer technology. He additionally chose to pursue vocational training in a wide range of alternative healing modalities and intuitive development. Currently certified as an Effortless Coach and PSYCH-K® facilitator, Marc is fascinated by what moves him and others but also what hinders them. How people differ from each other but are also surprisingly similar. The ever-present curiosity in search of answers to vital questions such as "who am I?", "what is the reason of existence?", and "where did I come from?", has been instrumental in determining his life path, his choices, and outlook.

    The book IVDAVRA was written after he imagined what it would be like to remember where you truly originated from. How it would be to comprehend your true reason for existing. How would it be to remember where I was from and what life could truly be?

    "If we are not humans having spiritual experiences, but spiritual beings living a human experience", is the tale that IVDAVRA recounts departing from that reality as a perspective. Just picture what it will be like when you reimagine who you are and what your intended purpose is in this life.

    “The book will leave you in a state of wonder. Marc wove his own personal life story as a 'human being' as an example and test of his insights into the storyline of the development of the Beings. This makes it easy to read. Refreshing!“
    - Marciel Witteman (Editor in Chief Yoga International, Yoga & meditation teacher)

    “Upon reading the book I felt an intense flow of Love and Truth come through me. I expect that this experience can occur in many people and that it will be supportive and empowering to move through these times.”
    - Marie-Thérèse (Coach)

    “The author offers us a glimpse into his own path to consciousness development. He presents himself in a very vulnerable way and thus proves that whatever you resist, will come your way again and again until you have learned the lesson it contains.”
    - Ria Schopman (Copywriter, De Letterbrug)

    "What an insanely good book! The book is the world I love to inhabit. Compellingly written. Wonderful storytelling. What this book describes is the realization of the life experience on this earth."
    - Euvie Karijoredjo (Engineer, Pranic Healing teacher)

    "A captivating and fascinating story about life, in which you are transported into the author's reality, or is this virtual reality perhaps reality?"
    - Helma Robbers (Coach, trainer)
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 145mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 266
    Uitgeverij : Marc Sijm
    ISBN : 9789083277301
    Datum publicatie : 10-2022
  • Inhoudsopgave
    1. Development
    1. One consciousness
    2. Two units of consciousness
    3. More units of consciousness
    4. Many units of consciousness and communication
    5. Social systems within consciousness
    6. Paradoxes
    7. The grand consciousness develops
    8. Optimum development
    9. Virtual reality
    2. Intermezzo
    10. Memories of a small human
    3. Preliminary Research
    11. Stu
    12. Erv
    13. Chaos in consciousness - history
    14. Stu and Erv one-on-one
    4. Intermezzo
    15. Memories of a slightly larger human
    5. Instruction
    16. Virtual reality Chatroom
    17. Maestro
    18. Stu and Maestro one-on-one
    19. Origins
    20. Basic training
    21. Entering into virtual reality
    22. The avatar
    23. Participant avatar coupling
    6. Intermezzo
    24. Memories as a young adult
    7. Learning
    25. Initial participation
    26. The stages of learning
    Baby – child
    Child – Youth
    Youth – Early adulthood
    Young adult – Maturity
    Mature adult – Senior
    Senior – Old age
    End of participation
    27. Caring for the avatar
    28. Earth
    29. Disruptive clusters
    30. Summary
    31. The coupling
    8. Intermezzo
    32. Adult memories
    9. Participation
    33. Initial Participation
    34. Recognition
    35. Evaluation
    36. Stu and Erv's second one-on-one
    37. Observations of Stu
    38. Discussing observations of Stu
    39. Discussion of disruptive clusters
    40. The consciousness game
    41. Observing Erv
    42. Discussing observations of Erv
    43. Meeting with family
    44. Meeting with supporters
    10. Closure
    45. The here and now and beyond
    46. Wisdom concerning our children
    Reference materials and literature
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€ 24,95

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"I'll start with the reason why virtual reality Earth exists," is how Maestro initiates the stream of information.
"All created multiple learning environments, including virtual realities, to offer the possibility to as many possible individuals to leap forward in their development. In all of those environments, the participant remains aware of the fact that it is in a simulation." Maestro checks to see if Stu is okay with absorbing this information.
"When the participants were in the midst of the simulation and were offered an experience that didn't flow and caused an obstruction, those participants just exited. Because it was completely aware of the fact that the individual itself was the player. This happened on a massive scale. This had to be allowed due to everyone's free choice. The learning experience offered, which in most cases had to do with paradoxes, was then not learned by the participant, by the individual. All sensed this to be a large missed opportunity and proceeded to create virtual reality Earth.
The goal is to indeed learn from the paradoxes. The learning environment Earth exists to offer this to all who wish to further develop themselves and who had exited other simulations prematurely."
"I hadn't even heard of those other environments," Stu remarks to Maestro. "Will this be a good choice for me or should I rather choose one of the earlier simulations?" Stu asks.
"I think it is a fine choice for you to engage in this simulation," Maestro responds. "You had already attempted to engage with the harsher realms. You seem to be quite ready to develop yourself further and to endeavor into understanding the paradoxes."
Stu was visibly reassured by this answer. It almost seemed that simulation Earth would exceed its capabilities. But the turmoil in the internal energy was completely eliminated by the answer.
The flow of information from Maestro to Stu continues. "All realized that the participants knowing that they are a unit of consciousness having a learning experience just provided a means of escape. All decided to set up a virtual reality where this would be forgotten."
"Will I be trapped in that virtual reality?" Stu responds inquisitively.
"You could describe it that way," Maestro returns. ×