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Young Professional career workbook

Ben Elsinga • Boek • paperback

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    This is the right for you to develop yourself as a young professional, to learn and to grow. Become more successful in your relationships and work by sharing and living up to your personal standards.

    Let authentic curiosity guide you and share the knowledge that you have. Others will follow your example and share more with you. Be the innovative power behind breaking the cultural code, which makes traditional power sources are proved to be unnecessary. In this way you create the bedrock for moral leadership in your organization.

    The tangible exercises in this book can help you master valuable skills. This also forms a good foundation in order to communicate with your coach, mentor or employer. Make your way to success, and enjoy the journey ahead of you.

    Young professionals have to make important decisions that may influence their future career path, especially in the transition between school and work. Ideally the choices that are made fit the young professional in question, in relation to their work environment.

    This book therefore focuses on managing yourself, managing the work environment and the improvement of your own resilience. These are relevant aspects for the growing pressure on young professionals. Especially during the Corona-crisis and its aftermath.
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    Fragment : Download Fragment
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 156mm x 234mm
    Aantal pagina's : 152
    Uitgeverij : Ben Elsinga
    ISBN : 9789082316230
    Datum publicatie : 05-2015
  • Inhoudsopgave
    Foreword 14
    Acknowledgements 15

    1 Introduction 16
    Practical information 17
    Who should read this book? 18
    About me 19
    Structure 19
    How to read this book 20

    2 You 22
    The learning process 23
    Being happy 25
    Stay true to yourself 27
    Be your strength 31
    Your components 33
    Sincere intentions 38
    Norms and values 40
    Capacity management 41
    Building capacity 43
    Maximizing opportunities 46
    Smart choices 50
    Building self-confidence 55
    Outdoing yourself 60

    3 You and your environment 66
    Active behavior 68
    Physical resilience 77
    Emotional resilience 78
    Mental resilience 82
    Giving off energy 87
    Your contribution 89
    Environmental sensitivity 92
    A critical view 95
    Responsible driving 99
    Listen to your emotions 101
    You and your manager 102

    4 Ten success factors 106
    1. Smile at yourself 107
    2. Be honest, and demonstrate professional integrity 110
    3. Set goals for being happy 111
    4. Put your learning into practice 112
    5. Think and act simultaneously 113
    6. Learn on the job 114
    7. Smile at the world 115
    8. Use your social network 116
    9. Working is cooperation 117
    10. Expand your professional profile 119

    5 Learning to understand yourself 126
    The value of personal insight 129
    Personality models 138
    Behavior 143
    Receiving feedback 145

    Mount Everest 149
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€ 27,50

niet beschikbaar

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