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United States of America 2018 Through the Lens of Iconick

Iconick • Boek • hardback

  • Samenvatting
    Imagine living in the United States of America for five months.
    Imagine immersing into a culture that’s totally different from yours.
    Imagine leaving everything behind that has comforted you before.

    Imagine diving deep into the unknown, striving to know.

    This has become my reality. Departing from the Amsterdam Schiphol airport in the first week of 2018 made me realize that I was really going to do this. Once I hopped on that plane, there was no way back. But let me emphasize that it was not just hopping on and off a plane. It was what I started to imagine, as mentioned above, with full dedication.

    From the first moment I set foot on U.S. ground, I knew it was going to be perfectly fine. Living on a 7.000 feet elevation in Flagstaff, Arizona has gotten me to both sunny shorts-weather and extreme cold weather with merciless snowfall. It could literally be too hot for a jacket on one day, followed by necessary scarfs and gloves the day after.

    But you won’t hear me complaining at all. Flagstaff’s location is perfect. Just a couple of hours driving takes one to big cities, such as Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson. And what about the Grand Canyon? San Diego? Mexico? That and a lot more became part of my journey, in which I tried to visit as many inspiring places as possible.

    This book depicts my personal experience in a way to inspire, excite and entertain you as a lucky viewer. Let’s not waste any more time.
    Get guided through the United States of America by Iconick!

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    Datum publicatie : 07-2018
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€ 89,95

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