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The Prodigal Son Blueprint (HB)

Did Trump kill J.F.K.?

Brer Caleb, Ph.D. • Boek • hardback

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    For all those that don't want to get my old cell!
    I am sitting down in my cell, my quagmire above all, in spilled blood and ambitions of years past. It is now I can see more than the average man misunderstands. I reflect on the cells, the nexus of obsessions. Shades evolved that speak to the smallest of issues. Sacrifices that meet in this debacle of longing for what can and what can't, reduce to tears what cannot. In the pride of the spectacular world, in the attraction of building blocks, in the tiniest of aspects. I glance at the benefit of existence; this alertness does not take away; it augments. It's not our legacy just to put up within this humanity. It is our legacy to get the picture, for I am an advocate of TheWay.


    Brer Caleb, Ph.D.

    A message essential for all Jews, Messianic Jews, Muslims, Christians, Evangelicals, or Politicians to Contemplate! In our small amount of time together, my goal is to make a significant impact in unique ways.
    Brer Caleb is the Pen name of a Citizen of the other kingdom.
    The Ph.D., stands for Posthole Digger, for we will continue to dig for a proper foundation for the Prodigal Son and Daughter.
    Readers should know the content builds on information explained in other installments of the Restorative Justice series. Yes, you can make more money but not more time, so pay attention.
    The mission is to produce content which will increase the faith of believers or TruthSeekers and bring lost Souls to TheWay. Including the creation and publication of books in which to transport truth.

    They consider it is one of the “old right,” made up of Freemasons, the drug cartels and the same plotters that killed John and Bobby, the defenders of the Federal Reserve and the Schiff, Warburg, and Rothschild's empire that put America into two world wars and created, then destroyed the Soviet Union. While in the process trying to build a one-world-government, destroying Christianity as we know it.

    My Dear Body of Christ in Bondage
    During developing the novels, I had a hard time dealing with the fact that I no longer see myself as a Christian. My heart hurts for you, so I would like you to calm down and allow the following to sink in. The path with Brer Caleb exists of twists and turns, but the scenery along TheWay is both mesmerizing and shameful. I have strived to steer clear of foregone conclusions of evidence. I deem my role to be the reader’s tour guide, merely pointing out what is there or what I discovered. For some, that might be too much information, but too little information would be worse. During the legal battle, I awoke out of a Spiritual sleep realizing the lies and deception were going on. I slept through it, as an irrefutable fact that historians failed to correct that none of the relatives of Yahshua ever called them-selves Christians, nor that Yahshua ever called himself the Christ of G-d, and he sure never labeled his followers Chris-tians.
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    Binding : Hardback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 150mm x 215mm
    Aantal pagina's : 400
    Uitgeverij : Seed Sowers International B.V.
    ISBN : 9789090321950
    Datum publicatie : 10-2019
  • Inhoudsopgave
    Our shifting baseline syndrome (SBS)
    Losing hope in the Canadian legal system, I got to know the three lying spirits of Revelation! I wondered how I could ever end up in Maximum Security for six times three years. I address this topic to everyone that assumes they will never end up in jail. Yup, I got to know the enforcer of one of the most notorious biker groups during my five–months pre-sentence lockup.

    Digging deep down through our eighteen-year legal battle in Canada, and mostly without lawyers, I used to work on Wall Street on a private bank. Yet when I turned down my BFF's offer, he promised me he would show me his real power, as he was the head of the Freemasons in London, ON, Canada, a 32nd Degree.
    Here I discovered why society couldn't function properly. I learned why Mr.#45, aka President Trump, should have never been elected president, and who the puppeteers are behind him.

    I also learned why the Body of Christ should repent now, instead of corraling around #45. In doing so, we will not see Armageddon soon, but in the next few years for sure, unless we do something as a society. A message essential for all Jews, Messianic Jews, Muslims, Christians, Evangelicals, or Politicians to Contemplate! In our small amount of time together, my goal is to make a significant impact in unique ways. Brer Caleb is the Pen name of a Citizen of the other kingdom, the Ph.D., stands for Posthole Digger, for we will continue to dig for a proper foundation for the Prodigal Son and Daughter.

    As the World is in chaos and the economic fiascos continue, oil crisis looms, the war raging everywhere. It is a target of revolutions, assassinations, and covert operations. Politicians are weaponizing their proper elected offices, ignoring their oath of office. It is the year 2020. Killing is easy, though living with it is another thing. Circumspect - Over a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. Are we the author of our misfortune? Eden isn’t the only withdrawal problem we face. In a Foreign Affairs essay, Afghanistan might be on the list, but we have more severe problems.

    Good writers are those who keep the language efficient. That is to say, keep it accurate, keep it clear. No man understands a deep book until he has seen and lived at least part of its contents. If you’re young, this is even more important! Few people pay attention, though, for it’s too far out in the future. But just because something is far off doesn’t mean we should put it off. They’re practically giving you a date to circle on your calendar, and even that has limits.
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The State of Israel created re-established the Sanhedrin in 1948

Most of the Body of Christ today is utterly oblivious to the fact that the counterfeit State of Israel created in 1948 re-established the Sanhedrin, as it did—in 2004. While most everyone in America, focused on the potential impeachment of President Trump (a sideshow produced by the game makers to keep the gullible trapped in the phony left-right paradigm), the Sanhedrin in Israel is this week (Wednesday, September 25 thru Friday, September 27) launching a new global body, The Organization of 70 Nations, that Israel hopes will take the place of the United Nations. However, the purpose of this new global organization involves much more than nations sitting down to talk to one another.

Bankruptcy is complicated, but spiritual bankruptcy is worse; so I’ll explain a bit here after I was forced to look at my lifestyle in a maximum security jail. As individuals, corporations, and even local governments take on so much debt that they can no longer make payments, they go through a specific legal process called bankruptcy. But what about a spiritual bankruptcy, what do you do?

The elders were the princes of the tribes or heads of the family associations. Not all elders had a right to a seat but only those elected to office. The scribes learned people of the nation, elected to this tribunal, neither priests nor elders. This tribunal had cognizance of the great affairs of the country. Until the time when Judea subjected to the Romans, it had the power of life and death. It still retained the power of passing sentence, though the Roman magistrate held the right of execution. It usually sat in Jerusalem, in a room near the temple. It was before this tribunal that they tried the Saviour. ×