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  • Cover Complete PCT Applicant's Guide (1 Sep 2021)
    Complete PCT Applicant's Guide (1 Sep 2021) (boek)
  • Cover National Law & Validation (31 Oct 2020)
    National Law & Validation (31 Oct 2020) (boek)

PCT References (31 Oct 2020) - Part 1: Overviews

(31 Oct 2020)

Pete Pollard • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    ** This book is divided in 2 parts - each part must each be added to your basket separately **

    WIPO no longer provides a paper version of their Applicant’s Guidelines, preferring to keep their website up-to-date.
    For daily practice, some practitioners may prefer a paper version for the overview – however, details should always be checked on the WIPO website or with the national office.
    The EPO is covered extensively, using additional info from the EPO website. See below for the EQE exam notes.

    This book is split into 2 parts:
    Part 1: Overviews (160 x 230 x 18mm - 475g) - basic info for all States, such as:
    ● Treaty membership, legal reservations, national entry deadlines, PCT fees, applicant forms, DAS, PPH, restoration of priority, international exhibitions, amending under A.19 and A.34, excusing delays, security restrictions, biological deposit indications etc.
    ● Applicant’s Guidelines - International Phase (July 2020) & National Phase (Aug 2020) – with our Detailed Table of Contents, page numbers, and indications of sections with major changes in last 3 years.

    Part 2: Annexes (160 x 230 x 25mm - 620g) – detailed info for commonly used States and Offices:
    ● 20 most used RO’s in 2019, and 20 most used DO/EO’s in 2018
    ● All EPC states, extension and validation states
    ● All ISA’s, SISA’s, IPEA’s and Regional Treaties
    ● For CN, EP, JP, KR, US, the complete summary of entry requirements and national procedure

    For EQE Candidates:
    ● This version (31 Oct 2020) is the official version for EQE 2021
    ● Details from the Applicant’s Guide are essential for the EQE. For example, legal questions are regularly directed to competent ISA’s, national entry time limits, fees due on filing. There is a focus on the EPO.
    ● Every year, WIPO produces a pdf version of the complete Applicant’s Guide, including all annexes, specifically for the Pre- and Main Exams. But it is 2070 pages and much of it will never be required.
    ● Using Regulations, past papers and comments from Examination Committees, this abbreviated & improved version has been created to lighten the load and to save a few trees. It adequately covers what you may need, and includes many extra WIPO/EPO overviews to speed up answering questions.
    ● Answers at the EQE based on Applicant’s Guidelines should be supported by EPC/PCT Articles, Rules, GL/EPO, or GL/PCT-EPO Guidelines citations - IPREE R.22

    Changes in Part 1 compared to last year’s version:
    • Font sizes increased where possible, overviews organized into sections, and titles updated
    • PCT Direct – general info deleted and EPO info moved from Part 1 to Part 2 – 4 (EP)
    • Added about 45 extra pages:
    --- an overview of International Exhibitions
    --- requirements on filing in case of Biological Deposits – ANNEX L
    --- DAS info from PCT Newsletter 11/2019 & 12/2019 instead of FAQ’s
    --- info access to IPEA file from PCT Newsletter 09/2020
    ---info on meeting due care requirements from PCT Newsletter 02/2020
    --- info on disruptions (general & COVID-related) from PCT Newsletters 03/2020 and 05/2020
    --- info on remedying erroneously-filed application elements from PCT Newsletter 07-08/2020
    --- our Citation Index for Applicants Guide – National Phase (AG-NP)
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 160mm x 230mm
    Aantal pagina's : 472
    Uitgeverij : Fireball Patents
    ISBN : Niet bekend
    Datum publicatie : 10-2020
  • Inhoudsopgave
    General PCT
    1. All PCT States: Appendix Overview and Coverage in Part 1 & Part 2 of this Book
    2. All PCT States with date of joining PCT – ANNEX A
    3. PCT States providing Protection via Regional Patent Treaties
    4. All PCT States: Types of Protection available via PCT
    5. All PCT States: Legal Reservations & Incompatibilities
    6. All PCT States: PCT Fees on 31 Oct 2020 (with Competent ISA’s for all RO’s)

    General EPO (EPC)
    7. All EPC States: Key Facts for Contracting, Validation, Extension States
    -------- with: EPO: 75% Reduction for PCT Search/Examination Fees – OJ 2020, A91 - and States that qualify

    Relationships with Other Treaties
    9. States with PCT, PC and/or WTO membership (with States bound by Paris but NOT YET PCT)
    10. All WTO States with date of joining WTO
    11. All PC (Paris Convention) States with date of joining PC
    12. States with a PPH (Patent Prosecution Highway) Agreement
    -------- with: IP5 PPH Pilot between CN, EP, JP, KR & US – OJ 2019, A106 and flowcharts showing procedure
    13. Officially Recognized International Exhibitions – based on OJ 2020, A55 (** NEW **)

    Claiming Priority and Restoration
    14. States and Offices Participating in DAS (for Exchanging Priority Docs)
    -------- with: Requesting Office of First Filing to Deposit – PCT NL 11/2019
    ---------------- Requesting IB to Retrieve from DAS – PCT NL 12/2019
    15. RO’s (R.26bis.3) & DO/EO’s (R.49ter.2) accepting Restoration of Right of Priority
    -------- with: Meeting “Due Care” Requirements for Restoration – PCT NL 02/2020

    Dealing with Disruptions
    16. Possible Remedies where Time Limits Missed – PCT NL 03/2020 (**NEW**)
    -------- with: E.g. Missed Time Limit for Filing A.19 Amendments – PCT NL 05/2020
    17. Offices Excusing Delays due to Unavailability of Electronic Communication (**NEW**)
    18. Contingency Upload Service to IB (replaces FAX)

    Filing at RO
    19. States Restricting Foreign Filing due to National Security
    20. States Requiring Indications to Biological Deposits on Filing – ANNEX L (** NEW **)
    21. All States: Competent ISA’s for all RO’s
    22. 90% Reduction in Filing Fee and IB Handling Fees for Search / Examination and States qualifying
    23. PCT REQUEST - Filing Form PCT/RO/101 (with Notes and Fee Calculation Sheet)
    24. States and Offices that Waived Power of Attorney Requirement – R.90.4(b), R.90.5(a)(ii)
    25. Furnishing of Correct Element after Erroneous Filing – PCT NL 07-08/2020 (**NEW**)
    26. Guidance on Filing Amendments under A.19 and A.34
    27. Third-Party Observations after International Publication (FAQ’s)
    28. Access by 3rd Parties to IPEA File – PCT NL 09/2020
    -------- with: States & Offices Requesting IB to Furnish IPER to 3rd Parties – R.94.1(c)
    29. AG-IP (Introduction to International Phase) - Jul 2020
    -------- with: Detailed Table of Contents (with page numbers)

    National / Regional Entry
    See above: 15. DO/EO’s (R.49ter.2) accepting Restoration of Right of Priority
    30. National / Regional Entry Time Limits for ALL DO/EO’s
    31. Reinstatement of Rights (R. 49.6) after Missing National Entry (FAQ’s)
    32. AG-NP (Introduction to National Phase) - Aug 2020
    -------- with: Detailed Table of Contents (with page numbers)
    ---------------- Citation Index (Articles, Rules, Administrative Instructions) (**NEW**)
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