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Womb as Paradise Lost PB (120gr Biotop)

music of 528 hz - orchestration factor of repair

Dr. Gideon Benavraham • Boek • paperback

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    Maternal-Foetal-Distortion-syndrome (MFD)

    This technological approach of the verdict “I am a very anxious pregnant woman” is an international academic subject matter: a hot scientific topic under the heading of “Foetal Programming”. Our scientific research ended in a provisional conclusion: “Maternal-Foetal-Distortion”-syndrome (MFD), is a complex of epigenetic inheritance and other new prenatal distortions, with many negative energetic and physical-psychic effects later in life. This complex demands evidence, according to recover the stored intergenerationally epigenetic inherited experiences: distortions after the procreation i.e. foetal programming, and the developmental effects of the ongoing postnatal processes.

    Process of Procreation
    In our opinion, the term “procreation” is not a single moment between sperm and ovum, but a complex phenomenon, a sum of intergenerationally epigenetic inheritance + the gamete as pluripotent stem cell ➔ spermatozoon + zygote ➔ blastula formation, a rapid process ➔ morula ➔ blastocyst + blastocoel ➔embryo ➔foetus.

    This complicated process appears as subject matter for many disturbances, because of the subtle, but a very quick system of development: thus not only an evolutionary-biological process. The verdicts around these processes depend on the portrayal of man. “The material of our living body – formatted by a unique energy field – is very different from that of inert objects. It is secret by living cells and continuously recycled with very different uses. (...) This material derives from our context and is to be regarded as dynamically interwoven with it. (...) The material of our physical body is not physical in nature and behaviour. It is composed of materials selected by living body cells. The formed substances are akin to those sought for the design of computers: materials able to process information’.

    Orchestration Factor of Repair

    Our present system seems to be able to de-activate the quantum physical (hypothetical) spin of the stored negative energy by Tesla-transformed positive energy, as contra-information, by deeply contrasting frequencies. These frequencies are present and transformed through the Tesla-technology, developed by Mindlink-system, the instrument of diagnosis and treatment. Anyway, the positive experiences of past and present are stored in the same manner. However, these positive experiences don’t directly belong to the clinical research, except the hermeneutic part of the diagnostics and treatments, reaching a better understanding of the existential way of life.
    During this research, music therapy of a particular kind (528 Hz), together with Tesla’s scalar wave-technology, has proven to be a solution of many distortions, able to de-activate the stored negative energies, and (re)activate the self-recove-ring opportunity. This process creates the Factor of Repair, the instrument of the self-recovering ability.
    The “Orchestration Factor of Repair” for powerful dimensions of healing and empowerment, seems to be the music of special art, connected with the quantum physical transformation technology as we have found in the Tesla-technologic Mindlink-system.
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    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 210mm x 297mm
    Aantal pagina's : 646
    Uitgeverij : Onderzoeksinstituut Academia Ars Vitae
    ISBN : Niet bekend
    Datum publicatie : 09-2016
  • Inhoudsopgave

    Mission Statement 5
    Summary 8
    Division of the dissertation: Thetic and Practical Parts 17
    Acknowledgement 20
    Content 20

    Thetic Part 29

    Part 1 Philosophical Introduction 30
    Chapter 1 – 18th century enlightment: Resistance against living inside the ‘octave’ 31
    Chapter 2 – Hebrew language, a solution of language densification: An Ideal Model for Medical Philosophical Foundation. Research, Neurological Music Therapy, but fuelled by Tesla-energetic Mindlink research and treatment - 67
    Chapter 3 - Language and music, epigenetics on FOXP2-gene at Chromosome 7 78

    Part 2 Prolegomena Introduction 94
    Chapter 4 – Introduction: Cause for this research 95
    Chapter 5 – Motivation and choice of Jewish Traditional Medicine (JTM) as buiding block: accountability out of my Jewish mediative approach 102
    Chapter 6 - Jewish traditional medicine (JTM) in history - Relationship modern Western medicine and Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) 125
    Chapter 7 – Informatio Potentialis Energetica: Unlocking process of information and hypothetic-deductive methodology 137
    Chapter 8 – Jewish medicine in the channel of Eastern traditions? TJM and TCM are strongly connected 156
    Chapter 9 - Aleph is the absolute number One, the Apex for evolution as creation: a = 1 produces the standard working formula a = √1 = 1 163
    Chapter 10 – Nature and culture affirm the scientific value of Hebrew numbers 179

    Part 3 Medical power in a narcissistic culture 203
    Chapter 11 - A critical discourse on neuropsychiatry, with consequences for music and health 204
    Chapter 12 – Medical power and socio-medical ethics 213
    Chapter 13 - Critical voices about psychiatry 227

    Part 4 Logotechnical numbers 53 and 26 as energy-markers for DNA sequences in a seemingly emergent system 251
    Chapter 14 - An Equilibrium between Science and Torah 252
    Chapter 15 - Good Bye, Big Bang!! No fire, but water and light 252
    Chapter 16 - Layered body in dimensions 300
    Chapter 17 - Information, what is it in the energetic health-care? 308
    Intermezzo 314
    Sound and Music, emanated from Source 315

    Practical Part 325

    Chapter 18 Schumann Resonances: Tesla the first with wave of 12 Hz, after him came Schumann with his frequencies, starting with 7,83 Hz. 326
    Chapter 19 - Hexachordum Duplex and Clinical Neuromusicology: Medical-philosophic research of the energetic Source of Sound, Light and Water 344
    Chapter 21 - 528 Hz, a systemic “attractor”: Musico-logotechnical investigation 414
    Chapter 22 – Womb as Lost Paradise: Mindlink Research: “Back to the Beginning” 441
    Chapter 23 - Philosophic-Clinical Hermeneutics 453
    Chapter 24 - Schizophrenia and Herrneneutics 458
    Chapter 25 - Evolution, Scalar waves and Complementarity 463
    Chapter 26 - Epiphysis, synonymous of the Third Eye 480
    Chapter 27 - Mindlink-system: technical research and report 486
    Chapter 28 - Statistical Report 505
    Chapter 29 - Concluding Remarks 522
    Chapter 30 - Recommandations 547
    Chapter 31 - Epilogue 552
    Appendices 563
    Appendix 1: Casuistry 564
    Appendix 2: Literature 576
    Appendix 3: Register 592
    Appendix 4: Therapeutic Terms and Frequences: Key Numbers In Qualitative Numerological Logotechnique: basic for partimento and structural composition 614
    Appendix 5: Composition “Herz” (Heart) and Analysis (528 Hz) 628
    Appendix 6: Scientific Research of part 1 Graphical Statistics 652
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€ 59,95

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Orchestrated “factor of repair”
a representative result of epigenetic inheritance and
foetal programming

"My entire life has been chained by the burden of my descent. My grandfather was Jewish and spent his life during WWII on a hiding place. He survived this time of war narrowly, with my granny and mother as well.

Practically my whole family has been murdered in Sobibor. This topic was never discussed.
They have buried their haunted sorrows and pushed the horrors from their feelings, or coarse jokes were made about this horrible time. They reviewed the events, but never feelings, loss and fear.

“We should not have existed”. That’s the impressive message I carried all my life long: the burden of “we actually don’t exist” and the burden of “we don’t talk about feelings”.
This has been my private burden until yesterday.

Gideon unlocked my personality with the energetic Mindlink System and he taught me about my inalienable right to exist.
Now afterwards I have integrated my feelings in my renewed life. Essentially I have innerly rest and recovered perspective in my life. I am very glad with myself and my existence.

Thank you Mindlink and Gideon; success with your further investigations".

Miriam ×