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  • Schoolveteraan (ePUB)


Survival of Suitable Education

Diana Stroeven • ebook • epub

  • Samenvatting
    The education book Schoolveteran tells the true story - 2017-2020 - of a Dutch family and their struggle with Suitable Education, where parents, along with their sick son, get completely stuck in bureaucracy. Consequence? Injustice due to incompetence.
    A child who, despite his illness, manages to pass the third grade of his accelerated education based on his own will, discipline, and self-study. Being sick, succeeding, and then being forced to choose a different educational path? Yes ! It is the direct and 'qualitative' result of Suitable Education. Resulting in the end of a school career and a profound breach of trust in school or education at all.

    Ebook Schoolveteran Survival of Suitable Education also tells the story of how a school team leader, driven by distrust, accuses the parents of child abuse and exploitation without any demonstrable or factual basis. Simply because the team leader wants control. Due to the arrogance of the school staff and its network partners, the personal choices and clearly indicated boundaries of the family are not respected. The child escapes from State Abduction by Dutch Youth Care, but is still forced to go to school, sick or not. The sick child experiences this as School Slavery. The family finds this unacceptable.

    With the Ebook Schoolveteran Survival of Suitable Education the family wants to convey a message of self-reflection to the people in the education field and at Youth Care, and show the consequences that their choices can have for families. It also urges parents and their children to maintain control, so that they are not treated as criminals like this family. And above all, it encourages them to say "no" more often until a win-win situation for the well-being of their child is achieved. This starts with mutual respect, acceptance, and communication, the expertise of the author, Diana Stroeven. Also the mother of the Schoolveteran.

    A book mixed with insights for win-win, joie de vivre, positivity and communication.
    Simply, because it's possible !

    Love being Survivor of Suitable Education ?

    About mother and the author Diana Stroeven

    Author Diana - built in 1971 - has fulfilled various marketing and commercial management positions over the past thirty years. Diana is an entrepreneur, pioneer and owner of Communicatie-expert. Her company helps people and organizations with their marketing and communication. Communication expert is also the publisher of the book Schoolveteran regularly writes a communication blog about positive communication. Her motto? Communication makes the positive difference.

    Regarding the book In her role as mother, Diana - former commercial director - ended up with her family in a Survival of Suitable Education. Full of amazement at the negative educational mindset, the inefficiency of arranging things properly for her child and the resulting injustice for her child made her a mother on a mission. A book that is also mixed with vision, insights for win-win, more zest for life, positivity and communication. Simply because that is also a choice. Because yes, it can certainly be done differently!

    The good news ? You are the game changer !
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    Binding : Epub
    Auteur : Diana Stroeven
    Bestandstype : epub
    Distributievorm : Ebook (digitaal)
    Aantal pagina's : Afhankelijk van e-reader
    Beveiliging : Digitaal watermerk (social DRM)   Informatie 
    Uitgeverij : Communicatie-expert
    ISBN : 9789083154725
    Datum publicatie : 04-2024
  • Inhoudsopgave
    Table of Contents of the book and Ebook Schoolveteran

    Schoolveteran: Introduction
    Viewed positively
    Enjoy reading and proceed at your own risk, or opportunity…

    Nice and carefree kindergarten years of Schoolveteran, Survival of Suitable Education
    Each parent’s own responsibility
    Fortunately, I look back on a positive kindergarten experience
    The end of a wonderful time

    Schoolveteran about better utilize children’s talents
    An explorer and a doer
    The right buttons
    The positivity of being different
    School is a survival game when you ‘deviate’
    Steering towards positivity

    Schoolveteran Ebook about a pause button contributes to joy of life
    Unsustainable costs versus the free pause button
    A pause button is quite practical
    Health setbacks suddenly make you unfit as a parent
    From dominance to facilitation
    Win-win through a ‘stimulus button’
    Negative signal
    Qualitative solutions or acceptance

    Schoolveteran Ebook about Suitable Education: Available time and understanding
    Absence alibi

    Schoolveteran book and education and freedom of choice
    Make learning more fun
    School Example 1 - Digitization and possibilities
    School Example 2 – Volantarily
    School Example 3 - Not enjoying school, so what?
    School Example 4 - Well-being
    Seizing Opportunities

    Schoolveteran about consequences of the need for control
    The positive difference: choice or coercion
    Seeing possibilities
    Flexibility offers opportunities
    Sailing our own course
    The school is both the problem and the solution
    Obstructing compulsory education
    Intervention by parents
    Succeeding despite illness
    Stimulating talent
    Compliments as encouragement

    Suitable Education in the Ebook Schoolveteran about agreed upon: passing = transitioning
    Full of expectation
    The ‘catch-up mountain’
    Catching up on exams
    Practical plan
    Involvement of Child Protection Services due to an Education Conflict
    Trust versus suspicion
    Present at this ‘happy-graduated-we’ll-arrange-the-transitiontogether conversation’ were
    The bobbin
    Making Simple Things Complex
    Trust as a starting point
    Parents determine with their child
    Last appointment
    Catch-up plan, no response
    Changing the rules during the game
    Played out during the game
    Waiting for formal feedback

    Schoolveteran over succeeding and yet empty-handed
    Not worthy of trust
    Undignified actions of the school call for self-reflection
    Responding as a solution
    How so?
    Civil service versus business world
    Positive change is urgently needed
    Towards a solution
    Qualitative motivations

    Book Schoolveteran about respecting the child’s boundaries
    Trust in children
    Navigating based on your own feelings: setting boundaries
    Follow his hart
    Flexible opportunities
    The school takes on parenting
    Acceptance and realism
    If doing nothing is indeed an option
    Game changer
    Abuse of power
    Parenting is the responsibility of parents
    Clear signals
    School + youth care = criminal law

    Schoolveteran over customized solution = Suitable Education
    Time is not controllable; it is what it is
    Parents determine their own agenda
    Is being sick not allowed?
    Happiness conversation
    Everything or nothing
    Expecting a decent solution
    Children take the lead
    Positive example of choice
    Respecting boundaries
    Right to participation
    Suitable Education options and an OPP | IEP
    At the Table

    What does help with Suitable Education according to Schoolveteran ? Flexibility in educational time
    Beginning and end
    Covid-19 as solution
    Steering towards rights
    Referee education consultants

    Health of the child is independent of Youth Care ? Not according to Schoolveteran experience
    Youth Care costs due to ‘evidence’
    Demanding too much
    Dealing with the Situation
    Draining Situation
    Right is energizing
    Parents have control over their own schedule
    Inappropriate questionnaires from Youth Care
    Our ‘kind’
    Space and time

    Schoolveteran about an OPP ( IEP | Individual Education Plan) makes the positive difference for childeren
    School the money, parents the obligation
    Being sick is unpleasant enough
    Missing label
    Signature hunt
    Decent toilet paper
    School procrastinates
    Passed and then: panic
    Date control
    Served on a silver platter
    Fear of digitalization
    Basic care
    Taking responsibility
    Safe at home

    Schoolveteran the true story about Suitable Education and unhealthy school choices
    Factual inaccuracies with harmful consequences
    Precious time passes

    Schoolveteran about love letters from Child Protection Services ( Intervention Services at a education conflict)
    Right to justification
    A sick child as the victim of school staff choice
    Forced to take a different educational path

    EBook Schoolveteran about a guardian angel needed with Suitable Education
    A trust physician who violates rights
    Naked hole
    Discarding exam results
    Ineffective proposal
    Role of Education Consultants
    Focus on well-being

    Schoolveteran, a sick child about his experience with school slavery by Child Protection Services
    Violation of rights

    19. Schoolveteran: the finish of Education

    20. Closing words and conclusions
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Schoolveteran to fragments of teh Ebook Schoolveteran selected for you

Fragment 1:

Schoolveteran Ebook about Suitable Education and decent toilet paper
Perhaps the team leader hoped that our child would naturally want to leave school? Everything in his authoritarian attitude and behavior spoke volumes. A big disappointment for him and luckily for our child, as that is precisely our child’s strength.
Staying true to himself, he had chosen this accelerated green program. That’s where his heart was, so he wouldn’t let the team leader’s deliberate obstruction discourage him. Since we, as parents, believe that he should follow his heart, and he is the one
who had to make that education work, we stood behind him in this choice. Did we prefer not to have taken him out of school? Certainly, and I was completely fed up with it. My husband thought the degree was important but found the control freakishness truly excessive. For me, the degree had now been elevated to the option of decent toilet paper.

In the interest of my child, as a mother, I decided to take matters into my own hands due to the lack of action from the school staff. I wanted peace for the sake of my family. I couldn’t expect any practical action from the school staff, so after he passed his exam, I took control. Just like that, action. No more half-hearted talk and fuss; it was clear to our family what needed to be done practically. There had to be a solution for the flexible arrangement of physical education time. That’s all it was, but apparently, it fell under the label of Suitable Education and other bureaucratic nonsense. And in the meantime, letting a child struggle and drown? I wanted to see my child happy, with or without a degree.

Fragment 2:

Ebook Schoolveteran Survival of Suitable Education about trust versus suspicion

Since our son followed an accelerated, unique applied biology program, we completely
relied on his talents. Those talents don’t disappear because you’re sick, they don’t disappear because you’re not in school either. And maybe it’s even true that because of his illness, he has developed those talents even more than he would have done in school if he had been physically present. Having fewer possibilities and time to achieve something also makes people more creative. More efficiency in achieving his intended goal, passing and moving on with his class. As long as there is a goal, it’s clear where you want to go. Well, that gives a different perspective on the whole, doesn’t it? That you turn your disadvantage into an advantage. Then you are a born winner, and you know what you want. That’s called mindset and trusting that things will turn out well.

Despite everything, we still had full confidence in the possibilities within the customized education program of Suitable Education. That was also the only reason for us to invest in it, together with the school. We found the negative attitude of the school staff
towards us as parents highly inappropriate. If that’s what happens when you leave the education control to them and give them trust... is that what you get? Unacceptable!

As parents, we have the right to know where that Child Protection Services report came from. It’s quite something to be accused of something as terrible as child abuse or child mistreatment without any substantiation. A care coordinator casually mentioned, ‘Maybe it’s nothing, but I still reported it’. Huh? That’s very easy for her to say. Then you don’t understand the consequence of making such a serious report. Do you have enough insight into what you’re doing and what such an initiative triggers in people? It’s not surprising that after such a senseless statement with significant consequences for our
family, we terminated our trust in her. It showed us the incompetence with education and the lack of understanding of the impact of her actions on the well-being of our child. And yes, also on us.

Her statements indicate that she absolutely didn’t know what she had set in motion. No children of her own, so she has no clue about the damage she caused our family. But well, policies rely on loyal officials, develop an ‘improved reporting code’ that results
in injustice and suffering that is not acknowledged. We interpreted it as distrust and a direct declaration of war on our family. Unacceptable, especially considering what we were already dealing with. I’m getting angry again as I write this. Initiating education
through criminal law. Why does a country do this to its own people?

And let your contribution in this matter sink in as an education professional. When you make such a report, you should handle it carefully. Handling it carefully doesn’t mean saying, ‘Oh, maybe it’s nothing’. With such a report, you bring a lot of misery upon a
family, nothing more and nothing less. Then you should be very sure about what you’re doing. It should be beneath your professional dignity to falsely accuse people without concrete evidence. Because that’s what you do with such a report, in this case, your report. You, as a ‘professional’, set it in motion. That action comes from you. And her ‘Oh, maybe it’s nothing’ was worded differently in the letter we received from Child Protection Services. Like this passage from the received letter: ×