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  • Cover Indexed EPO Guidelines
    Indexed EPO Guidelines
  • Cover PCT Refs (1/2) for EQE 2019 - Part I: References
    PCT Refs (1/2) for EQE 2019 - Part I: References

Complete PCT Applicant's Guide

15 Jan 2018

Pete Pollard • Boek • paperback

  • Samenvatting
    ** Update: This version (15 Jan 2018) is partially out of date. Some parts were superceded by newer versions on 1 July 2018. A newer version will appear shortly **

    Note: Do not use for the EQE - it is much too detailed. Use the 3-part PCT References for EQE listed separately.

    One of the problems with PCT is the fragmentation of information – there is a lot on the WIPO website, but you need to know where to look.

    In practice, the Applicant’s Guide – International and National Phases (AG-IP & AG-NP) give enough guidance for most common issues. But sometimes more details are needed.

    My version also includes the lower level documentation. It includes:
    - Administrative Instructions (AI) = policies and instructions for PCT formalities officers (referenced in AG-IP as “Section xxx”)
    - Receiving Office Guidelines (RO GL) = procedures to be followed by RO’s.
    - International Search & Examination Guidelines (ISPE GL) = procedures to be followed by ISA’s & IPEA’s, with discussions on unity of invention and patentability
    - Overview of Applicant & Office forms, with detailed information about defects, remedies, sanctions and time limits
    It also includes:
    - my own Detailed Contents for the AG-IP and AG-NP, with abbreviated titles to make it easier to find the correct paragraph

    It is suitable as a desktop reference for everyday use by attorneys and administrators. Do not use for the EQE - it is much too detailed.
    The dimensions are: 145mm x 210mm x 21mm - 644 pages - 515 g
  • Productinformatie
    Binding : Paperback
    Distributievorm : Boek (print, druk)
    Formaat : 145mm x 210mm
    Aantal pagina's : 644
    Uitgeverij : Fireball Patents
    ISBN : Niet bekend
    Datum publicatie : 01-2018
  • Inhoudsopgave
    1. PCT Applicant’s Guide – International Phase
    1.1. Detailed Table of Contents
    1.2. Keyword Index
    1.3. Citation Index (Articles, Rules, Administrative Instructions)

    2. Administrative Instructions
    2.1. Table of Contents
    2.2. Annex A: Overview of Applicant & Office (RO / IB / ISA / SISA / IPEA) Forms
    2.3. Annex B: Unity of Invention
    2.4. Annex C: Standard for Presentation of Sequence Listings
    2.5. Annex D: Front Page Info Included in Gazette - R.86.1(i)
    2.6. Annex E: Info Published in Gazette - R.86.1(v)

    3. Receiving Office (RO) Guidelines
    3.1. Table of Contents
    3.2. Diagram of Page Showing Main Layout Requirements
    3.3. Examples of Typical Defects & Corrections by RO

    4. International Search & Preliminary Examination Guidelines
    4.1. Table of Contents
    4.2. Chapter 10: Unity of Invention, including several examples

    5. PCT Applicant’s Guide – National Phase
    5.1. Detailed Table of Contents
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€ 35,00

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AG-IP: Detailed Contents
7.026 How can applicant obtain copies of documents cited in ISR?
7.027 What is the WO-ISA?
7.028 Relevant prior art is filing date or priority date (if priority claimed) - different to ISR, but
same as IPER
7.029 When must WO be established?
7.030 May applicant respond to WO-ISA?

Section 512 Notifications concerning Representation
Where a power of attorney or a document containing the revocation or renunciation of an
appointment is submitted to the International Searching Authority, that Authority shall
immediately notify the International Bureau by sending it a copy of the power of attorney or
document and request the International Bureau to record a change in the indications concerning
the agent or common representative under Rule 92bis.1(a)(ii).

133. Where the international application is filed in a language of publication (Rule 48.3(a) and
paragraph 55), the receiving Office checks whether the application complies with physical
requirements to the extent that compliance therewith is necessary for the purpose of reasonably
uniform international publication (Rule 26.3(a)(i)) ...

134. Where the international application is filed in a language of publication (Rule 48.3(a)) but
a translation is furnished under Rule 12.3 for the purposes of international search
(paragraphs 66 to 71), that translation is checked for compliance with the physical requirements
referred to in Rule 11 only to the extent that compliance therewith is necessary for the purpose
of satisfactory reproduction (Rule 26.3(a)(ii)) ... ×