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  • Cover 'My Story' by a female Tae Kwon Do Master, Jenny Treasure
    'My Story' by a female Tae Kwon Do Master, Jenny Treasure (PDF)

'My Story' by a female Tae Kwon Do Master, Jenny Treasure

Jenny Treasure • Boek • paperback

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    What’s going to happen to one of the most dynamic martial arts in the future?
    Is the most loved traditional martial art suffering in today’s modern technological
    and frenetic world that we live in, a world with a multitude of choice? How can
    we make the Art of Tae Kwon Do more endearing so that people will discover the
    many benefits it has to offer, both physically and spiritually, just like those who
    have gone before.
    The challenges of the 21st century are here and here to stay. I believe the theme
    is ‘small but special’ and people want more for less. There is no doubt that we as
    teachers have our work cut out, in trying to maintain the traditional Tae Kwon Do
    tenets and principles that have been our saviours during our commitment to the
    Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, Honesty and Courage are sadly
    just a few that are becoming less popular in today’s modern societies.
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    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 145mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 281
    Uitgeverij : Jenny Treasure
    ISBN : 9780957686502
    Datum publicatie : 06-2013
  • Inhoudsopgave
    A brief insight into the book



    My early experiences of life, one of the first women in Tae Kwon Do
    My encounter with Tae Kwon Do

    An Instructor’s perspective
    Distinguishing between styles

    Early experiences of going it alone - Comparisons of the organizations
    Comparisons between large and small organizations
    Bad experiences with students

    An examination of Tae Kwon Do and its culture

    Fitness and Tae Kwon Do

    An exploration of the Tae Kwon Do Forms or Hyungs
    Shiva's Cosmic Dance at CERN

    CHAPTER 10
    Why people take up martial arts

    CHAPTER 11
    Tae Kwon Do style and technique

    CHAPTER 12
    What are Tae Kwon Do practitioners really like?

    CHAPTER 13
    Mysticism or science
    The definition of the word ‘Artist’

    CHAPTER 14
    When asked to explain Tae Kwon Do

    CHAPTER 15
    Women in the martial arts – a big section on women

    CHAPTER 16
    Speak up ladies and be heard
    Another article that I have just analysed on an ITF website

    CHAPTER 17
    Promotion within the dan grades and are the empires coming to a close?

    CHAPTER 18
    What are students and parents getting out of Tae Kwon Do?

    CHAPTER 19
    Tae Kwon Do websites and old faces – shades of the old days and present day websites

    CHAPTER 20
    Not forgetting the diehards – diehard instructors/ diehard students

    CHAPTER 21
    What is teaching all about?
    Experience of Teaching the Different Levels
    The Dan Grade levels

    CHAPTER 22
    The process of teaching
    The aspects of being involved in teaching
    Teaching Children

    CHAPTER 23
    From an examiner’s perspective

    CHAPTER 24
    Students’ phases in Tae Kwon Do

    CHAPTER 25
    Teaching Tae Kwon Do as a hobby or second career

    CHAPTER 26
    Personal benefits from Tae Kwon Do and what life throws at one

    CHAPTER 27
    Tae Kwon Do practitioners won’t and can’t let life get them down

    CHAPTER 28
    The concept of aggression and the martial arts

    CHAPTER 29
    Food and healthy choices for mind and body – they go hand in hand

    CHAPTER 30
    A case for Tae Kwon Do at Schools - are Tae Kwon Do teachers underrated?

    CHAPTER 31
    Reflections on the 2006 Tae Kwon Do summer camp in Belgium and life there generally
    The expatriate community in Brussels
    Getting new members into the club again

    CHAPTER 32
    Reflections on my time at the Centre Sportif de la Foret de Soignes – experiences as a Brit running a club in Belgium
    A brief period at the British School in Brussels

    CHAPTER 33
    Modern day observations within the Tae Kwon Do world
    Looking for a new image
    No excuse not to keep going

    CHAPTER 34
    Becoming a master of one’s own ship

    CHAPTER 35
    My Spanish adventures in the mountains of Aragon

    CHAPTER 36
    The grass is always greener – Spanish Tae Kwon Do

    CHAPTER 37
    Events following my Spanish adventures

    CHAPTER 38
    My time in Belgium
    Au Revoir

    CHAPTER 39
    Back in Wales after 40 years

    CHAPTER 40
    Europe or the UK

    CHAPTER 41
    The parallels between being a martial artist and teaching self defence
    Christmas 2009 – my first one back home

    CHAPTER 42
    A new decade of events – yet another challenge

    CHAPTER 43
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