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Our Love

how to release the inner joy and romance in our relationships

Ingeborg Bosch • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    This book will show you how to release the inner joy and romance of your relationship. You can return to love as it was when you first met--experiencing a longing for each other, being interested in each other’s thoughts, feelings and activities, and experiencing mutual sexual desire. In other words, really sharing life together! It might sound utopian, but with the right insights and tools it becomes surprisingly easy.
    In her fifth book, author and psychologist Ingeborg Bosch shows you how this can be done. She takes the reader by the hand, and in an incisive, concrete, and recognizable manner explains how to get back to the love you once shared.
    This inspiring book, with many appealing and recognizable examples, is also a “do-it-together” book. The model developed by Ingeborg Bosch will give you clear insight into the basic building blocks of a loving relationship, why they are so often lost, and how to reconstruct them.
    The relationship test will help you assess the current state of your relationship, and practical tools will help you change conscious and unconscious habits so inner joy and romance become a part of your daily life once again. Mutual interest, emotional intimacy, as well as fulfilling sexuality will make the love between you and your partner start flowing once again.
    Ingeborg Bosch developed the very successful therapy Past Reality Integration, one of the fastest growing drug-free therapies in Europe. Her other books available in English are Rediscovering the True Self (2002), Illusions (2016, English ed)) and Past Reality Integration, 3 Steps to mastering the Art of conscious Living (2012).
  • Productinformatie
    Fragment : Download Fragment
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 145mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 282
    Uitgeverij : Bosch PRI BV, I.
    ISBN : 9789080704909
    Datum publicatie : 03-2016
  • Inhoudsopgave
    Foreword 13
    Thank you 15
    Introduction 17
    1 The Tree of Love 28
    Soil – trust 28
    Water – emotional intimacy 32
    Light – awareness 36
    2 A greater whole 42
    1. Soul connection 46
    2. Mental/emotional connection 50
    Awareness – the present-past connection 50
    Emotional intimacy - empathy 52
    Trust – are you there for me when I need you? 54
    3. Physical connection – sexuality 56
    4. Philosophy of Life Connection 66
    The Separation Trauma 70
    3 ‘Diagnosing’ your relationship 79
    Determining weight factors 81
    Scoring the items 81
    Soul Connection 82
    Mental/emotional connection 82
    A. Trust 82
    B. Emotional Intimacy 83
    C. Awareness 84
    Physical connection 85
    Philosophy of life connection 86
    Overall end score of the four levels of connection
    in your relationship 91
    The Separation Trauma 90
    4 What can PRI do for your relationship? 96
    Dis-identifying from our perceptions: six steps 100
    Some Basic PRI theory 106
    A. Division 107
    B. Obsolete defenses 110
    C. Living the past 116
    PRI tools 118
    Self - Observation 118
    Defense reversal 121
    5 Back to our fountain of Love 126
    1. Exercises for the soul connection 128
    Exercise 1: Meditate together 130
    Exercise 2: Gazing 131
    Exercise 3: Walking hand-in-hand in silence 132
    2. Exercises for the mental/emotional connection 132
    Awareness 132
    Emotional Intimacy 151
    Trust 163
    3. Exercises for the physical connection 169
    4. Exercises for the philosophy of life connection. 172
    5. Exercises for the Separation Trauma 175
    Time, time, time 179
    6 Our Love – found, once again! 182
    Concrete results of working with the PRI relationship tools 182
    François and Marguerite – escape from the False Power- Fear circle 182
    Sebastian and Laura – from being sexually blocked to enjoying physical contact 189
    Chris and Gertrude – untying the knot: from anger and avoidance to trust and empathy 193
    Helen and Caroline – out of the Primary Defense and into enjoying mutual love 197
    Gina and Mark – from thinking that the other is the problem to an open heart 201
    7 Dysfunctional relationships 206
    Dysfunctionality in a larger perspective 213
    To leave or not to leave? That’s the question 220
    Epilogue 226
    Our Love – point-by-point 227

    1 Test: Personal Defense Profile 234
    2 Further explanation and examples of the five defenses 239
    3 Test: Defense Recognition 254
    4 PRI Intensive or regular couples therapy 256
    5 Men and sexuality 262
    6 Information on finding a PRI therapist 267
    7 Information about the professional training for PRI therapist 269

    Definitions of PRI vocabulary 270
    Index 274
    About the author 281
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