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The spirituality of life

Building a Strong and United Family to Transcend Generations

TYRONE C. JONES • Boek • paperback

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    This bestselling book is a captivating journey through spirituality, personal growth, and the mysteries of existence. The author shares their own life experiences and spiritual awakening, offering profound insights and wisdom that will transform lives.

    The book begins with the author's personal story, detailing their background and the events that him to share his knowledge with the world. It seamlessly weaves together the author's life narrative with the teachings he wishes to impart.

    At its core, the book explores the human spirit and the quest for inner peace. It emphasizes meditation, intuition, and the transformative potential of the third eye. Readers are encouraged to look within themselves and embrace their true identities. The book also delves into topics such as nurturing positive relationships, self-empowerment, and pursuing one's dreams.

    One of the book's distinctive features is its exploration of special powers, suggesting that some individuals possess extraordinary abilities from a young age. It includes intriguing accounts of children manifesting remarkable powers, sparking curiosity about the mysteries of existence.

    The book also addresses past-life memories in children and provides guidance on helping them navigate these experiences. It encourages readers to embrace their innate potential and spiritual strength.

    A cautionary section advises against experimenting with spiritual devices, highlighting the risks of opening portals and attracting negative energies. Instead, readers are urged to focus on love, compassion, and empathy to foster unity and harmony.

    Throughout the book, the author maintains an inclusive and uplifting tone, welcoming readers of all backgrounds and beliefs. The lessons shared resonate deeply, promoting gratitude, appreciation of diversity, and the pursuit of both spiritual and material abundance.

    In conclusion, this bestselling book leaves a lasting impact on readers, offering timeless wisdom, engaging storytelling, and profound insights. It inspires individuals to embrace their true selves, seek inner peace, and make positive contributions to the world. This book is a testament to the human spirit's quest for meaning, unity, and a purposeful life.
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    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 170mm x 240mm
    Aantal pagina's : 268
    Uitgeverij : Sterling Liam Media
    ISBN : 9798891842519
    Datum publicatie : 10-2023
  • Inhoudsopgave
    Table of Contents
    Introduction. 1
    1. Sidenote before you start reading this book. 6
    2. Why this book? 8
    3. Wrong presentation of belief. 12
    3.1. For you to find God, you need to lose yourself first!!!! 14
    3.2. How do you pray and receive your answer: 17
    4. Why meditation is bad and visualization Good. 21
    4.1. My experience when meditating. 23
    4.2. Why visualization is the better and safer form of creation. 24
    4.2.1. Spiritual laws that you must not break. 26
    4.3. When you are visualizing. 30
    5. How to kill your soul. 34
    5.1. The price for your sexual desires. 35
    5.2. How I come to this knowledge. 39
    6. Raising your children. 45
    6.1. Children need to learn from a young age about responsibility. 48
    6.2. Guide your child in finding their path in life. 50
    6.3. Teach your children self-respect and self-love. 51
    6.4. Teach the children to work as a family unit. 53
    6.5. Teach your children about the law of the spiritual world. 56
    6.6. What to teach your children about life and how to handle every situation. 58
    6.7. A short glimpse into my life experience to motivate you not to give up. 65
    6.8. The sound of Freedom. 73
    7. Selecting your partner. 75
    7.1.The physical world and how to select your partner. 75
    7.2. For my daughter and niece's additional dating advice. 82
    7.3. Spiritual part of a relationship. 87
    7.3.1. Example of Spiritual punishment due to adultery or divorce. 89
    7.4. How do you know if you have a Spiritual connection (Soulmate)? 111
    7.5. List how to select your partner. 115
    8. Family tradition and values. 121
    8.1. The foundation for family values and tradition. 121
    8.2. The structure is built on tradition spread over 9 pillars. 129
    8.3. Family Rituals and Bloodlines 148
    8.4. The right way for the first generation to build wealth. 153
    8.4.1. How to work and build wealth 155
    9. Finding your path and discovering your inner self. 159
    9.1. My life-changing experience 159
    9.2. My second experience (opening my third EYE) 186
    9.3. The difference between the inner self (Yehovah holy spirit) and the Evil spirit. 193
    9.4. The effect of your decision in life may affect your offspring. 196
    10. Your spiritual energy. 201
    10.1. Feeling other energy. 202
    11. Knowledge without chapter. 204
    11.1. Life after death. 204
    11.2. Where does someone go when he dies? 205
    11.3. How to pray correctly. 206
    11.4. soul searching. 209
    11.5. Dreams and nightmares. 211
    11.5.1. A nightmare that isn’t a Nightmare. 214
    11.5.2. Dreamcatchers are not good to have. 217
    11.6. special powers. 218
    11.6.1. Children that have a past life. 220
    11.7. Killing someone and the penalty of it. 221
    11.8. Living in a large house and mansion. 222
    11.9. You need to remove anger and hate from your heart. 224
    11.10. The difference between choosing to do good or bad in life. 225
    11.11. Experimenting with spiritual devices and houses with evil pasts. 226
    11.12. African and other traditional wooden Sculptures. 228
    56. Conclusion. 230
    About the Author 233
    INDEXING 235
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€ 69,47

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1. THE THIRD EYE NEEDS TO OPEN NATURALLY. If this doesn’t happen, you are not allowed to force it.
2. If you force and open the third eye, you have broken a spiritual border/ boundary between your physical energy field and the spiritual energy field. This means that an unbalance has taken place and those needed to be corrected by law.
3. Everyone who breaks those boundaries will become a target of evil spirits. You will not know this, but their goal is to kill you. I can't say this in any other way.
4. The only way to escape those problems that you have forced on yourself. Can only be solved by someone with the gift to help undo the problem that you have done.
5. All doors open in the spiritual world are open for life and can never be closed.

I didn't know of this law before. If I did, I would not have done it. But looking back at all the knowledge that I gained and still gaining. I cannot say that I regret it either.