Novel concepts of co-pulsatile cardiac support

Innovation and valorization

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    The heart pumps an average of 5 liters of blood per minute through the human body, which amounts to a total of more than 150 million liters of blood over a lifetime; more than 70 times the volume of an Olympic swimming pool. When the blood circulation is disrupted, for example, due to heart failure, this can have serious consequences for the body's health. This can occur both suddenly (acute cardiogenic shock) and gradually over a longer period (chronic heart failure). There are techniques available to support blood circulation, such as temporary heart support through a catheter in the blood vessel or permanent support through a surgically implanted device.
    Part 1 of this thesis investigates the effects and limitations of the current market leader in blood circulation support, the Impella®, and then explores the potential benefits of a new technique: co-pulsatile mechanical support. Part 2 describes how such an innovation can be implemented in practice, the valorization, and how intellectual property can be protected.
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    Datum publicatie : 11-2023
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