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Janko Ekkel • ebook • pdf

  • Samenvatting
    1984: 12 year old Roy van de Water faces a mystery when suddenly things appear in his life which are of a supernatural nature.

    It cannot be a coincidence, when one day, through the allusion of nature he also discovers something remarkable. Roy cannot humanly explain it. He begins to doubt himself, whether he is imagining things. Maybe he is going insane. Everything that happens to him afterward, falls as a shadow over his life. He decides to share his experiences with his mother. But before it gets that far…

    During his childhood years Roy builds up a good friendship with Emma. Just like Roy, Emma also lost her father, which creates a bond. But through a fatal accident, they lose contact with each other over the years which follow.

    1996: In the meantime, 24 year old Roy bumps into Emma by coincidence, pours out his heart to her and tells everything that has happened to him. Very slowly, the frightening premonition creeps up in Roy that the deaths of people from the past seem connected to the unexplained events. He begins a search into the secret behind the truth. Who can he trust? What are you capable of, when it seems more people become aware of your deepest secret?

    A thriller with supernatural appearances, dreams, love, Satanic forces and….the dead.

    Blood drops on the shadow: the beginning of the end.
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    Binding : PDF
    Auteur : Janko Ekkel
    Bestandstype : PDF
    Distributievorm : Ebook (digitaal)
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    Uitgeverij : Boekwriter4all
    ISBN : Geen
    Datum publicatie : 07-2018
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€ 9,95

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The last thing the man sees, is the trunk of a thick oak tree that comes right at him. In a split second, he still hopes that he can avoid it, but the right front side of the car seems to attract the tree like a magnet. He realizes very well that he is going to the death and the last thought he has is one dramatic fact: the kisses that he had not given his loved ones that morning. ×