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The Prodigal Son Blueprint (PB)

Did Trump kill J.F.K.?

Brer Caleb, Ph.D. • Boek • paperback

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    Our shifting baseline syndrome (SBS)
    Losing hope in the Canadian legal system, I got to know the three lying spirits of Revelation! I wondered how I could ever end up in Maximum Security for six times three years. I address this topic to everyone that assumes they will never end up in jail. Yup, I got to know the enforcer of one of the most notorious biker groups during my five–months pre-sentence lockup.
    Digging deep down through our eighteen-year legal battle in Canada, and mostly without lawyers, I used to work on Wall Street on a private bank. Yet when I turned down my BFF's offer, he promised me he would show me his real power, as he was the head of the Freemasons in London, ON, Canada, a 32nd Degree.

    Here I discovered why society couldn't function properly. I learned why Mr.#45, aka President Trump, should have never been elected president, and who the puppeteers are behind him.

    I also learned why the Body of Christ should repent now, instead of corraling around #45. In doing so, we will not see Armageddon soon, but in the next few years for sure, unless we do something as a society.

    Sitting down in my cell, my quagmire above all, in spilled blood and ambitions of years past. It is now I can see more than the average man misunderstands. I reflect on the cells, particular the nexus of obsessions. Shades evolved that speak to the smallest of issues. Sacrifices that meet in this debacle of longing for what can and what can’t, reduce to tears what cannot. In the pride of the melodramatic world, in the attraction of building blocks, in the tiniest of aspects. I glance at the benefit of existence; this alertness does not take away, it augments. It’s not our legacy just to put up within this the human race. It is our legacy to get the picture for I am an advocate of TheWay.

    A message essential for all Jews, Messianic Jews, Muslims, Christians, Evangelicals, or Politicians to Contemplate! In our small amount of time together, my goal is to make a significant impact in unique ways. Brer Caleb is the Pen name of a Citizen of the other kingdom, the Ph.D., stands for Posthole Digger, for we will continue to dig for a proper foundation for the Prodigal Son and Daughter.

    As the World is in chaos and the economic fiascos continue, oil crisis looms, the war raging everywhere. It is a target of revolutions, assassinations, and covert operations. Politicians are weaponizing their proper elected offices, ignoring their oath of office. It is the year 2020. Killing is easy, though living with it is another thing.

    Good writers are those who keep the language efficient. That is to say, keep it accurate, keep it clear. No man understands a deep book until he has seen and lived at least part of its contents.
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    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 150mm x 215mm
    Aantal pagina's : 400
    Uitgeverij : Seed Sowers International B.V.
    ISBN : Niet bekend
    Datum publicatie : 11-2019
  • Inhoudsopgave

    Answering to a Higher Authority 6
    There are four threads in the book: 6
    Three Blind Mice and the Plight of my Struggles 9
    Prison Dissertation 17
    As a Convicted Felon I Finally Got It and Was Set Free 19
    Let’s Dive Below the Headlines 20
    Hypothesis: 10% Human and 90% Spiritual Creation 20
    Egregious and Ugly Intro 24
    Tree of Knowledge of Life & Death 30
    Merely a guide to walk on water 33
    The saga of the antagonist’s scion’s enmity against G-d 36
    I am going from Glory to Glory—not Kaput to Kaput! 39
    Asleep on a jail floor in a Far Country 44
    Anything That Can Be Bought Has No Real Value! 45
    Basic Botanical Survival 48
    Distress, trailing the offspring of Eve and Satan 50
    How does a person become spiritual (born again)? 52
    Forensic Accounting 54
    A Person has no Faith if he has no Patience 55
    Can a Man Hold Divine Manna, Gnosis? 59
    Is the Church Christian? 65
    The Foghorn 66
    Modus Vivendi Elementary 72
    Loving G-d of our fathers as followers of TheWay 76
    Deception and misleading by the Church of Rome 78
    Working Hypothesis: a Story Fixed in History 81
    Reevaluating the Key of Knowledge 82
    How to make it through this challenging time? 87
    Suffering from Spiritual Amnesia 91
    Mental and spiritual laws 92
    Requiesce in Pace May He /She Rest in Peace! 93
    A Body ID Person Using Scriptures 100
    Our World in Transition 106
    Is this G-d’s master plan for the Final Temple? 109
    The fall of the Second Temple 111
    Yahshua’s Disciples Unlike Modern Christians 112
    Baby Boomers the Solace of Marriage 118
    Is the truth a matter of perspective? 122
    Don’t Give the Enemy Power to Swallow You? 123
    Diverse Stages of Proselytizing the Gospels 130
    Mankind Shackled to Profound Ignorance 135
    Worthy News: Suitable Moral Wholeness 140
    A most sensational event, the Wedding! 145
    Religion but not Spirituality 148
    What do you need from me, Lord? 148
    Profound case of injustice America first 153
    Obstruction of Justice by the Seed of Satan! 154
    Illuminati history and the One World Government 154
    The history of Rothchild, the Illuminati 160
    I am going from Glory to Glory, not Kaput to Kaput! 160
    Parts of the Body of Christ were in a bad state 164
    Who's Who in This World Arena? 166
    Deep State, a frenemy relationship! 170
    Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations 172
    Revolutions and World Wars 178
    Rothchild’s secret control of the American economy 180
    Knights Templar and report of execution 180
    Communism to Destroy Governments 184
    The Great Railroads Financing Scheme 189
    The Fabian Society in England 197
    Machiavellian Plotters, the Money Spigot. 202
    Prearranged Pearl Harbor Attack 208
    Illuminati draft of mass-communications media 214
    Appreciation for the Stalin Regime 219
    The United Nations (UN) 224
    Lenin, I'll Transform the Whole World 229
    Illuminati created a monster called the United Nations 230
    Are We Facing a Spiritual Stress Test? 231
    The Man in the Iron Mask 235
    Jefferson's Opinion on Constitutionality 237
    Why Do I call Him Yahshua HaMashiach? 239
    The meaning of the Age of Terror and Error 240
    Morse Code Mea Culpa 245
    The smoking gun stress test 247
    In Conspiracy There Must Be Great Secrecy 252
    Do you know who Satan’s braggadocios children are? 254
    Do we understand what is at stake? 258
    Watchmen of the Last Days: World Events 263
    Walking on Water 265
    Luther’s Introduction 269
    My Dear Body of Christ in Bondage 271
    Is the Body of Christ Going Chapter 11? 273
    The Cornerstone called Yahshua HaMashiach 275
    The Inevitable Cornerstone 277
    The Lie Rules 283
    Why the Bible is G-d’s Word 284
    Time is of the essence 288
    Gateways of Your Body, Soul, and Spirit 289
    The struggle is not against flesh and blood 291
    Did Trump kill president J.F.K.? 296
    The Levitical Priests: Function and Role 300
    Basic Function in the InnerTemple of TheWay 308
    Me Repentance? 316
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€ 29,99

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We dedicate this writing to the Designated Body of Yahshua HaMashiach and his believers' Jews, Gentiles, Muslims, and Godfearers.
Readers should know the content builds on information explained in other installments of the Restorative Justice series. Yes, you can make more money but not more time, so pay attention.
In the Restorative Justice series, The Deception Protocol:
1. – The Prodigal Son Blueprint
2. – The Politician Notes
3. – The Money
4. – The Gatekeeper
5. – The Virgin Blueprint
6. – Armageddon

Yahshua /Jesus said, "... But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty, and it is you who are that poverty." In to-day's cultural environment, no person in modern academia would even consider the fact in this statement. Those who believe they are well educated and alert remain clueless to what they portray in reality with the words, "Know Thyself." It would be virtually impossible for them to understand that they dwell in a state of Intellectual-Poverty. Because one fails to understand the portrayal as the cosmology of mind and to be with the natural laws of creation, academia remains men-tally flat-lined with absolutely no chance of genuine insight. Some of us might remember the three blind mice. It is how I felt as I prepared this writing. As a person that deems education high, I was embarrassed for where I found myself in prison in a place full of misfits. My first emotions were, how did it come to this? My second response was that I fit right in for I failed to understand there are several ways of looking at the story:
Answering to a Higher Authority

A historical record;
1. To connect to the person I am in this world with;
2. With my inner knowledge through Ruach HaKodesh, the source of all knowledge of creation;
3. Also, ultimately, the core of my higher perception depicted as the Logos/Son of Adonai, my Big Brother, Yahshua HaMashiach, aka Jesus Christ.

With this objective in mind, I can only share my primary thoughts of the experience. For scriptures is to develop those potential areas of the brain necessary to employ the process of vacancy to tap into this inner source of knowledge that eclipses all the wisdom of this world.
There are four threads in the book:
1. My eighteen-year legal battle;
2. Christian and secular history focusing predominantly on the financial industry;
3. Conspiracy of the political, monetary, and Spiritual power by the Illuminati of TheDevil.
4. A TruthSeeker’s perspective on TheWay

To appreciate this narrative, we break it down in four essentials for a genuine understanding of the relationship to which they called G-d through HaMashiach.
You, my reader, might need to scan this book initially to get the overall context. Then go back to understand the details. When you read this bit by bit, you might face the possibility of misinterpretation.
For example, the material on the Early Church Believers contained various beliefs put forward to get an understanding of the changes. Don’t think I am advocating what I do not believe - e.g., Gnosticism.

It looks like G-d is in control, but someone is causing chaos
To understand the secret of the Tree of Life, TheWay, and TheDevil, we need The test of a first-rate intelligence. Which is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind and still retain the ability to function?

Keep up the great work, and be encouraged in all things. Ephesians 3:20, Complete Jewish Bible, (CJB): 20: “Now to him who by his power working in us can do far beyond anything we can ask or imagine.”

Brer Caleb, Ph.D.
Is the Penname of a Citizen of the other kingdom
The Ph.D. stands for Posthole Digger, for we will continue to dig for a proper foundation for the prodigal son and daughter.
Hypothesis, higher spiritual knowledge of the far country!
HYPOTHESIS: If Adonai G-d Is a Spiritual Power, Money, or Mammon is a Spiritual Power.

Grief-Stricken with ORD, Obsessive Religious Disorder
I did not suffer from ADD, but they haunted me with ORD, Obsessive Religious Disorder. This part is about the power they controlled us with, again and again. You need to know this so you can avoid it. What can we do to create a better future and avoid the consequences if we don’t deal with this problem? Discussing this intelligently, unpacking it and saying, "Oh I see, I was a victim, and this is what happened, I get it," we need to do something about this. I feel blessed, writing these novels and discovering my way out of that sickening feeling. To know that I am healthy, secure, and free of anxieties for I oversee the depth and the profoundness of my life. I hope you are listening.
Are we disaster-prone? More critical, specific values are declining, and if we cease to abide by the rule of law, let alone the Spiritual rule of law, we are disaster-prone. During my incarceration, I saw many inmates turn to religion to cope, a form of religious conviction, but a private and personal kind of belief. The valid distinction should be between Spirituality and organized religion. Yes, a personal quest for G-d! Everything they taught me about politics, money management, and Christianity.

As a Convicted Felon, I Finally Got It and Was Set Free! Please don't wait till your incarcerated, before you get the memo? ×