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Bird on a branch

Tips and tricks

Gertjan de Zoete • ebook • pdf

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    Since my earliest childhood I have enjoyed a healthy interest in everything that flies and has feathers. It started around the age of nine with the purchase of a bantam chicken (it couldn’t fly then, but it did have feathers) and it took on serious form from the age of eleven when I borrowed some discarded binoculars to study the neighbourhood sparrows. Because I did that from my bedroom window and peered at the houses on the other side, I got strange looks from the neighbours opposite, which I incidentally ignored. Anyway, before I realized it, I was a birdwatcher!
    I discovered photography around the age of thirteen and when I saw a friend photographing birds with a 400 mm telephoto lens during a breeding bird inventory in the woods, I thought “I want to do that too”. I must have been about fifteen years old when I bought a 400 mm Vivitar telephoto lens through hard work in the greenhouses of the Westland horticulture region and from that moment on I started to focus on bird photography.
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    Binding : PDF
    Auteur : Gertjan de Zoete
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    Uitgeverij : Gertjan de Zoete
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    Datum publicatie : 03-2021
  • Inhoudsopgave
    Introduction page 3
    Woodchat shrike page 5
    European bee-eater page 7
    Southern grey shrike page 14
    Montagu’s harrier page 16
    Little owl page 19
    Barn owl page 26
    Booted eagle page 34
    Barn swallow page 37
    European pied flycatcher page 39
    Red-necked nightjar page 41
    Serin page 43
    Red kite page 45
    Roller page 49
    Spotless starling page 51
    Black redstart page 54
    Tawny owl page 58
    Kingfisher page 66
    Blue rock thrush page 69
    Challenge and inspiration page 70
    Equipment used page 71
    About the author page 71
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    Fantastic book about making good pictures of Birds
    This is a book full of very good ideas to make good pictures out in the nature. For me it is also a good thing, that it is from the area of Extremadura. The book is full of fantastic pictures - and under every picture you can se have the camera was set.

    Geplaatst door uit Silkeborg/ Denmark , leeftijd 60-69
    Waardeert het boek met een 10 uit 10

€ 8,99

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In 2019 we had two breeding pairs and one again in 2020. In 2019 I focused a little more on action photos. I figured I wanted to photograph bee-eaters from below against the sky. This is virtually impossible with a telephoto lens, so it had to be done with a wide angle (14-24 mm). Because of that the bird will appear tiny in the image, unless the bee-eater is extremely close. So I have set up my camera under the nest entrance with three flash units in the M position. (For those who don’t know, bee-eaters dig a horizontal tunnel in the upright edge of a trench, ditch or sand excavation and nest at the end of that tunnel.) Also the focus of the lens must be in Manual mode; you have to focus at very close range where you expect the bird to appear and use a small aperture to increase the depth of field.
Because the flashes were also very close, I had to use a very short flash time, for example at 1/64 of the flash intensity. Then the bee-eater is lit from below just enough and you also have a background that is equal in brightness. And although I generally prefer to shoot in cloudy weather, for this I wanted a blue sky here, preferably with some clouds in it. ×