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The Magical World of Maddie and her children.

part 6 Birdie, little kids grow up.

Attie Dotinga • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    Birdie is interested in Rip.

    But this adoration quickly disappears when she discovers that he is not as tough as she thought he was.

    She lets him go, but he does not want to let her go.

    And when he harasses her, it is the attractive Vardon, who is staying in Aunt Esmee's shelter, who rescues her.

    Birdie is impressed. But is this justified?

    It seems that Vardon has secrets that pose a threat to her family.
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 148mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 178
    Uitgeverij : Falinn
    ISBN : 9789464431452
    Datum publicatie : 11-2021
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€ 19,95

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‘Hey,’ Rip smiled at them and got up from the scooter he was leaning against.
‘Looking good again, ladies,’ he said, wrapping his arms around them possessively.
‘Thank you Rip,’ Birdie said, looking at him boldly and defiantly.
Morrigan was a little shyer than her friend and lowered her eyes, blushing.
She saw Jobbe looking at her inquiringly and smiling at her.
His wild dark blond curls were all over the place again and his blue eyes were kindly on her.
‘Hey friend, keep your hands to yourself.’
Suddenly, behind Rip, stood a tall boy with black hair, clear blue eyes, and a small beard.
He had an angry look in his steel-blue eyes.
Rip smiled but let go of the girls anyway, he had already been introduced to Birdie's twin brother's fists.
‘Forrest, don't interfere,’ Birdie snapped angrily at her brother and moved closer to Rip.
Forrest had an annoyed look in his bright blue eyes, and she saw him grow angry again.
Then the school buzzer went off and everybody walked to the classrooms.
Forrest glanced back warningly at Rip as he walked away.
Birdie lingered a bit so she could walk to class with Rip.
And he put his arm around her shoulder again defiantly.
Morrigan looked up at the tall, attractive Jobbe walking beside her.
‘You do look beautiful again,’ he said with a smile.
‘Thank you,’ she said, her brown eyes glistening with joy.
‘Are you and Birdie going downtown after school?’
Morgan nodded. 'Of course.’
Jobbe smiled in satisfaction and walked with her into the old school building.

The girls' class was out early, in the early afternoon, and they walked with the boys to the center of the city.
There you could sit under the trees on the various benches on Goat Square, it was a favorite hangout for the young people who liked to gather there.
It was certainly nice with the hot weather to be able to sit there in the shade.
Residents of Tersnake also left when groups of young people came to hang out.
A little further on, the catering industry started with the large terraces.
And it was always busy there, especially in the summer months.
An awful lot of tourists then visited the water sports city.