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Gift of Anger

What the Bible says

Gerard van der Schee • ebook • epub

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    Anger can be difficult sometimes. But anger can also give you the energy to fight injustice. Is anger positive or negative? This book wants to help you to be angry in a positive way, so that stressful situations can be handled in a constructive way. And so that the situation changes for the better through good listening, telling the truth in love and, where necessary, taking steps of forgiveness.

    Have you ever opened the Bible and looked for the topic of anger, either personally or in a discussion group? A lot can be learnt about interacting honestly and respectfully, even when situations are difficult and irritating. In this book you will learn from individuals like Cain, Jonah, Paul and Barnabas, Jacob and Esau, and, in particular, Jesus.

    The 12 Bible stories and the 12 Key Concepts in this book provide a wide range of Biblical insights and practical tips. Questions for individual or group use help apply the material to daily life.

    Gerard van der Schee originally studied agricultural management at Wageningen University, later becoming a pastor and church-counselor. In association with the Dutch Network of Peacemakers, he provides support in stressful situations or conflicts.
    Since in 2006 the subject of anger became an increasingly central theme in his ministry.
    In Holland 2000 persons alreadfollowed the course or a workshop about The Gift of Anger.
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    Datum publicatie : 08-2018
  • Inhoudsopgave
    1. Where is God when I’m angry?
    Jealous anger: the murder of Abel by Cain – Genesis 4

    2. Jesus could show great anger
    Anger or sadness: Jesus heals on the Sabbath – Mark 3

    3. I’ll kill him!
    Anger provoked by verbal attack: Shimei and David – 2 Samuel 16

    4. Being angry with God. Is that okay?
    Anger when God does not do things your way: Jonah (and Job) - Jonah 4

    5. Jumping to the wrong conclusion
    When misperception leads to misplaced anger:
    civil war in Israel is narrowly avoided – Joshua 22

    6. Unity in disunity
    Anger triggered by ambition: Jesus and his disciples – Luke 22 and John 17

    7. Call someone to account? I don’t think so!
    Righteous anger: sacred love in the congregation – Matthew 18

    8. The mantle of love
    Anger and/or love: resolving disputes – 1 Corinthians 13

    9. My kingdom come ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 55
    Anger caused by disappointed pride: the healing of Naaman – 2 Kings 5

    10. A golden duo falls apart ----------------------------------------------------------------- 61
    Anger, bitterness or reconciliation: Paul and Barnabas – Acts 15

    11. The brave choice to forgive ------------------------------------------------------------- 66
    Feeling angry but still forgiving: Jacob and Esau – Genesis 33 and 1 John 1

    12. The importance of effective communication -------------------------------------- 73
    When lack of clarity leads to anger– Acts 15

    A. Thirty days on anger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 80
    B. Bibliography ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 84

    Key Concepts

    1. Expressions of anger ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11
    2. Talk to each other, not behind each other’s back ----------------------------------- 16
    3. Acknowledging your blind spot ---------------------------------------------------------- 22
    4. Angry letters --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29
    5. Anger and the brain ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 35
    6. Unity is a choice ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 41
    7. Appreciating differences ------------------------------------------------------------------- 47
    8. Win or lose ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 53
    9. The Triplet for a good conversation ---------------------------------------------------- 59
    10. Behind every reproach lies a need --------------------------------------------------- 65
    11. Who takes the initiative? --------------------------------------------------------------- 71
    12. Learning about constructive communication --------------------------------------- 78
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From Chapter 4:
“Pastor, today you preached about learning how to handle anger towards others, but I am angry with God! I have only two more years to go before retirement, my wife and I had already planned lots of things we wanted to do, we’ve been married for forty years and I held on when things weren’t easy and now she’s in a wheelchair and the doctors have given up on her. It’s not fair!! For years I have been active in the church and served pastorally, helping others in situations like my own to find peace with God. But now that it’s happening to me I am struggling a lot because IT IS NOT FAIR!”

What would your reaction be? Not just to this man, but if you were this man? Is it okay to be angry with God? How do you do it?
In his eyes, I saw the hurt and anger of this man and in the corner of my eye I saw his wife, whom he loved so much. I really felt for him. After all the years of giving his all to his marriage, church and work, all his plans for the future had been cruelly thwarted.

At first, I was reminded of Job who, at the beginning of the Bible account, is being praised by God for his attitude of heart and way of living. Job loses everything. When his wife suggests he should abandon God he thinks her foolish, for “… shall we accept good from God and not trouble?” What a basic mindset! This does not mean that Job is not bewildered. He feels very uncomfortable and enters into a discussion with God because he thinks what is happening to him is wrong. Job lists all the good things he has done and wonders where on earth he went wrong.

Job shows anger as it often occurs, as a phase of mourning. We so need the book of Job to show us that God takes a heated conversation like this seriously. He can handle it. The conversation is given time and space; it lasts for chapters! And finally, in the end Job gets the answer that helps him go on, even though it is most likely not the answer he expected. God not only knows the length, width and depth of our life but also – and this was the focal point in the story of Job - the worldwide and spiritual dimensions of His Kingdom.

I asked the man with whom I was talking, after his remark about being so angry with God: “What was His answer?” I did not ask this piously , but out of a deep-rooted desire and belief that God will give an answer to this man personally; the answer that will touch his soul more than his rational mind. I did not offer the man the easy answer that our life is God’s, however true that is. Everyone needs to come to terms with that fact for themselves. We can only support the other in their struggle.

You may be angry with God about what is happening to you. But, is it okay to be angry with God about His Person? Thinking that He should do things better when He is God! Is that the reason you took your leave? This type of anger is the one Jonah displays.

It even says Jonah is burning with anger. He is fuming when he understands that God will turn back on His decision to destroy Nineveh and its inhabitants if they repent.

This Jonah, who himself had been saved by God’s power and grace when he chose to disobey God’s command. Surely, had you been his boss, you would have fired him on the spot for his attitude and short memory?!
But the Big Boss, the Lord God, is so different. He does not reject Jonah, but saves him by means of a big fish. Jesus is later to call this ‘the sign of Jonah’. As a foreshadowing of what Jesus did later as a sacrifice for our sins, so Jonah experiences a rescue operation of three days of death and resurrection. ×